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Silent Christians Have Helped Destroy Morality in the United States!

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

By MG, Blogger, Constitutional Party of the United States

I usually blog about uniting patriots, history, and the miraculous birth of our nation. One of the great modern miracles in the world, some might even say it makes Rome look like child's play, others may say it makes Babylon look like a city of saints. Both were great empires that lost their values, morals, principles, and most of all, their connection with the almighty himself.

I look around our country and world at the "Christians of Faith," not just of one specific religion but all of them. All who pray to the almighty all worship him no matter the name they call upon him. He is the almighty with many names. God's particular name is not the issue among believers in societies across the world today. It was and remains to be their own silence that has allowed for the corruption and destruction of many great civilizations. The silence made way for God to be stripped from our hearts, minds, thoughts, and homelands for lack of teaching principles and morals.

Our silence as many "Christians" played a hand in the self-destruction of our nation. To try and deny that is to deny yourself the truth. We as Christians have remained silent and complicit to fundamental principles that were abandoned to please a person, group, or foreigners that come to this land, not understanding our own culture and beliefs here in American societies. As believers of faith from all walks of life, we are the majority in this country. We are an extension to a higher being that values life, loves us as children, and gave us our brethren to love and protect.

Some may say it's our nature and not God. However, even our own genetic makeup is more significant than any other known in the solar system at this time. Our own nature gives us the instincts to comprehend that some actions are just wrong and inhumane. Animals in nature even speak up. They shun, express, or discipline when horrific acts are displayed in their pods, herds, or flocks. When scientists do experiments on chimpanzees, as one is pulled from a cage, possibly never to return, the entire group of chimps yell and scream for their companions. The chimps even know what is wrong and right. Has the Planet of the Apes come to play out in our existence? Does the beast of the Earth hold more respect for life and values than that of God's Christian children? If not, why do Christians remain silent and content in the chaos? Why do they wait for God to save those who can not protect themselves and feel silent prayers are the best solution?

Abortions in our societies have become a money racket. We all know that it has nothing to do with the right to choose. If it did, then our right to choose would not be on the table when it comes to the Chinese Plague vaccination. Had Christians took the time to stand and unite as one, abortion and full-term abortion would have never been able to make it profitable for modern medicine.

Decades later, we now have a full-term abortion of American babies. Pharmaceuticals are harvesting their organs, and parts of these aborted babies are used in makeup, drugs, vaccines, and standard products administered by health care officials and corporations alike.

Christians would stand and pray rather than speak up. They're just as at fault for the decline in our society as the rest of those who go clocking in and out as if life has no other purpose. As Christians, we are taught to teach and love in a Christ-like manner. Silence teaches no one anything, and it is not golden. It is not saving any life, and silence only breeds victims, as we can see. Our silence and lack of teaching the right versus the wrong have led us down a" WHAT IS WRONG, NOW IS RIGHT" path.

From science, faith, or natures, we know that aborting a full-term baby on purpose at the whim of wanting is unlawful in nature, immoral and barbaric for modern times. In my teenage years of the later '90s. We fought for the right to have the "morning-after pill" against religious groups. They came out grove loads leading the way against my generation for wanting an OTC pill available to us. For those that don't know, The morning after drug was to terminate pregnancies within 48hrs of conception. Great idea, we all thought. It had so many great points, and it could be used in rape kits for victims of rape or incest if caught within the timeframe. It would be so much less harsh on females than an invasive procedure. It would also help bring the count down on teen pregnancies in the late 90s early 2000. What happened? It wasn't profitable for modern medicine, and we remained silent as more boundaries were crossed over.

What has changed in our society that has caused such drastic compromise and decline in our society's morals? The main problems are citizens place comfort and safety over principles. Corporations place profits over people. All while the majority remain silent to have the ease of therapies, not cures, the safety of rulers law rather than the people's principles, and the luxury of technology for the exchange of compliance. It is time for Christians to be silent no longer. Our country and future depend on our teachings of principles and morals to our societies through actions. We have to maintain a balance and the silence we harbor allows room for tyranny and anarchy to impede on that balance. We, as Christians, have a duty to God and the country just as we are taught no matter the faith we are. We are our brother's keeper, we are the shepherds of the herds, and the faithful are the leaders that bring forth balance to society just as our forefathers did. Christians and believers of the faith, step up its is your time!

Don't get me wrong, many good leaders of faiths do great things in the name of humanitarian efforts. But change starts with us, the believers that will no longer remain silent as our faith is perverted and principles violated to comfort others.


2 Peter 2:1

But false prophets also arose among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Master who bought them, bringing upon themselves swift destruction.

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