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Obama Pedals Left-Wing Conspiracy Theories While Begging Dems to Vote for Terry McAuliffe [Clip]

By James Lane, host, American Reveille

Obama went to Virginia to gaslight the Right, point fingers, make excuses for failure, and pedal Left-Wing conspiracy theories. Can you believe he had the audacity to play off the plight of parents in Virginia? Especially after the Louden County incident.

[Video] American Reveille | 177 | A Silver Lining Grows Amid the Constant Chaos of Biden, Fauci, and Obama


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Generated Transcript:

Okay, folks, this segment is really important to me, because it kind of plays off the Loudoun County episode I did last week. And if you haven't heard it yet, you can easily go to www dot American revenue.com That's our Evie E I L L e.com. And hit one of the two green buttons right at the top. They're big. They're green, the right of the top ones for listening to the American Reveley, the others for watching the American Reveley, the choice is yours. So some of you may have heard by now but Oh, some Obama was in Virginia campaigning for critical race theory Fanboy and Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe and his tight race which could serve as a predictor for the outcome of the 2022 and possibly even the 2024 elections. I talked a lot in this episode about the left's ability to gaslight everyday Americans and every which way they can, and at every chance they get, well, Obama is the mack daddy of the gaslighting. The amount of gaslighting flowing forth from Obama can only be compared to the amount of gaslighting in a poor 16 year olds, Honda Civic. You've got to remember, Obama has a history with the entire progressive agenda, starting with his relationship with Bill Ayers. All right, Bill Ayers Excuse me. The convicted terrorist pardoned by Bill Clinton. Bill Ayers literally invented Common Core, the framework our public education system uses Are you starting to put the pieces together yet? These aren't just coincidences. Last year, I interviewed HD Girnar excuse me, HG Girnar, the unfortunately undiscovered author of United States Socialist Republic, a book that literally explains much of what's happening in our schools and institutions today. The book included a really good amount of information on Bill Ayers, Bill Ayers, excuse me, his name is spelled a y ers. So when you read it, you want to say errors like a frickin pirate instead of errors. Bill Ayers. And it was an easy short read. His book was easy to read. It was very informative, it wasn't too long, it got to the point. And it really, really gives you some information you may not be privy to. So if you have a few dollars to spare, go to amazon.com Get yourself a copy. I have this wonderful signed copy that I've studied in detail. Alright. It's called USSR United States Socialist Republic and it's written by H G. Girnar. Alright folks, and if you can't find it, email me directly. James lane at American revenue comm I'll gladly get you in touch send you the link so that you can purchase the book. Alright, I'm not being paid to tell you this. I'm not I'm really recommending this book to you, because it made sense to put it in this segment. That's it. I liked the book. I read it. I found it informative, and I think you'll find it valuable as well. Alright folks, so listen to how outrageous This is. Listen, it's like I keep saying we're now two different tribes with two different sets of core values. It's literally like Barack Obama lives in an alternate reality, where none of the stuff that's actually happening seems to be happening. Though one could argue that Obama is so rich that he actually does live in an alternate reality. So this is from national file.com former President Barack Obama delivered a campaign speech in support of Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe on Saturday, as the state's razor close gubernatorial race enters the stretch. Obama decried Trump's rhetoric while also denouncing phony culture wars as a distraction. The former President's comments were seemingly in reference to the backlash against leftist initiatives in public school, namely critical race theory. Quote, we don't have time to be wasting on these phony trumped up culture wars, this fake outrage that the right wing media pedals to juice their ratings. Wow, Obama said that to a crowd in Richmond. He then chastised GOP challenger Glenn Younkin, for not talking about serious issues that affect serious people. You hear that folks? Phony culture wars 1000s upon 1000s of fired Americans due to vaccination status, phony 1000s upon 1000s of Americans losing everything to inflation and going hungry, phony, hundreds of backed up ships, skyrocketing gas prices, no food on the shelves. phony, at least it's phony in Martha's Vineyard, right. And just like the superintendent of schools for Loudoun County, Virginia, said to Steve Smith, the father of a 15 year old girl, brutally raped by an LGBTQ student, phony, phony, phony, phony. So here's a little more of Obama's phony alternate reality. His statement was given not far from stone bridge High School in Loudoun County, Virginia, where a young girl was raped to by a boy wearing a skirt and a girl's bathroom. The attack was initially covered up by the school superintendent Scott Ziegler, who denied it happened at a June school board meeting. The June school board meeting and reference initially went viral. A large crowd showed up in protest of leftist board initiatives, including emotion on transgender bathroom issues. The event was eventually declared and unlawful assembly and two protesters were arrested. The incident was then used as an example of the suppose it threats of violence against the school board members, which ultimately resulted in the creation of that FBI Task Force. You know, the one that's talking about going after parents as terrorists. Yeah, they use this, though not known at the time. One of the two protesters arrested was the father of the girl who was raped, Scott Smith, who was ultimately dragged out of the meeting, he had hoped to address the issue, but he was never allowed to speak. This prompted Ziegler to deny the assault, and then accused the protesters of creating a straw man in order to justify their opposition to the proposed transgender policies. And for those who haven't heard the entire Loudoun County story yet, it's absolutely important that you do these extreme incidents are beginning to sprout up across the country, wherever evil woke policies have taken root. All right. I mean, think about it. Could you have ever imagined a boy and a skirt being protected? After brutally raping a 15 year old girl? How is this acceptable? What reality do lefties live in? Where they think that this is okay? Please tell me, please, please tell me now. What would have happened to the boy in a skirt? If this took place? When you or I were in high school? I want to know, let me know tell me, it says all right. It says that Obama, alright did not specify either Loudoun County, or school board developments across the country. He didn't reference it. He didn't specify it, but it was implied and in line with left wing talking points. Proponents of CRT and other leftist initiatives on school boards deny the issues even exist. All right, they deny it even exists, often masking them with euphemisms like like equity. This is done despite high profile incidents, such as Loudoun County and CRT themed lesson plans and districts across the country. Obama's Virginia stump speech comes as Joe Biden's poll numbers continue to sink to new lows Biden campaign for McAuliffe in late July, but has since seen his approval ratings slip to 38%. According to an October Quinnipiac poll, the current president is currently not scheduled for any events in Virginia before the election, though McAuliffe campaigned with Jill Biden in Norfolk on Friday. And you know, alright, you know that that is an important election for the GOP. And look, saying that Obama did not specifically reference Loudoun County, at least to me, is like saying that Biden parading around that handicap man named Brandon had nothing to do with the NASCAR stadium chance or any of the other college football or other sports stadium chance of let's go Brandan Wright, it had nothing to do with it. What so ever. It's all smoke and mirrors. It's all cries. It's all lies. Obama gave a speech that was pretty much down the road from the Loudoun County incident to talk about woke ideology, while throwing away the truth and replacing it with what replacing it with equity who you don't have to put a little sign on a turd that says turn in tiny brown letters for everyone to know. It's a turd. Alright folks, look these elites have no respect for you. They have no respect for you. They have no respect for me. They have no respect for anyone. They all believe that they're part of some manifest destiny to change the course of history. They want to give this social and we'll excuse me this socialism wheel spin. A great big spin. As if no one's ever played this game before. Well, you know what they say? play stupid games, win stupid prizes. I appreciate you guys hanging out with me today. The final segments coming right up followed by the close of the show that will tie this whole thing together. Alright, so stick around, because we'll be right back after a few short words.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

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