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ReAwaken America Tour Will Not Go Down: Possible Attempts To Poison Right-Wing Conservatives Fail!

By Kinsley Kurtz, Writer/Blogger

Something fishy is going on in Texas, and it's not Conservative politics. December 9th marked the beginning of a southern states tour called "Reawaken America." This movement involves hosting rallies to gain conservative support while discussing hot button issues like election fraud, COVID-19 conspiracies, and Deep State agenda ridiculousness. While a gathering like that may not earn the attention of many sleeping Americans, the fact that some big names signed up to be a part of the show is notable. Participants and speakers such as Eric Trump, Patrick Byrne, Joe Oltman, and Jovan Pulitzer were just a few of the many who took the stage in early December to wake the sleeping masses and inspire all to take action, standing in their sovereign rights.

Reawaken America: What's the hype?

Clay Clark, a successful business consultant and entrepreneur, felt called to construct a revival of sorts, where like-minded individuals could come together and exchange information in what he hoped would be a safe place to speak freely and fellowship with others in an attempt to "wake this great nation up once more." Together with several prominent members of what is now referred to as "the Right-Wing community," he launched Reawaken America, a rally that was all-inclusive, encouraged free speech, and did not require masks.

Trouble in Big D.....

Thousands showed up for the three-day rally, expectations were high, and fellowship was in full force. Patriots flooded the church grounds, elated to see the all-star lineup of presenters and speakers, including:

· Eric Trump

· Joe Oltmann, author and presenter on "Conservative Daily Podcast"

· Patrick Byrne, businessman and owner of Overstock.com

· Jovan Pulitzer, entrepreneur, inventor, and recent election auditor

· Michael Flynn, former national security advisor to Donald Trump

· Roger Stone, conservative political consultant and lobbyist

· Mike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow and outspoken conservative activist

All seemed to be going well until presenters and speakers met in the "green" room prior to showtime. Supposedly, participants such as Oltmann, Pulitzer, and several other high-profile Conservatives gathered together to go over game plan details. Mysteriously, many fell ill soon after the show. It has been theorized by some in the room that a bioweapon was released in that space that caused the mystery illness. Here are just a few of those stories for you, with the assumption that you are intelligent enough to make your own conclusions:

Doug Kuzma

Doug Kuzma is a Right-Wing podcaster, Conservative political activist, and outspoken anti-vax advocate that succumbed to this mysterious illness just days after his participation. Reports of Kuzma when he was at his worst include having been placed on a ventilator, his lungs not responding to treatment. What many do not know is that were eyewitness reports by family members that he had been denied his requests for non-traditional treatment of "COVID" symptoms and while in the depths of conflict with hospital officials, his phone and computer had been taken away from him.

Joe Oltmann

Joe Oltmann is a podcaster known for his work on the Conservative Daily Podcast. Shortly after his appearance at the Reawaken America event, he came down with what he believed to be "symptoms from anthrax poisoning." He describes his ordeal as "horrific and truly scary," and when asked to report on others who were also present in the green room on that day, he did not reveal any other names other than guy pal Jovan Pulitzer.

Jovan Pulitzer

Jovan Pulitzer first made headlines after the results of the 2020 election when he called into question the integrity of election results at the hands of "faulty voting procedures." Shortly after the Dallas event, Pulitzer went AWOL for a bit, resurfacing via Twitter to claim that he'd been the victim of a bioweapons attack while in the company of other presenters. He consented to being tested for both anthrax poisoning and COVID-19 symptoms, both of which tested negative. He described symptoms that he'd never experienced before, such as:

· Fever storms

· Rashes and skin lesions

· Passing blood

· Hallucinations

· Respiratory distress

He, too, has remained tight-lipped about others that were in the room that day, preferring to put his energy toward health and healing.

What about the others?

It appears that presenters and keynote speakers weren't the only ones that fell ill after the event. It might interest you to know that during the event, fog machines released dense, white clouds of moisture into the room as crowd energy was heightened to receive entertainment via stage presenters. Some had concerns that this may have been an area of security weakness, infecting hundreds of attendees as they watched the event unfold. Others stated that that type of infiltration would have been too obvious and that Deep State plans tend to be more subdued and sophisticated. In this author's humble opinion, nothing the Deep State attempts is either subdued or sophisticated, just dastardly and deceitful.

The drama seems to be unfolding everywhere......

As ReAwaken America unfolds across this country, attempting to stir us out of our stupor and slumber, others are mysteriously falling ill. Are we dealing with COVID infections, vaccine shedding, or is there something dark and sinister going at these events with the ultimate goal being to silence any opposition to totalitarian control? You are likely here because you are intelligent enough to seek out answers for yourself. Hopefully I've teased and titillated enough; do some Deep State digging and uncover what is really going on behind the scenes.

Don't take anything you hear, read, or see at face value. Hold everything up to the light of your own inner truth and guidance. And for the love of God and our country, don't ever stop searching for the truth.

Until next time friends,


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