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QuoBreak LLC: Solving Our Data Storage Conundrum with Decentralized Storage on the Blockchain

By James Lane, Ph.D., M.B.A., Founder and CEO, American Reveille LLC

As an entrepreneur in a rapidly changing and chaotically divided world, I realized early on that I would have to innovate in order to be competitive in this market. I found inspiration for QuoBreak over a massive two-year search for success as CEO of American Reveille LLC. What did I learn? Well, for one, no one can spell or understand the word "Reveille," and two, normal people with no voice want a home and want to participate, but they don't want the obligation and addiction associated with social media. Consumers are rapidly moving away from those traditional platforms and models. Realizing that a business with the word "Reveille" in it would never reach millions of people and that traditional business models are dying, I set out to do exactly what I mentioned above, innovate.

So how does one go about somehow taking the best aspects of a community-based platform like TikTok, LinkedIn, or Reddit and somehow fuse that with high-quality entertainment media, presented the way companies like Buzzfeed, Barstool Sports, or the Daily Wire do? One thing is for sure, data storage will be a major bottleneck to solving a difficult problem requiring innovation. For the laymen among us, allow me to break something down for you. Everything you do online requires physical storage. Just because you put something on the cloud or upload a video to YouTube doesn't mean it disappears into a magical fairyland. It has to go somewhere. It has to have a physical location, built with rare-Earth minerals, like the ones used for batteries in our smartphones and electric vehicles.

Remember the movie the Matrix? Remember when Morpheous revealed the human farms where we are grown and used as batteries? Well, a similar concept with much less slavery (unless you consider being tethered to hardware slavery). In my best impersonation of Lawrance Fishbourne, I have something important to tell you: "There are fields, Neo, endless fields, where data is no longer trafficked… it's stored forever!" Google, YouTube, Amazon, you name it, there are endless server farms. Warehouses of super hot, energy inefficient, hackable, and breakable computer hardware keep the world's data alive. If all the hardware breaks, the data, your data, go bye-bye. The cloud evaporates if the servers hosting Google Drive break and all their redundant safety features fail. As you can imagine, this creates a barrier to entry for new companies and a barrier to movement and flexibility for large companies whose entire infrastructure is built on this technology.

As a new company, minus the millions of dollars, with a large data storage problem in front of us, innovation isn't just a suggestion; it's the only path into the market that exists. Introducing decentralized data storage using the Inter-Planetary File System (IPFS). Admittedly, when people hear about blockchain technology, they immediately think of cryptocurrencies, yet few realize this new technology's power. Instead of storing data on traditional server systems, QuoBreak LLC will utilize IPFS and blockchain technology to revolutionize how a company within the online entertainment media market hosts its product, provides positive end-user experiences, and, most importantly, keeps data safe. Regarding data storage, blockchain technology offers the following benefits:

  • Ten times cheaper than traditional data hosting and storage.

  • Data is highly encrypted and IMMUNE to DDoS attacks.

  • Minimal heat and pollution equate to a truly environmentally sustainable system.

  • Hundreds of layers of redundancy render the system entirely immune to content loss, data loss, or shutdown.

I've been asked why large companies haven't transitioned to this system if it's so revolutionary. My response is that I learned about IPFS and decentralized storage from executives at these large companies, specifically Netflix. They are currently studying ways to integrate blockchain technology but imagine for a moment you're a company like Google or YouTube and your entire business lives within those hardware servers. Imagine if you transitioned and lost all the data. The entire company would be destroyed. This isn't a simple problem for large companies whose foundations are rooted in old technology, but for smaller companies who dare to innovate, the sky's the limit.

I'll see you in the sky.

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