• James Lane

Patriot Murdered! What is Responsible for the Death of Lee Keltner in Denver Shooting?

Updated: Jun 20

by James Lane

You Didn't Know?

I don't know about you, but I’m nauseous.

Thinking back to the days of hanging out at the mall, listening to my Walkman, and trying to talk to girls, never in my wildest dreams would I have guessed that I would be one-day be watching innocent people murdered in the streets of our cities. Yet here we are, and that's what we all did together over the weekend.

Lee Keltner was shot and killed by a Leftist and Biden supporter employed as the local news station's security guard.

With over 100 days of rioting under our belts, radicalized leftist cults terrorizing our cities, two Trump supporters murdered amongst many other innocents, and the mainstream media brainwashing half of the country into lighting the Constitution on fire and smoking its ashes, it’s time to answer some very important questions.

We have to answer the first question: Who was Lee Keltner, and what was he doing in Denver?

Who was Lee Keltner?

Shortly after 3:30 pm on Sunday, a son had to watch his father die alone on a sidewalk in Denver Colorado.

Let that sink in.

These Leftist groups like to preach to us that nobody deserves to die as they openly cheer for the death of our President and patriots like Lee Keltner.

Keltner, a veteran, was participating in the “Patriot Muster” rally in front of the Denver Museum of Art and involved in a vocal altercation with a vulgar Black Lives Matter supporter regarding supporting the police.

Moments later, as he walked away, 9NEWS armed security guard and known Leftist, Matthew Dolloff draws his firearm and shoots Lee Keltner in the head at point-blank range for what seems like an exchange of just mace.

Keltner, a local custom hat maker, was attending the protest to show support for law enforcement across the country and paid for it with his life.

The Left is telling us that Matthew Dolloff is a neutral party, yet his social media tells a much different story.

Matthew Dolloff, Activist

Matthew Dolloff, a 30-year-old security guard hired by NBC and known activist, cowardly murdered Lee Keltner Saturday in Denver, presumedly over a little mace.

From the Antifa tattoo on his wrist to many Leftist tweets, below is just a small example of Dolloff’s absurdity. Angry and hate-filled Tweets from Dolloff were not uncommon.

The Left will try to tell you that this guy is not affiliated with them, yet the proof is overwhelming. Matthew Dolloff was a Leftist activist and biased security guard for a Leftwing news station, period.

Who is to Blame?

Many questions come up when contemplating how to manage such a dynamic situation as nation-wide tension stirred up by a rabid mainstream media, yet the answer is simple once you change the question. Instead of asking who is to blame, we need to begin to ask a far different question.

Who benefits the most?

Well, let's start picking a few things apart.

First of all, we all saw the full video of the so-called “security guard” gun down Lee Keltner so we know he’s to blame, but he doesn’t benefit at all from this as he will most likely go to prison for a long time (unless the Left can convince the judge the video evidence is racist).

Zooming out we see Dolloff’s political and activist affiliation, his extremist attitude, and questionable tendencies amplified by what seems to be his Leftist cause. So, is the Leftist ideology to blame?

Do they benefit from a white activist shooting a white veteran in the head?

No. Not at all.

Well who then?

Ask yourself, who have been involved in this from the beginning, from when the riots started months ago.

Ask yourself, who makes money based upon a rating system?

Who’s made a fortune disrespecting the president and blatantly lying to the public?

The mainstream media of course!


You Have to Understand Something that Nobody is Telling You

You may be thinking, “oh no, not another blame it on the media article” and if you are then my response to you is to hang on to your seat.

Here are some quick stats.

When you do some quick math, you find out very quickly that a large portion of the country isn’t on any social media whatsoever. In 2020, this means that the only source they have for understanding what is happening in this country is you know who.

10 percent of people 18 to 29 are not on social media. 12 percent of folks ages 30 to 49 are not on social media.

I know, that doesn’t seem like much, so let’s keep going.

31 percent of people 50 to 64 do not have any social media and even more drastic, 60 percent of all adults over 65 in the United States do not have any social media.

Hell, my mom doesn’t even have the internet!

What does this mean?

Good question.

This means that there are many more people in this country that get their news exclusively from the mainstream media which is why it was possible for me to have a disagreement the other day with a 78-year-old woman who did her best to convince me that President Trump is a Communist and Kamala Harris is a nice lady because she has a Jewish husband.

What’s at Stake?

The mainstream media is pitting us all against each other in an effort to thoroughly fill their coffers with our hard-earned cash while aiding the Leftist Socialist agenda.

By manipulating the truth and brainwashing a large portion of Americans they aim to create an army of blind and deaf Leftist drones, voting based upon the party and directly neglecting the facts because they simply do not exist where they source their news from.

Of course, this has an effect on voting and yes, this directly benefits the Left, yet I don’t believe this is the big problem anymore

At this point, the mainstream media is gambling with our union.

Earlier in this article, we asked a question.

Why does Lee Keltner matter?

Lee Keltner matters because he, God rest his soul, is, unfortunately, the undeniable smoking gun that the mainstream media cannot hide from. His murder is cut and dry and caught on tape and if ignored or swept under the rug, if downplayed or dismissed, the mainstream media knows they are playing with fire.

They are gambling with the possibility of sparking a second Civil War.

God help our children.


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