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Once Revered "Saturday Night Live" Now Sells Hate (as Comedy) to Our Children! Are You Awake Yet?

By James Lane, Owner @ American Reveille

SNL is so disgusting that they literally crap all over Christmas now. Last week they did a twerking nativity scene and even joked about gang raping Roger Stone's wife. How sick and twisted is that? What you need to understand is that Saturday Night Live and its handlers are not trying to reach you. We aren't the demographic...our kids are!




Audio Only Version: American Reveille |180 | Proof That Hillary Clinton And The Democrat Elite Are Losing Control


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Generated Transcript:

Our children are being indoctrinated. They've been indoctrinated for years by academia, the mainstream media caught on SNL has caught on. SNL advertises to this demographic you ever tried to watch Saturday Night Live? And you don't get it? You don't find it funny. It's not because they, they want you to find it funny. And you're just not. It's because you're not the demographic anymore. Alright, you remember, you found it funny years ago. That's because you were these kids age years ago. It's not funny, because it's not meant for you. It's not funny, because it's not meant for me. It's meant for the 21 year old, the 22 year old, the college student, the 27 year old Marxist, the idiots that have been brainwashed by a radical leftist global socialist agenda. All right, there are big names, big players, big elites mixed up in this, they fund these things. And they are the ones that scared out of their minds. They are the ones scared out of their minds. They expelled them from school. They expelled these kids from school. It is absolutely crazy. Meanwhile, what is the right do? We take it? We sit there and we take it again? And again? And again. When are you going to realize the left is coming for our country? When are you going to realize maybe if I show you what they're going to show and what they've been showing and what they do to our kids. Maybe if I show you if I give you a demonstration and we talk about the hedonism, we talk about the disgusting the disturbing behavior that you can see on Saturday Night Live, maybe if I show you some of that and we talk about it. Maybe if we get this raw and uncensored conversation going. Maybe, just maybe we'll come up with some better conclusions. So that's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna play this for you. I want you to see this. You're gonna see this clip right now, where this guy is joking about Roger Stone. All right, you remember Roger Stone, advocated for Trump? They broke the FBI broke into his home. 16 1718 people guns aimed right at him. An old man, an old man with health problems. We don't find Saturday Night Live funny. Alright, but these kids these kids that have been brainwashed these kids that have been desensitized that have been told that sin is in that hedonism is good that God is dead. These kids find a joke. A joke about raping Roger stones, 75 year old wife who has cancer, even if it wasn't about her, even if it doesn't have a have to do with Roger stones wife, even if she didn't have cancer. They say some vulgar stuff here. And it goes beyond what you can imagine. I want to put this on for a second. So you hear it so you know exactly what I'm talking about. Let's play this. Let's roll this clip. Though who draws his glasses on with a Sharpie? Okay. Trump advisor Roger Stone who draws his glasses on with a Sharpie. Harmless, no problem, right? That's where the left would say, Oh, see, it's innocent, but then they wouldn't play the second half of the clip. Let's roll that refused to cooperate with the committee investigating the January 6 attacks those stones that he refused to work with the committee investigating the January 6 attacks. Nobody found any guns. Nobody found any crazy weapon. I don't know what attack you're talking about. How about an event, an event that was not coordinated an event that was stoked by internal FBI, CIA agents among the crowd. There was Antifa there all kinds of things that have been proven. All right. And the January six committee is not legal. As we know about the January 6 committee, Mark Meadows sued everybody. He sued everybody because it's not legal, plain and simple. We're going to see some crazy stuff. They tried to go after Bannon. They tried to go after Meadows they're going after everybody. It's not going to happen. They tried to go after Roger Stone. And because the politics doesn't fit with their narrative. They're going to say this horrible stuff, and they're going to sell this to your children and your children. Hopefully they won't, but they're hoping your children will find it funny. This guy seems to he wouldn't be open to sitting in the corner of Washington committee take turns on his wife. What was that? Let me rewind that. Let's play that again. Committee take turns on his wife. One more time. On set he wouldn't be open to sitting in the corner of Washington committee to turns on his wife. He literally said, Okay, he's not open to cooperating with the committee about what happened on January 6. But this is an old man with a 75 year old wife with cancer. He would be open to sitting in the corner. Watching the committee. All right, Nancy Pelosi, Liz Cheney, all those dumb Democrat, watching the committee take turns on his wife. How's that even funny? It's sick. It's disturbing. What do you mean take turns on his wife. This is what we've talked about what happens with woke ism with leftism with critical race theory with the Democrat Party funded by the Democrat elite funded by the Marxist elite, the global world order that's pushing this crap down people's throats and bringing it into our culture and cultures around the world. They want to destroy the family structure. Remember when BLM website said that they were in favor of and actively working on destroying the nuclear family, when you destroy the nuclear family, when respecting people respecting your elders respecting the sanctity of love and marriage, when that goes out the window? When sin is in when torture is right when murder is right when rape is okay. And it's okay because it's gaslighted so you get away with everything. When that's okay, then it's fine. It's just perfectly morally and culturally acceptable to mention running a train. Alright, taking turns, raping by multiple men onto a 75 year old woman's cancer ridden body. All right, this is out. Right? Disgusting. And yet you don't hear a thing about it. Crickets. Crickets, ladies and gentlemen, you don't hear a thing about it. Alright, sin is in. And if you don't believe me, let's push it even further. Let me show you what else they did. Let's show you the torque and Christmas. And it's not just some innocent thing, where they're booty dancing, and shakin and showing some some stupid skin list. And they've been doing that stuff for years. All right, everybody has some different culture. But this has nothing to do with African American culture, or rap culture or anything like that. Because Don't screw with me. I'll get down to some old school rap. Listen, these folks. All right. This is the definition of white privilege. That is what white privilege looks like. I'm going to show you a video you're going to listen in with me we're going to talk about it a little bit. Where they completely disrespect. Alright, the nativity scene, baby Jesus, all that most of you know, I'm Jewish, and this is highly offensive to me. All right, it's highly offensive to me. Because you don't go after people and their religion on the holiday. How come? Look, we can't mess with Muslims over Ramadan. Right? We can't mess with Jews over Hanukkah. Although as a Jew, I'm noticing a lot more anti semitism. And it's all coming from the left. It's all coming from the left. Even leftist Jews coming down racist Lee against Jews on the right. Trust me, trust me as Ben Shapiro. He'll vouch for that. All right. But this is attacking Christians. It's attacking Christians on Christmas. That's wrong. That's sick. But again, it's coming from the left. It's coming from a group of people with no morals, no values, no culture, they're dead inside. To them. There is no God. The only God is pleasure. The only God is sin. Watch this. I'm going to fast forward this just a little bit. All right. Because it's just a bunch of talking and it seems innocent till about two minutes in. Let's play. Jesus, please, please just focus on your cork. And, excuse me, forking, okay, from your pop over there. So there's donkeys. Alright, there's for all those listening. There's three folks. Alright, three folks and donkey outfits. There's one black guy, everybody else in the whole scene is white. Oh, look at that. Again, one black guy. Everybody else in the scene is white. We talk about white privilege, right? Well, let's turn it around on the right people. Let's turn it around on these lefties. Now you've got these two dance instructors. This is supposed to be funny, and it's not and that guy that was just talking. It's a young looking guy wearing a robe. He's supposed to be playing baby Jesus. And then there's another one that's supposed to be dressed as Mary Magdalene. Alright, let's just play and we'll talk about it. Okay, baby. Are you in your diaper? I mean, yeah, drop roll. Let's go. Jesus Mary and Juliana Margulies. Okay, so they've stripped down baby Jesus. All right. Right, and he's a guy wearing his little toga shorts. And these two white chicks are spinning them around, alright? And they're saying, Oh, Jesus, and they're looking at them in what seems to be some sexualized manner as if it's turning them on to look at what's supposed to be baby Jesus. We got to make him a buck. Hold on, no, I don't want to, I don't want to. So now because he's a white guy with a flat butt, alright, with a flat ass, they're shoving hay down his shorts. Alright, because they're letting your children know that they shouldn't be happy with their ass the way it is. It should be nice, big, fat and juicy. And don't get me wrong. Nothing wrong with a nice fat juicy. But I've I'm from South Florida. So we can talk about that on another podcast for a very 18 and up crowd. But that's another time in another day. But you should be happy with what you have. You should be happy with what God gave you. But again, to the left. God is dead. And it's all about access. It's all about augmentation. It's all about a what would you call it? Would you call it vanity? Would you call it lust? What sin would you call it? Would you call it self observation selfishness? Would you call it the need to virtue signal the need to show others that you're good the Klout the ranking, the social credit score, that they're teaching these Marxist children right now. It's butts. Later, it will be microchips. Let's keep going. weighing a baby. Listen, baby, Jesus can do anything now when you go to work, son. So now this guy that's supposed to be playing baby Jesus. I don't even know what he's doing there. They're basically making fun of white people saying that they can't work. So they have this white guy trying to shake his butt. But but it's a deeper, it's a deeper thing. All right, because young kids young people are watching this. All right. And there are young folks out there that need religion. There are young folks out there that have a good moral compass. And they're young folks out there that are going to be manipulated by this. Alright, you may think I have a stick up my you know what, because of this, but I don't. It's true. I have gone all right through my life. I grew up poor. I've had a hard frickin time. I've worked real hard to get where I am. And I've seen a lot of things along the way. And I used to believe different things. I used to believe religion wasn't necessary for a lot of people. I used to believe that you could just do whatever you want. And in life, there would be no consequences. But no life kicks your ass. Tell me Look at me right now straight in the face and tell me life hasn't kicked your ass at least once or twice? Right? Right? Life is hard. And stuff like this breaks the moral compass of young people, as if our school system, our institutions, our country, and the Democrats haven't broken them and brainwashed them enough as it is, and it gets even worse. How comfortable? Are you on a separate poll, sweetie? So how comfortable are you Mary on a stripper pole? I'm not sure. Wrong answer. I'm not sure is the wrong answer. See? And you can't say that there's a problem with stripping. Right? And hey, if somebody wants to be a stripper and make an adult decision, that's fine. Be a stripper. But why are we putting Mary Magdalene on a stripper pole? Why are we doing pretty much the most offensive thing you could do to somebody who is very, very Christian or very, very Catholic. This is rude. This is offensive. But remember, they can't be rude or racist or wrong when they're attacking white people when they're attacking Christianity. You can't say anything bad about Muslims. You can't say anything bad about anybody else. You can't see anything bad about illegal immigrants are criminals. God forbid somebody tries to murder and rape somebody. They're just an innocent criminal. That's been screwed by the system. Oh, and we haven't given them the help they need so they drive their car through a parade and why Keisha? Shut the EFF up completely just shut up. This is stupid. All right, this is absolutely stupid. Your sacral itching alright, that's what this is. You're basically coming out here and crapping on you're taking a big hot steamy dump on other people's beliefs. All right, I don't even go as far as to believe this stuff. I've said it again. I'm Jewish. All right, but I respect everybody's right to believe what they want to believe that's what this great country is supposed to be all about. respecting each other having enough space to live in our own areas if we want Hey, man, you don't want to live around a bunch of freakin conservatives go live somewhere else. This country's huge. This country's huge. I don't know if you've seen lately. California, Washington and Oregon are practically THE HAVEN OF THE LEFT build a wall around it. Have your own country to shut down up, leave us alone. Alright, stop screwing with everything. Now you got to eff with Christmas. Now you got to screw with Jesus. Now you got to screw with our kids minds and tell them to go dance on a stripper pole they're literally dancing. All right, and the lady is trying to show Mary Magdalene and everybody how to spin on the stripper pole. For Jesus, shake it like a rattle. But that's not aimed at our kids at all, is it? It's not aimed at our kids at all. And look in the background here. You can see in the tivity scene, you can see holy pictures. It's wrong. This frickin idiot is spinning around a stripper pole decorated like a candy cane. shaken her you know what in grinding, screaming praise baby Jesus. All right. Look, I was in the Navy. I'm a sailor. I'm not a saint. I've been to plenty of strip clubs in my time. All right, but there's a time and a place for everything and stuff. Alright, stuffs just got way too blurry. It's gotten way too blurry. All right. All right. There used to be a porn section in the back of the Blockbuster Video way back in the day, you go behind the curtain, your request to go back there. There used to be a difference. Alright, between a stripper. Alright. And, and a mom, there used to be a difference between, let's say a murderer. Alright. And somebody executing their constitutional right of self defense. There used to be a lot of these differences. But all the lines have become blurred. All the lines have become blurred. And everything is crazy. Not everything is sex violence, drugs, excess, excess excess. All right, and it's going to lead to devastation. Absolutely. Look, I'm not a bible thumper. I'm not. I'm not a holy roller. All right, I have my own connection with God, I do the best that I can. And I strive to be as good as I can just like you on a daily basis. But this isn't acceptable. That's not a funny joke. All right. When was the last time SNL was funny? Alright, comment down below. Let me know send me an email. Do what you can to reach out to me. I want to know you tell me what the funniest SNL skit was when it was funny. Alright, because this, this is nonsense. You shouldn't ever watch SNL you shouldn't ever let your kids watch SNL and we should all be writing letters and boycotting these companies. These shows these institutions all right. SNL Make no mistake, it's an institution. It's been around for decades and decades and decades. And we don't find it funny because it's not for us. It's from our brain washed children. That's who it's for are brainwashed children. And if your children aren't brainwashed, like my children aren't brainwash, kudos to you keep doing a hell of a job. But if you haven't been paying attention, they're shoving this down your sons and daughters throats. They're shoving it down their throats. That's what it is. Plain and simple. All right, they're attacking. They're attacking us from all angles. They're attacking our children. They're attacking everybody.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

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