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Schools Taking Federal Handouts to "Suffocate" Our Children

By Kinsley Kurtz, Writer/Blogger

I don't know about you, but things don't seem to be getting any better with mandates, COVID-19 statistics, and levels of ridiculousness for all things related to economic and social lockdowns. One has only to look around to see that we have even fewer freedoms than we did in 2020 when we all went into a pre-planned separation and seclusion.

As fall of 2021 approached, we were sold the line that "things were opening up" and "a return to normal was on the horizon." Hallelujah, the vaccine was going to save us all, and then we could put this horrible time in human history to bed. Schools and businesses would open, the economy would perk up, and everyone could continue drinking their red Kool-aid and nursing their arms after each booster shot.

Failing to realize the ongoing nature of "their" plan

What many fail to realize, now that we are in the throes of the Deep State's dastardly plan, is that our "new normal" will never revert to what was our "previously enjoyed normal," should they succeed in pulling off their plan for totalitarian control. A COVID-19 vaccine was supposed to be the answer to all our prayers, wasn't it? Then the Alpha variant arrived......and the Beta, Gamma, and Delta. Yes, it can be theorized that the human body is adapting to infection the way it was designed to, but how can we be sure that this march of the variants isn't something being rolled out as a way to keep us masked and vaxxed? I realize that this may be a farfetched theory for some of you, but hold on for a few more paragraphs. The story is about to get much more interesting.

Fall school options...a return to normal?

Parents, grandparents, and teachers were shouting for change as the fall of 2021 rolled around. The rallying cry was, "Let our children return to school! Let's embrace togetherness once more! Get our kids back in the classroom!" Many districts across the country opened with few restrictions, having a false sense of security that vaccine requirements for teachers and staff would help keep new infection counts low.

But they were wrong. We were all "wrong," apparently.

Numbers continued to rise, and this was justification for the Biden administration to issue a "vaccine mandate" that would affect employees of many schools, businesses, and organizations. Some bought it hook, line, and sinker, while others continued to push back against mandates, calling them "violations of the Nuremberg Code and "unconstitutional."

Thanks to the ongoing "evolution" of the virus, the Biden administration and state governors across the country have attempted to re-mask students once more as they entered the classrooms for the 2021-2022 school year. For many, this is still going on, but those of us who are beginning to wake up are seeing through the ridiculous notion that masks are anything but an attempt to demonstrate mindless compliance. Check out my new friend, Carol Kerr, who took on her local school board after uncovering the REAL reason that school districts are attempting to enforce mask mandates across the country.

Carol Kerr, a real hero

Carol Kerr is a concerned grandmother in suburban Illinois. She approached her daughter-in-law when she found that the school her granddaughter attends was attempting to enforce mask mandates K-12. Kerr's concern started as a medical one, as research into the efficacy of masks shows that they provide very little, if any, protection against illness and infection. As she began digging into the issue, she uncovered something truly nefarious.

School districts are getting paid to enforce mask mandates.

Yes, you read that correctly. Kerr began her research and discovered documentation from the CDC, the superintendent, and even the Governor's office stating that funding was indeed coming down the pipeline. A paltry $3946.91, to be exact, for each child. A school district with, say, 10,000 students to serve districtwide stands to receive a staggering $39 million dollars for "suffocating our children," as Kerr so eloquently put it.

In a video documenting her discovery of and public admonishment of her local school board, Kerr presented her research, asking school board officials if they "had received or were about to receive" these funds. As she asked this simple question, she presented documentation to support her claims.

She received no response from school board members, except for their ridiculous declaration that "it was a complicated question that could not be answered at this time."

Kerr went on to admonish all members of the school board and district administration that were responsible for "suffocating our children." Her passionate pushback of dictatorial mandates and lack of integrity in funding our schools has earned her the attention of millions of viewers.

Where's the money now?

This can't be the only district taking "hush" money from the Biden administration, and having firsthand knowledge and insider information on our educational system, I know that there are not many improvements being made in staffing or infrastructure to serve our children. So, where are the astronomical amounts of money being funneled as school districts across the country attempt to exert power and control over the populations they are supposed to be serving?

State governors who still have a bit of moral compass are coming down hard on their school districts, telling school boards and administration that they cannot exert mask or vaccination mandates in their schools, yet federal funding is still pouring into the districts that are opposing these "banned" mandates. Who's got the fat pockets, people? Perhaps it's time for us to start asking our school administrations where the funding is going and how much longer this nonsense will perpetuate? More importantly, we should be asking what kind of mental, physical and emotional damage this will do to our children?

Who's going to be held accountable for the damage?

Strength in numbers......calling all "Carols"!

With nearly 300,000 Americans being represented by a single member of Congress, it baffles me that we continue to remain silent on issues that threaten the sovereignty and health of our future leaders. Are there more Carols out there? Where are you? We need you now more than ever to raise awareness and shed some light on the dastardly deeds the Deep State is trying to enforce. The balance scales must shift in our favor sooner or later, and we need to be diligent about continuing to speak out against these ridiculous attempts to subdue us.

Carol Kerr, thank you for starting this chain reaction. You have inspired this author to keep using her voice as well.

I issue a challenge to all my readers, tell me......how will you speak your truth to set others free?

Till next time, friends,


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