• Andrew Penn

Yes, Peace Had its Chance

Updated: Jun 20

And President Trump ensured it succeeded.

By Andrew Penn, Contributor

Peace is actually occurring

Amidst a global pandemic, economic recovery, and a historic election campaign, the Trump Administration has been quietly stringing together a succession of foreign policy victories for the American nation-state and, frankly, the world as a whole.

Normalization of relations between the UAE, Bahrain, and Israel, Bahrain, between Kosovo and Serbia, and soon even Morocco, all represent significant shifts in international tone and tenor and mean real change for the people of each of these nations. For once, this isn't talking and empty promises.

Peace is actually occurring.

What does this mean?

This means these neighbors can and will now openly trade and exchange goods, ideas, workers, and culture. This will influence the peace process in a positive manner as each country will begin to share in an American influenced prosperity and Peace.

Donald Trump: Two-Time Nobel Peace Prize Nominee

These deals mentioned above are so significant, so groundbreaking, that President Trump has been nominated for not one, but two Nobel Peace prizes. What's the Left's response? Cancel the Nobel Peace Prize, and no, I'm not kidding.

The Atlantic trashed the Nobel Peace Prize and even compared President Trump with the likes of rapists and genocidal maniacs. The article is entitled "End the Nobel Peace Prize - The Trump nomination shows that peace had its chance, and blew it."


Staff writer Graeme Wood of the Atlantic:

"By now the contradictions of the peace prize should be apparent. Is it given for Peace, or for rumors of Peace? Do you deserve a prize for maintaining despots, as long as the despots are part of a stable network? Is it given for accidentally wrecking a great military—or only if the destruction is intentional? What if you do all the right things, but you are a boor, or an alleged rapist? To these questions one might add a counsel of humility: If you have given the prize to enablers of genocide, kleptocrats, serial fabricators, and AIDS conspiracists, maybe you should sit out the next few rounds."

Keep in mind Trump has also drawn down additional troops from Iraq, further lessening their exposure to harm and keeping his 2016 campaign promise of disentangling the USA from the vortex of endless Middle Eastern wars. In fact, by the end of September 2020, Trump plans to bring home forty percent of our remaining forces.

That's a big deal.

Secretary of State Pompeo is working hard in Afghanistan to bring the Taliban to the table and broker a significant peace deal between the tribal authority and the Afghanistan state. Trump's focused and strategic approach has brought forth the elimination of the ISIS head Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi and Iranian terror chief Qasem Soleimani. The Democrats denounced these actions, siding with the terror states over the American forces.

It may just be that the Left's hate for Trump comes from a place of anti-Semitism.

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Deep Rooted Anti-Semitism

Instead of celebrating successes that make America safer, successes that spread to the world, and bolster the benefit of safety, security, and prosperity, the Democrats ignore, chastise and diminish these accomplishments.

It is clear now that their interests are contrary to those of the American body politic. The Democrat's opposition to the administration's policies can be understood when we look behind the curtain and unveil their rampant anti-Semitism.

Let's take a closer look at the Democrats' trail of anti-Israeli thought, policies, and actions.

First, we see Michigan Representative Rashida Tlaib and her cozy relationships with the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Muslim Brotherhood. She has consistently embraced their philosophies and attended their speaking events. She has been in the spotlight many times for her anti-Israeli commentary and disturbing statements regarding the Holocaust. Below is just a small sampling of her disturbing rhetoric.

Rashida Tlaib's peer in the House, Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, has also openly engaged in blatant anti-Semitism and called for the dismantling of the American capitalist political system. Below she gives the country a fake apology after being criticized for anti-Semitic remarks.

The Democrat leadership has perpetually embraced the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement, a group of radicals calling for the international isolation and penalization of Israel. The party has barely even attempted to rebuke or discipline its members for engaging in these chronic anti-Semitic behaviors. Just watch the video above again if you need more proof.

Profiting From Endless War

Israel is our greatest ally and partner in the region. It has, since its inception, been a staunch ally and a mirror of many Western values, including democracy, freedom, and representative government. Israel, unlike some other nations in the region, embraces the importance of free markets, capitalism, and entrepreneurship.

Democratic opposition to Trump's success in the region and the world demonstrates that they have other nefarious plans. Globalism, American inferiority, and Socialist internationalism are more their speed.

We must reject this cancer.

The efficacy of the Trump administration's advocation for freedom, prosperity, and American values across the globe need only be demonstrated by these historic moments alone though luckily, there's plenty of successes to choose from.

Democrats chastising, belittling, and ignoring these accomplishments reveal their anti-American position, which can no longer be ignored. Remember, to the Democrats, the sooner they can remove Trump from office, the sooner they can reverse exportation (energy and goods) as our country's primary source of income.

If Biden wins, they will just replace it once again with the Democrat's usual way of doing business.

Profiting from endless war.

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