• James Lane

Should Kanye “Ye” West Be Canceled for His Anti-Semitic Beliefs?

By James Lane Reichenbach, Ph.D., MBA, Founder and CEO, American Reveille LLC

Please allow me to say this loud and clear. I am a Jew and my beliefs tend to reside on the right of the aisle. Do I support abortion? No. Do I think abortion has harmed the Black community? Yes! Of course I do. Do I think Kanye West is a good representative of my values? Hell no! Kanye West, as talented as he is, has proven that being mentally unstable is a key ingredient to his formula for success. I’m not taking Kim’s side either, if it were up to me they’d all be labeled crazy, the entire troop. I understand Kanye’s frustration with how fathers are treated in family court, I really do. Instead of handling his business like a man, Kanye always points the finger and blames someone else. Billions of dollars can buy you that kind of freedom. The freedom from having to ever take responsibility. Unfortunately for Kanye West, he dipped his toes a little too deep in the Hummus platter when he decided to blame the Jews for his problems.

Kanye West has officially bought into the “Jewish Cabal” conspiracy theory propaganda worshipped by anti-Semitics and neo-Nazis the world over. For weeks, Ye has been screaming about Jews from the top of his little money mountain. Instead of self-reflection, the child throws a Hitleresque temper tantrum. Take a look at what he had to say on the Lex Fridman podcast:

The arrogance demonstrated by the billionaire recording artist is palpable as he barely utters an apology. Kanye won’t apologize because (and it’s his biggest flaw keeping him from growth) Kanye is never wrong. Once Kanye admits his mortality and imperfection, then maybe, just maybe, we will see a humble servant. Until then all I see is a wolf in wolf’s clothing screaming to the other wolves that he’s a poor helpless sheep. These are the privileged lives of the rich and famous. Kanye West discounts the reality of the Holocaust, and the suffering of the Jews, and selfishly claims the suffering for himself.

So, as a Jew, do I want Kanye West canceled for his blatant bias and racism? Before I answer that question, let’s take a look at the fallout thus far. ADIDAS, Peloton, Sketchers, Madame Tussauds, Footlocker, TJ Max, Foot Locker, Christie’s, Gap, Def Jam Records, Balenciaga, Donda Sports, MRC Entertainment, Vogue, JPMorgan Chase, UTA, and CAA have all released Kanye West from his contracts, business deals, and sponsorships. Kanye is said to have lost over a billion dollars in one day. This doesn’t seem much different than the Alex Jones trial at this point. Do I hate what Kanye said? Yes! I think he’s ignorant, intolerant, egotistical, and uneducated. Do I think he should be canceled from all his banks, and business deals, and silenced across social media?


Free speech is here for a reason, and I support Kanye West’s right to make himself look like an idiot by insulting Jews. If he didn’t have that right then I wouldn’t know he was a jackass. Freedom of speech obviously speaks for itself and is the great equalizer in this country. Kanye, for as silly of a human being as he is, earned his empire and that shouldn’t be taken away from him just because society deems him persona non grata at this moment in history. I support Kanye West’s right to tell me I’m part of the problem, and remember, I have the right (and you do too) to put up my middle fingers (Stone Cold Steve Austin style) and tell Kanye to “Suck it!”

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