• Thomas Marlowe

Sidney Powell's 270-Page BOMBSHELL Release Reveals the Storm of the Century!

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

By Thomas Marlowe, Contributor

Sidney Powell released a second Kraken Saturday night.

The 270-page treatise catalogs not only the details of how China and Iran--and to an extent, Russia--infiltrated, influenced, and downright compromised our election, but it also names the deep state and foreign actors behind this vast conspiracy to rid the White House of a populist president.

According to this bombshell document--that mainstream media will no doubt completely ignore or dismiss as more "conspiracy theories" from an attorney with an impeccable reputation and record--everyone from Kamala Harris' husband to the Clinton's have ties to Dominion, Smartmatic, and ultimately Soros, while apparatchik Chinese oligarchs like Neil Shin pull the puppet strings for most of what we see and hear on mainstream and social media, and control most what comes out of Silicon Valley.

The document is heavily redacted in places, but any reader willing to invest the time will see where the dots obviously connect for Powell and her researchers. Just before the 25th, Rudy Giuliani, during one of his podcasts, warned listeners that things "would blow up...starting after Christmas." He stated that what was coming would be "shocking" to the American public and that we would have to "find that out all at once." Perhaps Powell's Kraken 2.0 is the launch pad since it amalgamates what has been trickling out for the last month-and-a-half or so.

Of course, the question is whether the establishment Republicans will actually peruse any of the document before they make up their minds about January 6th, or whether their minds are already made regardless of what the truth is. Congress has a penchant for ignoring important verbiage in documents, as we have witnessed in the 5600+ page stimulus package recently submitted for a vote (and now signed with special conditions). At times, one must wonder whether some of the members of our legislative body in Washington DC can, in fact, read at all.

One thing's for certain, Republicans everywhere in the next few weeks have to make a choice between a dying bureaucracy and the rising nationalism and populism that Trump represents at this point. If they remain silent on voter fraud, they will do so at their own peril. The truth is inevitable and imminent. There are now three sides of the aisle: Democrat (which is now equivalent to socialism), Republican, and Trump. Lawmakers should choose wisely, especially since the people have spoken above the voter fraud loud and clear.

The American Reveille is currently reviewing the new Kraken in preparation for the release of a detailed overview and deep-dive report!


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