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Pandemic of Cowards: Biden's "Winter of Death" is Actually a Winter of Natural Immunity

By James Lane, Owner @ American Reveille

Omicron is extremely mild compared to other variants of COVID-19. Joe Biden promises a "winter of death" and suddenly, the news seems to have a COVID counter again. They are fear mongering over a variant that will most likely lead to a form of herd immunity with as minimum an impact as we could have hoped for. This is God's vaccination, yet we are living through a true pandemic. Not a pandemic of COVID, but a pandemic of cowards...



Audio Only - Episode 181: Joe Biden’s “Winter of Death” Has Nothing To Do With Covid-19


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Generated Transcript:

I want to start with him talking about this winter of severe illness and death because this jackass came out and he goes, Oh, we're gonna have a winter of death for all the unvaccinated. He's trying to push all these vaccines. Do they help some people? Maybe I know I had a real bad reaction. I know my dad died within weeks of getting the shot. I know my mom had a severe reaction and her glands swelled up to the size of frickin grapefruits. I saw myself Alright, so I don't know what to tell you. These shots do harm some people. That doesn't mean they don't do good for others. But there were other things out there that could help people that were thrown under the rug. And the only thing I can imagine is it's to make this pharmaceutical industrial complex, even richer. That is what I can only imagine. So while masking the true epidemics, the true pandemics of family destruction, inner city violence, abortions, all kinds of deaths occur How about fentanyl? Fentanyl is now the number one cause of death of young people all the way up to 45 years old. It overtook COVID It overtook everything else. Fentanyl is now killing everybody. Nobody's going to talk about that. But apparently we've got a winter of severe illness and death. Take a listen. From vaccinated. We are looking at a winner of severe illness and death on vaccinated himself or family and the hospital will soon overwhelm crazy, absolutely crazy, though soon over for what I'm gonna crumb. I'm Nick croon, Aamna prunes. Listen, I'm the Kromme this crappy ass Varian is apparently going to come and kill the Delta. Alright, it's going to take over and guess what, nobody's died from it. Nobody has gotten sick from overcrowding to the point where they've died. Rarely, I think it's under 1% have been hospitalized worldwide. So if this thing comes takes over this whole thing, everybody gets sick with it. Doesn't that get us more immune than the vaccine? Shouldn't we want to get this one compared to delta, which actually does kill some folks? Don't you even know that the vaccine people are still getting is for the first variant? That's right. Listen, Delta took over Delta's 99.9% You wonder why people are having breakthroughs? Why people are getting sick from COVID. Again and again after the vaccine. It's because they're not vaccinated for delta. Delta is actually still in trials. Oh, that's right. If you haven't known, and Rand Paul said this. It's very true. All right, the Delta vaccine is actually being developed and tested and almost ready for rollout. So we've all been getting Delta. But everybody who's been vaccinated, including myself has been vaccinated for the first variant with the alpha or whatever the hell it was. So delta comes out. Nobody is vaccinated for it. We're going Oh, I wonder why other people are getting sick? who wonder you're getting sick because you're vaccinated for the wrong fucking one. That's why we're all being sold shit spray painted in gold spray paint, and they're saying Don't worry, it's a gold nugget. Alright, people are stupidly eating it up and then when the Delta faxing comes out, they'll fucking sell that to everybody. And then they'll say oh, but the Aamna Crom. But if everybody gets sick from the Omicron your personal natural antibodies, at least in my assumption would be stronger Wouldn't they? Somebody let me know in the comments below. Alright, somebody send me an email. Look at the scroll bars James lane at American revenue. Com tell me if I'm insane, but that is my belief.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

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