• James Lane

Rittenhouse Victory a Historic Win for Freedom, But Troubles Lay Ahead For All...

By James Lane, Founder, American Reveille LLC

As you know, Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty on all charges. Thank God. Besides destroying an innocent boy's life, a victory for the woke prosecution would have become a national threat to our God-given right to self defense. This wasn't a hung jury nor was it some error or loophole, no, Kyle was legitimately cleared of any and all charges brought against him by the corrupt prosecution and the state of Wisconsin. Well, at least corrupt by "our" Constitutional standards. It's time we had a serious conversation about the bigger picture.

First, I would like to allow the Guardian to announce the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict to you. I believe that reading how the Left perceives the facts via how they announce this verdict will put you in the right mood for the rest of this article. Here is a direct quote, and please, read it through, we need to talk about it, you and me:

"Kyle Rittenhouse – the armed white teenager whose mother drove him from Illinois to Wisconsin to allegedly “protect” local businesses from anti-racism protesters in Kenosha, whereupon he shot and killed two people and injured another – has been acquitted of all charges.

Let's break this quote down first. As we break them down and you see the truth we will expand upon the topic. First, they start by calling the rioters who destroyed Kenosha Wisconsin "anti-racism protestors" The Left is counting on you to see the words "anti-racism" and immediately define it by what our core belief system defines racism as. The oppression of someone in one way or another due to their skin color. Simple right? Wrong! It is time you read up on the subject my friend, they have secretly updated definitions over the last few years and they did it right under our noses. You see, our definition of equality isn't enough, no, the system must burn to the ground. That is an "anti-racist." Read about it here. So when they start with "anti-racism protesters" this Kenosha footage from last year is what they are talking about:

They mention that Kyle's mom drove him across state lines where he "shot and killed two people, and injured another." They neglect to mention that the pedophile and psychopath that died while Kyle was defending himself were bussed in mysteriously from a much further location and they neglect to mention that they were trying to kill him. Remember, the prosecutor saying Kyle should have taken a beating? That isn't how our Constitution is written but strangely, it seems there's a whole lot of people that are interpreting it differently (if at all). But why? Why do they mention that he's white when he's half white and half Latino? When everyone involved is White? When there's another case going on that actually involves three white people who shot a black guy in the chest and little to no coverage? In response to the verdict, a quote from the Washington Examiner:

"From calls for the Department of Justice to review the case to calling for new gun laws to claiming that the verdict “protects white supremacy” and is “incitement,” Democrats across the left-wing spectrum reeled at the result."

From calls for new gun laws...white supremacy...incitement? This is collectively how Democrats are reacting to our justice system working correctly. The jury righted the wrongs of the case against an innocent boy. There is still hope. But let's take a second to think about this. White supremacy? We mentioned above that all the people involved in the case are basically white, so why the white supremacy argument? I know that many of us were confused about this for a long time until we realized they were changing definitions on us. Remember, we talked about the term "anti-racism" above, here's the link again if you need it.

The term "white supremacy" becomes another play on words just as "anti-racism" is and just like "Black Lives Matter" is. We all know that black people's lives matter. We are all in this life together and we all matter. But the term and the organization" Black Lives Matter" is something completely different. Just like being an "anti-racist" is something completely different than being simply against racism. "White supremacy" in 2021 is not defined as a white person acting as if they were superior to another because of their race, which we all agree is wrong. "White supremacy" in 2021 is a mindset, a belief system which is why we have all been confused when we see the Left call a black man or woman a "white supremacist." It's the ultimate lobster trap. No matter how you respond you are labeled in a way that is punished by our society yet the actions committed do not match the label by "our standards."

So here's the truth. Regardless of what anyone believes he should or should not have done, by law, Kyle Rittenhouse was allowed to be where he was, with his weapon, when he was. It doesn't matter how you emotionally feel about it, what matters is the law, and Kyle didn't break any. The jury proved that. Yet the president is saying that he is deeply concerned by the verdict? Yet people are making Rosenbaum and Huber out to be heroes who were stopping a vigilante! The truth is that Huber, Rosenbaum and others were hardened criminals, only walking the streets because of Democrat laws that keep them out of jail.

So here is where it gets real, brace yourself. We have all had this conversation by now if we know a Democrat (they are all the same to me at this point). They say that Kyle, having a gun for protection and being in Kenosha to clean graffiti is wrong but pedophile who raped multiple kids has a right to be there? On the subject, Democrats are now okay with pedophiles, here, take a look for yourself, they call them "Minor Attracted Persons (MAP):

Now that I have your attention, we can have a real conversation. It's a conversation I have been waiting to have with you and it took me a long time to come to this realization. Knowing this truth may upset you, but you will know in your heart that it is true. You may have been wondering for some time now why it feels like there's a language barrier between you and friends, you and some family members, all of a sudden neighbors are distant and it's confusing. Why? Why can't we talk? Armed with the poisonous fruit of knowledge straight from within a new Temple of Babble (social media), we have split into two separate peoples with two separate languages. Their leaders are using our slow awakening to this as an advantage against us.

Look, I know it's a lot to take in, but is it really? I need you to ask yourself an honest question. Forget Rittenhouse for a second. Rosenbaum, the child anal raper, do you care that he is dead? Please, be honest with yourself and with me. Close your eyes, imagine this piece of crap raping your son or daughter and tell me, do you care that he is dead? The other guy beat his own family members and was violently out of his mind, an abusive piece of trash from the dregs of society. Someone who was fine with hurting a woman (you know, like George Floyd). Do you care that he is dead? Now, knowing that Kyle was defending himself from being possibly raped and murdered, knowing that they traveled further than Kyle to get to Kenosha, and knowing that they were trying to kill him for putting out a dumpster fire, do you really care that a pedophile died in a way that is legal according to our laws and society? Of course, you don't care, good riddance to bad rubbish. But they care, the Left cares...

In a previous article I stated:

"This is a powder keg moment in American History."

This is a powder keg moment in American History because a clear distinction between two separate belief systems, cultures, and core values has been revealed to the masses and finally made public. The Democrats can no longer hide in the shadows and pretend that we are the same as a people anymore. We believe in individual liberty, the right to self-defense, the right to bodily autonomy, and the right to family, freedom, and God. They do not. Most don't even believe in God anymore, it's true, ask them. Ask your Democrat friend or colleague what they think of God and all kinds of excuses will pour from their mouth like wasps from a nest. So, when God doesn't exist, the morals and values that we believe in are null in void. The reason they lie so good to our faces is that, within their own set of beliefs and core values, they aren't lying.

To the Left, Kyle Rittenhouse is evil because he has different core values than them. Again, ask yourself when you doubt me, why aren't we hearing about cases involving actual racism? Actual evil? By changing the definition of racism, Democrats are free to be racist with no ramifications. All Democrats are now your evil gaslighting ex-girlfriend/boyfriend, convincing your friends that you hit them, all the while they verbally abuse you daily and you've never laid a finger. You wonder to yourself...does he or she actually believe their own bull dung? Sadly, the answer seems to be yes.

The Left believes that this country must be redefined in a way that provides happiness to all citizens instead of providing a system in which citizens can pursue their own definition of happiness. No, no more. That system is evil because they say it allowed too many people that don't share their beliefs to become successful, and this is an injustice that must be corrected by taking away from some and giving to others. That "Build Back Better" plan that just passed the House of Representatives? They plan to hire 87,000 or more new IRS agents to collect 1/2 trillion dollars in taxes from you and me. I don't make six figures and I am guessing you don't either. What are you going to do when they audit you and come for your house, vehicle, or first-born child? Do you know what they plan to do with that money? Well, to fight the racist climate change, of course.

In my last article I also stated:

"The Left cannot "Build Back Better" until everything is burned to the ground."

These people literally believe in the opposite of what we believe in. They believe that we are destroying the planet and need to be controlled like animals. Cows have more rights. They believe that they are the omnipotent ones tasked with the policing of us uncivilized neanderthals. What they don't realize and what we need to start recognizing is that this country was founded on our ideals. That is why they have redefined words. That is why they have labeled our systems racist. This isn't to actually help any minority groups, they have to unmake the systems to prove that Capitalism has failed. You don't simply topple America by becoming the president, no, America is an idea. You destroy an idea by infecting it, warping it, poisoning it, and subjugating its remaining believers.

So I ask you, how do two separate peoples with two separate belief systems and two separate sets of core values somehow come back together as one set of Americans under one belief system? The advantage this country had after the Civil War is that, though we disagreed with Democrats on the major issue of slavery (Democrats want slavery), we all still seemed to believe in the core tenants of freedom, justice, and personal liberty. It took a long time, but we were able to patch this thing we call the United States of America together. Now, in a similar situation, with sparks flying in the air and gasoline all around us, we don't have that shared foundation anymore. It's gone.

The million-dollar question is simple and as follows:

  • How can I, as a freedom loving American who believes in the core values of our Constitution, call anyone who supports pedophiles, violent criminals, and illegal aliens, my neighbor?

  • How can I, as a freedom loving American who believes in the core values of our Constitution, call someone who wants to destroy my right to defend myself or my family, my neighbor?

  • How can I, as a freedom loving American who believes in the core values of our Constitution, call someone who is okay with sexually transitioning children, my neighbor?

  • How can I, as a freedom loving American who believes in the core values of our Constitution, call someone who is okay with the abuse and full legalization of all abortions, my neighbor?

  • How can I, as a freedom loving American who believes in the core values of our Constitution, call someone who not only disagrees with my right to worship my God, but wants to persecute me for it, my neighbor?

  • How can I, as a freedom loving American who believes in the core values of our Constitution, call someone who is okay with firing mothers, fathers, handicapped people, disabled veterans, and others from their jobs for not getting a vaccine, my neighbor?

  • How can I, as a freedom loving American who believes in the core values of our Constitution, call someone who is okay with forcing my children to get vaccinated and alienating them for my beliefs, my neighbor?

I can't.

Truly ask yourself...

Can you?

"Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
Couldn’t put Humpty together again." -Mother Goose, 1803

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