• Kinsley Kurtz

President Trump Lights the Path Ahead for Conservatives Across America

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

By Kinsley Kurtz, Contributor

If you haven’t been hiding under a rock lately or watching the Golden Globes, you likely didn’t hear much about President Donald J. Trump’s inspirational speech delivered at the 2021 CPAC convention yesterday. Orlando was ablaze with conservative support, words of love and devotion for our 45th president and, more importantly, hope and a desire for change.

After throwing all media coverage for a loop when his motorcade appeared seemingly out of nowhere, he took the stage amidst standing ovations and a rousing chant of “USA….USA….by loyal supporters. His first words were, “Do you miss me?”, to which the room erupted in thunderous applause and cheering from those fortunate enough to witness history in the making. The climate was palpable. Excitement infused the President’s remarks as he refused to succumb to the swarm of negative media misconceptions and lies that have surrounded him since he took the oath of office.

What he said…….and what he didn’t

After thanking supporters for their loyalty and ongoing commitment to positive change, President Trump cited his administration’s many accomplishments, including:

  • Attaining a 97 percent job approval rating for Presidential duties performed

  • Improving foreign relations with countries like Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, and the Middle East

  • Boosting economic prosperity and infusing our own country with energy resources to allow us to be energy independent for the first time in recent history

  • Boosting peace-keeping efforts with countries that were once in opposition to U.S. prosperity and policies

  • Pulling United States financial support from both the World Health Organization and the Paris Climate Accord

  • Exposing child trafficking organizations and drug cartels across the globe, working to stop their devastating effects for millions

  • Conceptualizing, developing, and rolling out global distribution plans for COVID-19 vaccines

  • Moving to end U.S. occupation in Afghanistan and the Middle East, with peace-keeping negotiations and efforts implemented in all areas

  • Continuing to be a thorn in the side of the deep state Democrats, devising strategies to expose detrimental policies, procedures, and tight control that threatens our Constitutional freedoms

After boosting conservative morale and dropping little hints here and there like “We’re just getting started,” “We’ve managed to beat Joe three times,” and other statements that are sure to be censored at some point by liberal-left lunatics, he touched on the disastrous first thirty days of the Biden administration and the new implementation of “Cancel Culture” that seems to be quietly solidifying in light of the destructive nature and tendencies of their Socialist agenda.

Trump indicated that never in the history of our country has one “President” done so much to attempt to destroy what a former administration has set up, and although his maniacal efforts are driven by a frenzied attempt at control and manipulation, they aren’t likely to last long. Some of the newsworthy destruction and desecration included:

  • An attempted return to the World Health Organization and the Paris Climate Accord, along with several billion dollars in support to both of those fraudulent and corrupt organizations

  • A shut down of all regulations along our Southern border, with a declaration that America again is a sanctuary nation for millions of undocumented and unverified migrants

  • Classroom education of migrant children and families along the border, with continued restrictions in place for several states that are tearing educational institutions and the economy to shreds

  • The passing of a 1.9 Trillion dollar “stimulus” package that will show up on our tax returns

  • The elimination of travel bans and restrictions on countries that have been known to have civil unrest, animosity, and historical violence against the United States

  • Collaboration with China and involvement in the reaction of new laws and statutes that resemble Socialist ideals and movements, further violating our Constitutional rights

  • The shutdown of the Keystone pipeline, which reduced energy independence for the United States and destroyed nearly 42,000 jobs in a matter of hours

According to Trump, these disastrous thirty days can do some significant damage to our society and our country as a whole. An administration with such a diabolical plan for domination and tight control over the masses must be held accountable for choices made in secret collaboration with dark cabal forces. The only means of fighting back will be continuing to uphold the values of the United States Constitution with passion and perseverance.

“We love you….we love you….we love you……” the crowd continued to rant upon this declaration of passionate purpose. Trump continued to declare that his administration would continue to fight for free thought, political correctness, law and order, and respect for the freedoms and values of the American people while pushing back tireless against left-wing lunacies and the cancel culture that is attempting to extinguish the very values on which this country was built. Despite his revelation of the destruction the Biden administration has already attempted to incite--a conversation that very quickly could have spiraled into negativity and outrage, he continued to shine bright as a beacon of hope, perseverance and trust.

Reading between the lines

Those of us who know that Trump is a tireless warrior against tyranny and control know that much of the language he used was coded. Using phrases like:

“We’re just getting started”

“They haven’t seen anything yet”

“We’ve won three times”

“America comes first, and the best is yet to come”

“The dark cabal’s control will finally be lifted and exposed for all to see”

“The Military is stronger than ever”

He left us wondering what kind of tricks he has under his sleeve as we contemplate the future of the Republican party, our nation, and our own lives. Regardless of when he makes his comeback, it’s this writer’s opinion that if he plays his political cards as shrewdly as he did his multi-billion dollar business transactions, it’s sure to be a historical event, one that we will be proud of---we were always in the know. We were always pro-Constitution. We are truly on the “right” side, fighting for truth, justice, and the American way.

Tune in in subsequent weeks to see what crafty plans Trump’s camp is putting in place, what disclosures are blown open to expose the dark, dangerous deviousness of the deep state leftwing lunatics, and how we react as the blinders are removed from Americans and humanity as a whole so truth can set us free. One thing is sure….it’s bound to be a wild ride.

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