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Parental Rights: Illinois Law Now Allows All Age Abortion Without Parental Consent!

By James Lane, Owner @ American Reveille

In preparation for the overturn of Roe v. Wade (fingers crossed), disgusting Illinois Governor JB Pritzker (and live action Mr. Potato Head) screws every single good parent in Illinois by signing into law a bill that allows all age abortion without any parental consent. The insanity never ends for parents who love their children.



Audio Only - Episode 181: Joe Biden’s “Winter of Death” Has Nothing To Do With Covid-19


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Generated Transcript:

because like I said they're making it even easier. They're making it even easier the voters of Illinois love liberal destruction of our society love the destruction of male and female gender love the destruction of science of science and the pissing on religion love the tearing apart of this country so much love sin and disgusting the so much and love murder so much that they literally voted. All right to end parental notification for Teen Girls abortions. That's right. Illinois Governor JB Pritzker signs up bill ending parental notification for teen girl abortions. Look at that fat Steve Bruce and outside Steve Buscemi what Joe? pece look like Joe pass he is Joe Pesci looking piece of shit sign in that bill like he's signing away for a 24 piece bucket of fried chicken, Illinois Governor JB Pritzker signed legislation that repeals the state's last only last pro life law by allowing minor girls to obtain abortions without their parents knowledge. All right, that's what they've been talking about. This is going to be the real winter of death ladies and gentlemen, because in preparation for the overturn of Roe vs Wade abortions are going to skyrocket the racist tool of abortion invented and put in place are in full production line style. Alright, that's the invention right there. The Planned Parenthood invention of literally creating a production line of abortion clinics all across this country strategically placed in minority and low income neighborhoods to kill babies. That is what we're doing. This is the quote from the governor with reproductive rights under attack across the nation, Illinois is once again establishing itself as a leader in ensuring access to health care services. Pritzker said Friday complying with the abortion industry's narrative that ending the lives of unborn children's is women's health care. No, it's evil. And you're a murderer. Pritzker said he was proud of passing HB 370 named by Democrats, the youth Health and Safety Act. This repeal was essential because it's the most vulnerable pregnant minors who were punished by this law, victims of rape by the way, like a tiny percent literally, when you look at the statistics, it's like 1% of every abortion ever. All right, like if there was a million abortions a year it's like 10 of them are from rape, and the rest are all other which means they were used as contraceptive Alright, so don't let them lie to you. Don't let them think like there's an epidemic of raped pregnant women running around there isn't when women are raped. That's another story it needs to be handled in a different way. And that's not what we're talking about. What we're talking about is the use of abortion as birth control the right to go around as a 12 year old and be a stand cast Whoa, and fuck a bunch of people because your family doesn't care about you and then hit the button every time you get knocked up. That's not right. That shouldn't be allowed. And everybody agrees with that when it's explained the right way. Even my Democrat 90 year old grandma who had jumped on a crucifix for Roe v Wade Okay, literally when you explain it like what's actually happening they go oh my god no, I never agreed to that. The problem is is people are lied to people are misinformed the Democrat Party, big abortion all of these people all right that are run by multi million dollar lobbyists, multi billion dollar contracts, the abortion business the murder of babies, it's all a okay, because it's been sugar coated and shoved down throats by fake Mary Poppins as motherfuckers like a spoonful of sugar the abortion lies go down. Fuck you. Amy see querque, executive director of Illinois right to life tweeted by signing the bill into law. Pritzker ignores the will of Illinois voters who SERPs the right of Illinois parents to be involved in their children's health care and endangers countless minor girls, the Democrat Illinois Governor signed a sex ed bill into law that requires kindergarteners to learn and define gender identity. Kindergarteners, any parent All right, any parent in Chicago that deals with that. I believe that in my opinion is child abuse 100% child abuse their kindergarteners You have no right to shove that shit down their throat. It's a lie. It's a lie. 1,000% males females only it's science look it up trust the science right. Today Illinois Governor JB Pritzker ignored the will of Illinois voters he absurd usurped the right of Illinois parents. So parents have no say they have no say anymore. All right. They literally made it a civil rights violation for an A for an employer to not hire an illegal alien. Okay. This is a state that's literally sinking into the sea, that if a great lake washed over it, nobody would care. Nobody would care. President Lincoln. All right, if he were to come back to life, if somebody were to literally if Elon Musk were to discover that he could bring back Founding Fathers and ex presidents and dead people with his magic microchip and put them in a new body, President Lincoln would go find the descendants of John Wilkes Booth and beg him to shoot him in the back of the head. Because what has happened to Illinois, and to the rest of this country would make him sick. Illinois, you make us sick. Alright. The fact of the matter is, while Joe Biden promises a winter of death for COVID For unvaccinated COVID people because he wants to take care of the lobbyists because he wants to take care of big business because he wants to line his pockets with gold. I had to say it like that it was funny. I just imagined Joe Biden's face like gold anyway, because he wants to line his pockets. All right, everybody has to suffer. The inner cities of Democrats cities will be on fire mark my words before the November 2022 elections, especially, especially if Roe v. Wade is overturned in June 2020. To this country, all the Democrats cities will burn the smash and grabs these little thefts, these murder rates going up all the crime all this stuff you see where liberal mayor's are starting to get tougher, all that will go right out the window, because what will happen will be like nothing you've ever seen in your lifetime. Think about it. I've asked people in their 60s and 70s, if they've ever seen a time like this in their life, and 99.9% of them say no, no, I thought maybe before it was like the 70s or 80s. But then it got worse. Well, folks, like I said in the beginning, it only gets worse from here. So things are going to get worse. And you're going to see a time in this country, akin to the 1800s of time in which we never imagined we'd live to because we'd all become complacent. We'd all become comfortable. We all hadn't struggled through hardship the way that we had in the past, but now it's back. And now weak men made hard times. And now these hard times are going to make strong people out of all of us. That's the truth. That's the truth. So this winter of death is coming. But it's a winter of death for babies. So winter of death for people in the inner cities to winter of death for babies, because like you see in Illinois, the governors of these liberal states and the mayors of these liberal cities are going to put things in place to make murder in season. Literally, this is going to be a hunting season for American babies, and it should terrify you and make you sick. You want to see a SparkPoint you want to see people get close to civil war, ramp up the murder of babies. And then our government says no more and still do it. See what happens. Watch what happens. This is only going to get worse.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

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