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President Joe Biden Truly is the Great Uniter!

By James Lane, host, American Reveille

Look American communities, if we don't want to unite over hating each other, the least we can do is unite over hating Brandon. Let's say it together on three! One...two...LET'S GO BRANDON!

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Generated Transcript:

I have a few ideas. I have a few. ideas Okay, folks. And that leads us into segment six and segment six is called uniting the clans uniting the clans. Everybody hates Joe Biden. And I don't know if you remember that guys. Do you remember Braveheart? The movie Braveheart. Do you remember when Robert the Bruce, I mean, he betrays him. That's not the point. He comes up to Mel Gibson's character. And he goes, he goes William Wallace, you're like the Cullens. Your night, the clogs, he puts his big hairy hand up your night? Or I think William Wallace does a damn Robert, that guy, the big goatee. All right. Ah, you're like the cons. We need to unite the clans, we will never, ever win. All right, we will never, ever push back. If we don't work together, we have to work together. White, black, red, yellow, purple doesn't matter. If you believe what I believe you are my brother, you are my sister. And we are in this fight together, or in this fight together. And we have at least you know, we have something we can unite over. Besides all of those things that we have in common. We can unite over the fact that everybody hates Joe Biden. How about that? How about that? Everybody hates to what is it? 71 or 72% of the country? We'll get into that in a second. They believe that this country is going on a terrible, terrible roller coaster ride straight to hell. Plain and simple, straight to hell. I want you to think about that for a second. Why take a sip of this water? straight to hell, folks, that is where this country is heading, according to the polls, you know, but I think Joe Biden may be a little more aware of it than people think. I think Joe Biden knows what's going on. A lot of people think he has dementia. But maybe he doesn't have dementia, maybe dimensions. Maybe dementia is his escape plan. Maybe he's been charged by the group, maybe the Democrats, the elites, the global reset, folks. Maybe they the great reset, they've all gotten together and it's a Joe, you're old. You're on the way out, you're washed up, you're probably dying, do this favor for a sacrifice yourself on the altar to Satan and destroy the United States of America. And then when it's all over and they try to prosecute you just be like, No, I like children. They smell nice. And then boom, you don't go to jail. They're pretty lenient with former presidents. They really are. Look, everyone hates Joe. Everybody hates Joe. Let's start listing things the border, right. They just found 75 illegals in a refrigerated cart down there at the border. And don't worry, they'll get a lot of money. We'll talk about that in a second. There's plenty more what was it 16 17,000 Haitians came in something like 20 minutes a person to go through them and they've all been released in the country, all of them. A million people plus, I think it's on schedule in the next couple months to be well over what 1.3 1.4 1.5? Somebody let me know in the comment section below. I know I'm off. I didn't write it down. But I did read it earlier. They hate him. Afghanistan. How about Afghanistan, the 13 service members dead, the eight nine children that they killed and then went on the news and said, Oh, we had a drone strike. They took out ISIS K you took out ISIS, ISIS K, you took out key ISIS kindergarten, you took out the kids, you kill children, Joe Biden, when are you going to be held accountable Afghanistan, I was on LinkedIn. Before I did this podcast. And there are videos on LinkedIn from professionals in LinkedIn sneaking photos of the Taliban burning all of the books in every professional building they go to in every home, they go to the burning books. I saw the videos on LinkedIn guys on LinkedIn of all who thought who would have thunk? Oh, I think I'm going to go on LinkedIn. Maybe I'll get a good recommendation for that job I want and also I can see a horrifying video of, of the Taliban burning books. You know, what is this world coming to? He's actually racist. Joe Biden's actually racist. Joe Biden was buddy buddy with that Grand Wizard fellow. Joe Biden actually makes up stories. Remember corn pop, corn pop. He was a bad dude. You remember Joe Biden talking about the kids. They want to touch my hairy legs. I love the black kids. You ain't black. You ain't black. If you don't vote for Joe Biden. What the hell do you know about being Black Joe? Hell, I don't know much about being Black Joe. But I grew up in some pretty interesting areas. So I kind of learned some of the culture. I kind of learned some of the culture. I enjoy the culture. I enjoy the food. There's a lot of rap songs I listened to and there's a lot of rap songs you might listen to maybe you don't But just because we don't listen to the same music doesn't mean we can't fight on the same team doesn't mean we can't believe in freedom doesn't mean I can't come out of my house, smile and wave the ice cube and go back in my house and eat a meat loaf and he can go back in his house and eat whatever he is eating and listen to whatever music he left. Why can't we be neighbors? Why can't we be friends? Why can't we be friends? Oh, because Hunter Biden is painting pictures and making 500,000 That's why we can't be friends. Oh, because him and the President of the United States share a bank account. They share a bank account you hear me almost slip on F bomb number two didn't even get number one. I just went twice in this show. FCC approved baby. Listen, we've got a Biden crime family his brother with all the real estate in Iraq right? Millions of dollars millions of dollars worth a contract Hunter selling his father to business people all over the world but mainly China in the Ukraine for favors. Sharing the money. The laptop from hell, the laptops, how many laptops how much crack? Must you do? How much Parmesan cheese must much must you snort? Hmm, how many paper like like, you know, the hole puncher, the three hole puncher You know how sometimes those holes get on the floor? Right? When you're at the office, or you hold that, you know those three hole punches, you hold them the wrong way and all the little dots fall out everywhere and you're picking them up off the floor. Hunter Biden would go any dive on the floor. He'd start going nuts. He'd start going nuts thinking that's cracked, he lost three laptops. I saw pictures from those laptops, pictures of him with his brother's widow. I saw pictures of him with somebody that looked very much like Obama's daughter with a very convincing credit card with a very convincing name on it. I saw pictures from that laptop, that laptop that has been verified. I saw them before they all disappeared off the internet. And many of you did too. If you didn't let me know. I can still get some trust me. I've got some hidden I saved them before they got rid of them from the recesses of the web. Trust me. He's a liar. Joe's a liar. He lies he got caught lying so many times over the decades. He had a drop out of a presidential election decades ago for lying. And you think he's not lying now? You think he's not full of it? Now? You think he doesn't have the ability to lie to pretend that he's dumb. He played dumb the entire election back in 2020. You know, leading up to it. Leading up to 2020. He played dumb the entire time. He played dumb. He hid in the basement. And he made you think he was an imbecile. But maybe maybe just maybe he's not an imbecile. I mean, we know he's an idiot. But maybe just maybe he's just a rich con artist. Who is smart, because he's pretending to be stupid. Maybe that's what's happening. Hmm. He apologized at the G 20. He literally apologized to the world. At Glasgow where they're pretending like the climates falling apart. He he apologized for Trump leaving the Climate Accords. The thing that was making us broke, even though we rejoined now we're going broke again. He was caught sleeping in Glasgow to g 20. He was literally covered for him though. They didn't lie. They didn't say he wasn't sleeping. They just said he didn't. Or they just said he had a very busy schedule. Well, you know, Joe Biden's in in bed with his sippy cup by 6pm and his little I bet you you know you ever see those cartoons? And the old man had like the David the gnome had on that was like draped down. It's like a nightcap with like a Santa Claus thing at the end of it. I bet he goes to sleep with one of those. Jill can I have a nice cup of hot cocoa and a scoop of chocolate ice cream because you know, super, super old people only eat one scoop of chocolate ice cream. He's an east coasters. So there may be a fortune cookie and you know what I'm talking about? If you're on the East Coast, listen, he doesn't hide his puppet strings. He doesn't like I got this right here. Alright, this is from the G 20 summit. He literally literally said a bunch of crap about climate change, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, Greta Thornburg blah, blah, blah, but the world is falling apart. Blah, blah, blah, global warming, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. We have to make everybody convinced that there's no genders anymore so we can save the planet from a fireball whatever made up stories come up with but after that, when he addressed the the what do you call it? I told you. I sometimes have a brain fart. I'm having a brain fart right now. Media, the paparazzi There we go. Those folks with the cameras as I'm just going to those people out there holding those machines that capture the devil box that captures your image. Those folks, he said, I'm happy to take some questions. And I'm told I should start with this guy from the AP Zeke Miller. He literally is just reading the card. He was told to start with this person. Even a couple months ago when he was dealing with Putin. He said, I'll take your questions. And as usual, they gave me a list of people that I'm going to call on a list. A list for the President. A list for him to call on you can't even remember his own name. His dog is dying. I'm not talking about Greggy I'm not talking about Takis dog. I'm talking about Joe Biden's dog. He couldn't even remember many times that dog bit people you don't even hear about his dog's name for all we know, because he's this type of person. I bet you they could have euthanized major at this point. They probably killed that German Shepherd. He's probably mounted on the wall, you know, and he just made a $10,000 donation to PETA or whatever and they leave them alone. Joe Biden is a bad person. He's actually racist. He actually has a crime family. He's an actual liar. He botched Afghanistan. He plots the borders he botched infrastructure. He botched energy he botched every thing. He botched everything. So is it dementia? Is it intentional? I tend to think it's intentional. Some people think it's dementia. Here's some signs anger is a sign of dementia. Come on, man. He gets mad at people does. He's always tired. Falling asleep at the G 20. Fall Asleep everywhere. Confused, confused. What do you mean? What do you mean what? They never said that. General Milley never, ever said that we shouldn't withdraw all these people. They didn't give me any of that advice. Come on man. Not saying General Milley smart. But the general secretary defense all these people did throw him under the bus when they did the Afghanistan stuff in Congress again. Was it Congress? Was it Senate? I think it was the Senate. But nobody did anything about it. No accountability. Nothing happens whatsoever. 2022 comes around, we'll impeach the guy. But until then, nothing, nothing. Nothing. A rational decision making that is another sign. That's another sign of dementia. Again, though this guy's been a politician for 50 plus years. He's a great actor a rational decision making like what I'm Joe, like giving illegal immigrants $450,000 I'll say it again, like giving illegal immigrants $450,000 What is wrong with you? What is wrong with you, Joe? Not new illegals. I'm not talking about the 15,000 Haitians that jumped in? I'm not talking about all of these different people. No, I'm talking about the hush money for the blue votes. I'm talking about the illegals that came in during the Trump administration that were penalized under Trump's policies. He has money for them money to make sure that they vote Democrat for the rest of their lives. All right. 450,000. It says here he wants to give 450,000 to each border crosser subjugated to former President Trump's zero tolerance tolerance policy. All right, it says that, that in some instances, right. A family unit of illegals, they could secure over a million dollars from the payout. And these payouts would cost you and me American taxpayers over a billion dollars over a billion dollars. Now this article has a couple other great things I want to list a thing or two. It says as of December 20 27.7 6 billion has been awarded to more than 34,409 11 victims. All right. On average each 911 Victim their family, they received $225,000 All right now that is 20 years after 911. And they received half of what he's planning on giving illegal immigrants. It's absolutely outrageous. It's sickening. It's disrespectful and disgusting. Absolutely disrespectful and disgusting to you, to me, and you should be highly offended because that is literally the government reaching into your pocket book to take your money and give it to people who don't deserve it. Who else could use the money? How about homeless veterans? Does anyone care about them anymore? Hmm. Everyone seems to care about the homeless and Tifa people Burning Down city. No one cares about the homeless veterans, people bail those Antifa folks out of jail, but nothing for the homeless veterans. What about abused girls abused mothers and shelters? They could use some money, no help for them. How about I know how about the black community? How about somebody give ice cubes money for that platinum plan he had to where he was going to actually inject some real money and some real opportunities into the black communities and start turning things around for those underprivileged folks that are stuck at the bottom rungs. How about that? But no, the money doesn't go to that the money goes to illegals to make sure that people like Joe Biden get to run this country forever. And it makes me absolutely sick to my stomach. Plain and simple. So Joe doesn't remember. He doesn't or does he? He's scratching his head. He was asked about it. All right, Peter Doocy. All right, they flew his butt to Glasgow. All right, they flew his butt to Glasgow, and had him ask Joe Biden at the Climate Summit. Why he's paying 450 grand why he's planning on doing that when we're in such an economic crisis while everything's falling apart, while all of us are going broke, while gas is shooting through the roof, and we can't feed our families. Why in the blue, holy hell are you planning on spending even more money and money on them money on illegal immigrants? I know the left thinks that every person's we're happy. We need to save everything every but we have to be super motherly and an empowering to everybody and enable everybody to be a supreme screw up. That's what we got to do. Cuz we're the left. You know what Biden did? He ignored the question, he scratched his head and a next question. So why can't you remember? Why can't he remember? I think he can remember, I think he's playing stupid folks. I think he's pretending so that if he's successful, and he sets the bomb and blows up this country, he can literally pretend like he's like he's literally missing some brain cells and ride off into the senile sunset where you can live in riches for the last few short years of his life if he doesn't, you know, collapse during this presidency. Either way, like I said earlier, 71% of the country thinks Biden is wrong. 71% believes this country is on the wrong tracks. Alright, it says 71% of Americans believe America is on the wrong track. It says that the President is sitting right now. Alright, and this is Monday night, sitting right now at 42%. approval, and 54% disapproval. All right. He was positive just two months ago. What's that mean? That means that in the last two months, especially since this Loudoun County parent stuff has come out. People across the country are waking up, they're waking up in droves, they're waking up more than they ever thought they would. And they're being allowed. They're being proud that rattling the walls, they're screaming at the top of their lungs, for the Conservatives for the right for parents who care about their children, for parents, for people for patriots who care about their country. No justice, no peace. That's right, folks. We're actually starting to when people are waking up, people are waking up, so I'll say it again. I'll say it again. And I'll say it with an even thicker Shrek accent your night the claudins Come on. You're like the cons donkey unite the clans we have to I keep saying unite the clans I keep making that Braveheart reference because isn't that what we are? First off each state isn't each state its own clan, its own culture, its own melting pot. And aren't each people each community each color don't they have their own culture their own something special about them? Why are we letting the left destroy that? Why are we letting the left? Why are we letting these liberals these Neo Marxist these progressives why are they letting them? Why are we letting them take our communities and flush them down the toilet? Why are we the adults the responsible adults? Why are we letting the children run the asylum? Why are we letting the insane people run the asylum the children run the circus the fleas run this however the expression goes. We are adults. We run the show. We have been charged with the honor of saving the country we love because without a country we don't have a home. All right, this is our home. This is our home. And Joe Biden is literally literally opening the front door letting burglars in our home to steal all of our stuff, letting bad people into hurt our children, rape our family steal our food and shoot us right in the head. That is literally the analogy for what he is doing. He is doing this to the American family. He's doing this to the American child, he is doing this to the American patriot and to the American parent. And Enough is enough. Remember our core values. Remember the white community, the black community, the Asian community, all of the communities of people who love this country, people who work hard people who want their families to succeed who love God, we share core values. We love our freedom. We want to live in peace. We want minimal taxes, we want to make our money we want to build on our property. We want to raise our kids and do whatever we want. And we don't want the government telling us what we can do. So let's get together and unite. The world is only getting crazier. The people are waking up

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

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