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Save Us, Bill! The Connection Between Bill Gates, Covid-19, and Lab Grown Breastmilk

By Kinsley Kurtz, Writer/Blogger

Those of us who aren't getting sucked into the whirlwind of mainstream media mayhem may have noticed a trend in recent years. That is, if we've not succumbed to bad habits and mindless entertainment while we were all stuck in lockdown.

Let's take a little stroll through the past two years, shall we?

It all started with Wuhan

Those of you who have been following my "wild conspiracy theories" for a while now know well that I think there is a significant connection between the release of the COVID-19 virus and investors who had big dollars in the Wuhan laboratory. Who are these "giants" of society, you ask? Rumor has it that Barack Obama, Dr. Anthony "ouchie" Fauci, and Bill Gates were all in cahoots, dabbling in the medical marvel that is now a never-ending worldwide pandemic. Let's focus on Gates for a bit, shall we? This billionaire, environmental activist, and advocate of abortion and population control has been very outspoken about his beliefs on how the future of Earth and the sustainability of the human race depends largely on one thing----population control.

Reducing the world's population.

So our stroll takes us first into the halls of Wuhan, where the mysterious COVID-19 virus seems to have originated. It has now swept across the globe, claimed hundreds of thousands of lives, and has significantly impacted life as we know it moving forward.

As an answer to the seemingly-funded global pandemic, BIG PHARMA came to our rescue with a number of vaccine options for those brave enough to line up for the jab. Moderna, Johnson and Johnson, Glaxo-Smith Kline, and Pfizer all created their hastily thrown-together cocktails for us to try with minimal testing and maximum media exposure using fear to cause us to run for the nearest pharmacy or clinic. Did I miss anyone? Can you guess who might have been a big player in the funding and research behind the vaccine rollout?

How'd that work for us?

Data is still coming out about how harmful the effects of the COVID-19 vaccine are, and how with every subsequent booster shot, our immune systems are weakening by the minute. At this rate, we'll continue to need subsequent booster shots just to lead our substandard, medically dependent lives. A recent data dig by this spunky author produced nearly two million pages of documented vaccine injuries and deaths now reluctantly reported by the CDC. Don't believe me? See the data for yourself here.

Food shortages

In another bizarre plot twist, we are finding ourselves standing on the brink of a food shortage, the likes of which has never before been seen in human history. Remember the Great Depression pictures of bread lines, when people would stand in line for days hoping to bring home an outrageously-priced loaf to feed hungry mouths? We're soon to experience that reality again if we don't pull our heads out of the sand and start thinking of ways to become more self-sufficient and less dependent on government supply chains. With grocery stores and other retail supply chain stores sporting bare shelves by the dozens, those that are forward-thinking will plan and prepare their way for a lean period, while others will be in full-scale panic mode should stores have to close their doors.

And now baby formula?

February marked a new low for Americans when it was announced that big supplier Abbott could no longer keep up with supply and demand for baby formula. Now, even those most innocent and precious babies will feel the pain of mismanagement, lies, and deceit as parents scramble to snatch up this critical component of nutrition that is supposedly so vital to the health and development of our children. What's even more bizarre about this "shortage" is that stories are beginning to leak out on social media that vast warehouses of baby supplies are stocked full on the Southern border of the United States, and that these supplies are being handed out for free to incoming immigrants in need of a fresh start.

Don't get me wrong.....every parent deserves to have the resources needed to protect and provide for their children. I do have a problem with stealing from Peter to pay Paul, however. In this case, President Joe was not even made aware of the shortage until April, and by then, the consequences were glaringly obvious to anyone that walked into a retailer looking for liquid gold.

Stories blew up on the web when Representative Kat Cammack (R-Fla) received tips in her office that supplies were being exchanged across the border, and she decided to fly down to ground zero to see for herself. She recounts, "Lo and behold, not only were there stocked warehouses, but there were multiple stocked warehouses that have been filled with baby formula, diapers, wipes, and clothing, and the Biden administration has been funneling these supplies for months. There is more en route."

What is happening in our country?

Let's look at a common thread here, and I'll present the evidence with the intention that you make the final judgment call. There's one more piece of shocking evidence to suggest that Gates is at the helm of this global shortage and that he stands to gain trillions from the "problem-reaction-solution" phenomena that he's become so good at manipulating for his own narcissistic gain.

Bio-engineered "human" breast milk? WTH?

In the last year, Bill Gates has invested a staggering amount of money in a new startup company that is formulating "lab-grown" breastmilk. What a COINCIDENCE! The company, called Biomilq, is a female-founded biotechnology lab that has received significant amounts of financial support from both Gates and a Danish investment company called Novo Holdings; these investors are helping Biomilq to accelerate its plan to launch cell-cultured human breast milk, which will not only disrupt the billion-dollar infant formula industry, it's likely to open the door to even more human genetic engineering in the near future.

According to Biomilq technicians, the process of "human" milk production involves farming breast milk cells from donating mothers. In exchange for the use of their DNA to facilitate this nefarious process, they are compensated with.........TARGET GIFT CARDS!! Does it seem a bit odd to you that something as critical as infant nutrition is compensated with the same type of gift that one receives from a great aunt on a birthday?

If the concept behind Biomilq doesn't yet scare you, consider this. Anything grown and harvested from a laboratory is subject to the vision of the creator. "additives" and "special ingredients" could potentially mean anything, and if there is any genetic anomaly present whatsoever in the samples donated to Biomilq research and production, this is also passed along in the milk samples that are harvested and produced for mass distribution.

Could they add vitamins? Perhaps. What about minerals and essential fatty acids? Maybe in the best-case scenario. But could other "additives" and "special ingredients" also make their way into this "human" milk without our knowledge or consent?


Just presenting the evidence. You decide.

My closing case remarks are presented to you so that you, the discriminating jury, can decide if this matter needs further investigation. Let's look at the evidence.

It's bizarre that Bill swoops in to save the day when a catastrophe breaks out. He was intimately involved with the development and roll out of all COVID-19 vaccines. Let it also be known that his financial stake in this movement has yielded him billions upon billions of dollars. Sorry, fellas. Those vaccine injuries are small collateral damage compared to what he's reportedly pocketing as a result of this movement.

Gates has also been paying off small local farmers, taking over farmland with the intent to hold the largest parcel of agricultural land in the continental United States. Food production plants are blowing up, large E Coli and Salmonella outbreaks are threatening pantry staples across the country, and prices are going through the roof. Now there's a food shortage, and he's working on growing lab meat that can save millions. Hmmmmm. Nothing to see here.

Now there's a baby formula shortage that no one is really looking into, and Gates is primed and poised to roll out lab-created "human" breast milk? WHAT A COINCIDENCE.

I wonder what will crash next? I wonder what it will take before more of us start standing up and speaking out against these government "initiatives" that are for our common good? Bill, we're really looking forward to your release of lab-created air, soon to be released after an airborne virus of some kind inevitably makes its way into our atmosphere.

Heaven help us. Our government certainly can't.

What can I do?

What can you do, dear reader, to reduce your dependence on government control and manipulation? Buy local, start a garden, get to know your neighbors, and start sharing information with the intention of waking people up. Stock up on items that you may need in the event of an emergency, and make a plan with family members and friends if you need to come together for a short time while we ride out a wave of unpleasantness. Knowledge is power, and spreading the word is one of the most significant and impactful things we can do to change the course of humanity at this time.

We are all in this together. Until next time, friends,


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