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Nights Of Fury: How Long Will Roe vs. Wade Be An Excuse For Continued Violence and Madness?

By Kinsley Kurtz, Writer/Blogger

Even before the iconic overturn of Roe Vs. Wade (1973) on Friday, the country was gearing up for continued violence and madness. Leftist "activist" groups were organizing a night of rage to inspire and incite riots across the country that would closely mimic the insanity of the George Floyd protests in 2020.

June 24, 2022, is a day earmarked by tragedy, triumph, and emotion. For some, the overthrow of this constitutional directive was a step in the right direction, with many pro-life supporters hoping it may signal a return to more family-centered values across the country. Others cried out in protest over the supposed fact that women's rights had been violated, and that this right to be protected and cared for should not be stripped from those most vulnerable.

Excuses Excuses

Regardless of which side you fall on the issue, let's look at the glaring ineffectiveness of action that is now being taken by extremist, militant, and paid groups to demonstrate displeasure. The left is howling, breaking things, and committing violence against their fellow men and women as it seems yet another news story has justified violent actions and poor choices.

Jane's Revenge: Schoolyard Bullies Of "Activism"

Jane's Revenge first appeared on the scene in May 2022, after news that the SCOTUS was considering an overturn of Roe vs. Wade. The group already has a long, violent history of damaging property belonging to pro-life groups and crisis pregnancy centers. Although their threats have received little media attention thus far, they take care of their promotion just fine on their own, recently claiming responsibility for the destruction of several pro-life centers across the country.

These fine folks have been blustering on and on about their plans, stating that the Supreme Court decision:

"is an event that should inspire millions of people who can get pregnant. We need the state to feel our full wrath. We need them to be afraid of us."

When did we revert back to this schoolyard bully mentality? Let's hear a bit more from this group of "diplomatic protesters:"

"Whatever form your fury takes, the first step is feeling it. The next step is carrying that anger out into the world and expressing it physically. Consider this your call to action. On the night the final ruling is issued—a specific date we cannot yet predict, but we know is arriving imminently—we are asking for courageous hearts to come out after dark."

Why after dark, Jane's Revenge participants? If your actions are true and righteous and justified, then why do your important work under cover of darkness?

Let's Go Deeper, Shall We?

Leaving the vile and vicious culture of Jane's Revenge, we encounter a "grassroots group" called Ruth Sent Us. Ruth Sent Us is a far-left group committed to launching protests against the U.S. Supreme Court Justices who were considering overturning Roe vs. Wade. The group pays homage to the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, and its active participants advocate for the arrest and prosecution of "divisive, corrupt, and illegitimate Republicans." They are said to have specifically targeted Trump, his criminal family, politicians and Supreme Court Justices.

The Ruth Sent Us website lists no leaders or funders on its website, but the group is connected to Sam Spiegel and Vara Ramakrishnan, two Democratic activists with ties to George Floyd protests across the country.

Ruth Sent Us was 'officially' organized in early 2022, before the official vote on Roe vs. Wade. They not only posted the home addresses of the six judges considering overturning the vote, but they also organized protests outside the homes of those six judges in an attempt to strongarm and intimidate them into changing their vote. This action is in direct violation of 18 USC 1503, which "prohibits endeavors to influence, intimidate or impede officers of the court."

Other protests across the country have involved members of Ruth Sent Us, including a vile disruption of a Sacred Catholic mass by lobbyists with banners and demonic calls to "kill the children." Interestingly enough, neither of these grievous violations of U.S. law was subject to any kind of enforcement or repercussions, and it seemed as if those brazen participants seemed to know that their actions would not have consequences.

Thanks, Daniel Greenberg

As this author did some more digging into the slew of grassroots abortion rights activist groups that have seemingly popped up overnight, I came across Daniel Greenberg's research. He found ties to a Bay Area nest of leftist activism organizations whose job it was to appear in areas of "high interest" for the purpose of stirring up civil unrest and chaos to accomplish political and social goals.

All of these leftist organizations solicit donations to pay protesters, asking people to donate funds so they can pay their participants as they move from place to place, participating in both peaceful and violent demonstrations. Guess who is at the helm of this protest fundraising? None other than a little group called Open Collective organized by George Soros.

Are you putting the puzzle pieces together?

There are no grassroots movements popping up across the U.S. This is a large, intricate network of paid protesters serving as puppets for villains like Soros and others who wish to accomplish a certain political and social agenda in this country. Recent attempts to firebomb our churches, pro-life institutions, and other organizations that don't align with their agenda are a deeply interconnected web of manipulation and deceit designed to stir up our emotions and influence our attitudes, thoughts and behaviors in a certain manner as well.

The Fallout Continues

As we speak, hundreds of churches, government buildings, and pro-life organizations have been negatively impacted by this movement. The paid schoolyard bullies are out in full force, and they are serving to stir up division and civil unrest that will ultimately point to more government control and suppression. When did financial compensation become justification for destroying our homes, families, country, and morale? Is there anyone that can offer more than the almighty dollar to stop this madness? How long will we continue to use political and social events as an excuse for reprehensible behavior? I have no doubt that there are some protesters participating in events in an attempt to incite change that arises from passionate hearts and steadfast beliefs. What we must put a stop to is the devastation, violence, and death that occur at the hands of casual participants waiting to cash in their Soros Bucks.

Stop the madness people. It's time for change, regardless of which side of the Roe fence you land on. Let the truth set us all free.

Until next time, friends,


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