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Silence—Not So Golden: Trump Takes On Big Tech Giants

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

By Kinsley Kurtz, Writer/Blogger

It’s a bold man who chooses to fight against a mighty giant; we see evidence of such a fight in the Old Testament, when godly character David chooses to standoff against the mighty Goliath, a behemoth beast ten times his size, stature, and strength.

In recent news, President Trump has chosen a legal giant of his own to contend with---big tech companies Google, Facebook, and Twitter. In a statement by the President given on July 7th, Trump restated his strong belief that these companies were at the helm of a nefarious coverup and conspiracy involving big tech, liberal media, and government agencies to suppress valuable information that would inspire a discriminating, intelligent public to rethink current events.

Where’s the broadcast?

While reports of the class action lawsuit were spread far and wide through all media channels, you’ll be hard-pressed to find actual press conference video coverage without a warning label similar to this:

Warning…..this video footage is live and unedited. We cannot be held responsible for

events, claims, or statements made in this video.”

Remember when President Obama had a similar claim before every single one of his press conferences? How about the few times that Biden has been seen in public since he “took office?" Even before Trump spoke on the 7th, his actions and information were called into question by those who seek to suppress freedom of speech and squash the First Amendment permanently.

Citing in his opening remarks his agreement with founding father George Washington, he is taking action in order to send a message that the fight will continue to preserve the right to freedom of speech and independent thought. Washington, in a similar declaration of independence, spoke these words as he was carving out his unique place in our nation’s history.

“If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we will be led like sheep to

the slaughter”—George Washington

“These once private companies have evolved into media giants that swallow individual thought, stifle attempts at revelation of truth, and seek to enslave the public through disgusting displays of manipulation and control,” Trump stated to an enthusiastic and supportive crowd.

Trump himself was banned from social media outlets several times during his time in office, with the final actions taken by Facebook on January 7th, 2021, claiming that he had a hand in the events leading up to and after the Capitol riots. Twitter took similar action against the outspoken conservative, shutting down the President’s preferred mode of attempting to disclose the truth to the American public while in office.

What happens if we lose First Amendment rights?

I wonder if you know just how precious your First Amendment right is and how it applies to your life, your future, your freedoms? Our Constitutional First Amendment right states:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people to peacefully assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Such a freedom is the very foundation of our Democracy, yet we look around and see more restrictive measures put in place daily, offering fewer and fewer options for seeking, finding, and expressing truth for ourselves and for others. Losing our First Amendment freedoms is already happening, people. Wake up and read the evidence, and decide for yourself whether you’ll sit idly by and let your big media spoon feed you information with little regard to your personal rights and freedoms.

What’s Section 230 and why should you care?

Section 230 is one of the worst initiatives to come out of 21st century lawmaking. Under Section 230, social media companies are given immunity with respect to content that is placed on their websites; this allows them to operate and even flourish without the need to moderate content. It also gives them ultimate authority to decide what content to feature and what to remove, according to a central message that “needs to be communicated.”

Section 230 is e-duct tape over the mouth of all Americans opposing or even questioning a centralized agenda. One of President Trump’s intentions through this lawsuit is to call into question the integrity of Section 230 and to take action to hold social media sites accountable for “all content, not that is unfairly and unjustly biased against conservative opinion.”

As Americans living in a Democracy, we deserve the right to be well-informed, given complete and truthful information, and to be able to express individual rights and opinions that are in line with our personal beliefs. Speak out, speak up, or be forever silenced. Consider the world you’ll soon live in if you don’t advocate for your individual and collective rights.

Have you been shadowbanned?

Perhaps you or someone you know has been “shadowbanned” or chastised by “fact checkers” who aim to bring integrity to information being shared on social media. Who are you kidding? I challenge you to look for opposing viewpoints on any hot topic right now---from Coronavirus statistics to election audits---and see how long it takes you to find the “this content has been removed by fact checkers” somewhere in your feed. This is the work of big media even now, attempting to suppress and eliminate information that does not fit in with their ideals and socialist agenda. Has anyone thought of renaming the whole institution “socialist media?” That’s where we’ll be headed if big media companies continue to operate as they have been allowed to at the hands of Leftist Government “authorities.”

Support for Trump…..and a commitment to free thought and true independence

Jen Harton, a schoolteacher from Fenton, Michigan, was present at the press conference on July 7th. Jen joins Trump’s cause and class action lawsuit because she was also kicked off Facebook for sharing a post. The post raised a simple question about the efficacy and efficiency of masks on school children….and just like that, Jen’s time as a social media influencer was over. The simple act of sharing someone else’s post had been enough of a red flag for “fact checkers,” and Jen’s account was shut down.

Kelly Kashawn and Bobby Michaels were also present in support of Trump’s initiative; their son had been tragically killed by an illegal alien with a long criminal history that had been in violation of parole and in the process of deportation when the tragic accident took place. Their attempts to stand in support against illegal immigration in this country were cut short when all social media channels banned their attempts at getting the word out to would-be supporters.

Dr. Kelly Victory, board certified trauma and emergency room specialist would have been present, but Trump jokingly remarked that “Facebook must have delayed his flight.” He was asked to create a video that would educate large gatherings of church parishioners so that worship could take place in compliance with social distancing guidelines. Shortly after the video’s release, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube all took down the video, citing improper methods of infection control and threatening to take further action if more information was released.

Fighting an uphill battle…….

Trump may be up against those media giants, yet his attack is aimed directly at CEOs of this mechanism—Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, and Sundar Pichai. “We’re not looking to settle,” Trump stated emphatically of the class action directive. “We don’t yet know what will happen, but we will not settle.”

Trump is clearly sending a message on behalf of all Americans calling for the “golden age” of media control to be over once and for all. So many have been silenced, suppressed, and even reprimanded and punished for raising simple questions regarding the blatant censorship and control that run rampant through our media channels. Is he biting off more than he can chew? Is he the one to take on the job? How many more of us will continue to speak out in opposition to this obvious attempt to herd the sheeple into submission once and for all?

How about you, American? What rights and freedoms are you prepared to fight to protect? When will you refuse to sit idly by and make your own voice heard? Albert Einstein wisely stated,

“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who sit and silently watch them without doing anything.”—Albert Einstein

Speak up, speak out continue to make your voice heard. Trump’s voice may be loud right now, but there is strength—and volume—in numbers.

It’s time to effect change.

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