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Ron DeSantis: Secret Genius? Why More Governors Need To Follow In His Footsteps!

By Kinsley Kurtz, Writer/Blogger

If you haven't been hiding in the left-wing media storm lately, you're likely to have heard of Ron DeSantis. This native Floridian seemed to have taken a detour from his ivy-league education and traditional political track to embrace values that are in line with the average red-blooded American.

DeSantis stepped into his gubernatorial role in 2019, launching a series of initiatives that were rogue moves when compared to the political aspirations of his contemporaries. First on the docket was filling three vacancies on the Florida Supreme Court, shifting the climate from liberal to conservative. After a 2.5-billion-dollar executive order for restoration of the Everglades, DeSantis came under fire in January 2019 for signing legislation that would end Common Core initiatives in Florida.

The Fires Grow Hotter

It's no secret that DeSantis was a passionate Trump supporter, so it made sense to the conservatives supporting immigration policy that ended the existence of "sanctuary cities" across Florida. Democrats were outraged at these bold changes in policy that affected all citizens in Florida, yet they had no idea what was coming.

Pandemic Pandemonium

From the very beginning of the government mandated lockdowns, DeSantis refused to drink the Kool-Aid. He has opposed masking and vaccination mandates since their inception, and with more and more states following suit in the wake of his decisive defiance, it seems that his courage has been a catalyst paving the way for other opposing voices.

The latest in the fight for health freedoms

November marked a decisive action that would change the course of American history. DeSantis announced that he was filing a lawsuit against the Biden administration over what he called "unconstitutional" vaccine mandates issued through OSHA. Stating that the administration was "denying Americans their Constitutional right," he advocated for every individual right to make informed choices about health.

Thanks to that gutsy announcement, other states have chosen to follow suit. To date, Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Missouri, Montana and South Dakota are formulating lawsuits that they plan to levy in the next few months. Is DeSantis just an outspoken rabblerouser or a quiet and crafty genius that is taking deliberate steps to open our eyes to the nefarious actions of our government?

A little-known right....and DeSantis is putting theory into practice

In yet another bold move by the DeSantis administration, the unapologetic governor announced last week that he was going to be reinstating the Florida State Guard, a civilian response team that had been in use during World War II. This group of trained civilians would "not be encumbered by the federal government," and would give his administration the flexibility and tools to respond to events in the state in the most effective way possible.

His proposal included $3.5 million to fund the training of 200 civilians, with enough time and resources to make them every bit as effective as military personnel at responding to a crisis. These state guards are not well known, but a few are well-established ones that have been serving their states quite well, including California, New York, and Texas. As you can imagine, Democrats in the Sunshine State were outraged, insisting that the reason DeSantis was rallying the troops was to surround himself with his own "secret police."

Dictator, or quiet genius?

Could DeSantis be planning and preparing for increasing levels of civil unrest? Is this an attempt to wake other State Governors up to the heavy hand of the Federal Government, demonstrating a willingness to give power back to the people? It is this author's opinion that in this day and age, we all have knowledge of basic self-defense, as well as a desire to learn what it means to stand up and protect those principles that we build life upon. Are you a complacent citizen, assuming that your government will step up to the plate when assistance, protection, or support are needed? Will there come a day when the government is in such a state of disarray that no one will respond to our calls for distress? If so, who will protect you? Your family? Your freedoms?

We need more bold leaders like DeSantis to step up to the plate and act in the best interests of the citizens of each state. The government was originally conceived as an accepted idea by which we could all express our individual freedoms while honoring each other. Those founding ideals of "life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness" have been squashed, suppressed, masked, and otherwise beaten down to a point where we barely remember what the original United States founders intended for our great country. It's time that we dig up this knowledge once more and use it to put these overinflated egos in their place once more.

It's We The People, People......Not We The Government!

The sharpest weapon in our arsenal right now is not knives, guns, ammunition, or self-defense. It's the ability to acquire true knowledge and share it with others. Do your part, do your digging, reading, studying, and then share your findings far and wide. That's what fuels my posts, along with my passion to help build a better world for you, me, and our precious children.

Till next time, friends,


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