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Solving The Election Crime of the Century with a Modern-day "Columbo!"

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

By D.T. Osborn, Contributor

One of my favorite TV series of all time is the iconic detective show "Columbo." One of the more unusual items about "Columbo" is that the viewer saw the crime happen and knew who the murderer was from the start of each episode. The fun part for the viewer, and I relished this, was found in seeing how the main character of police detective Columbo solved the crime and inevitably found the guilty party.

What was equally engaging, if not more so, was the character of Columbo himself, masterfully portrayed by Peter Falk. He was a lovable combination of inquisitiveness, determination, and messiness which cloaked his real genius at finding and piecing together clues that most wouldn't notice at all.

I, and I'm certain many other sofa sleuths, would often try to figure out just when it was our intrepid Lt. Columbo knew the identity of the murderer. Most of the time, this would be revealed toward the conclusion of the episode.

The most consistent factor was that our hero would suspect, if not conclude, who the villain was very early in his investigation, often from a small discrepancy he noticed that others ignored. For example, in one episode, Columbo finds the murderer (played by Robert Conrad) because the manner in which the victim's shoes had been tied at the scene of the crime told him they could not have been tied by the victim himself.

Lindell is a modern-day "Columbo" character

There are some interesting similarities between the "My Pillow" guy and the character of "Columbo." Both are very affable and sincere, as well as thoroughly genuine characters.

Like Lt. Columbo, one feels when hearing Mike Lindell that he has a very disarming manner. Among many things, this indicates that also Columbo-like, Lindell is often underestimated.

To be sure, Lindell's mannerisms and speech are very different from the Peter Falk character. However, his slight mouth twitches and hand movements can be distracting in the same way that Falk's artificial eye was always staring in the same direction when speaking to someone.

However, it is the similarities between their methodologies that are truly fascinating. For, just as when Columbo noticed a seemingly insignificant detail that began his journey to solving the crime, Lindell began a similar journey toward solving the crime of the century.

Like all who witnessed how the election counting was stopped in key' swing states' on the evening of November 3, 2020, and how when it resumed, seemingly insurmountable leads for President Trump were erased literally overnight and Biden "won," Lindell was suspicious. Something was wrong and it compelled him to examine some of the evidence from the 'scene of the crime.'

What he found confirmed in his mind that the media narrative surrounding the 2020 election simply didn't make any sense. One of the most disturbing facts Lindell discovered was the large numbers of illegally cast votes in each of the states where the counting had been stopped and restarted.

To be clear, these were not votes that were disputed but rather discrepancies between the reported vote tallies and the actual voter registration in those states. Discrepancies such as thousands of votes credited to individuals who were not residents of the state.

That discrepancy made Lindell realize that this could not have actually been a crime committed by thousands of people. As he would note during his Cyber Symposium, "10,000 people didn't just say let's go commit election fraud, a federal crime. It had to be done by machines."

What is this "crime of the century" I'm going on about? If the reader hasn't surmised the answer yet, it is the theft of the 2020 United States Presidential election from the American people and President Donald Trump.

Lindell's "Cyber Symposium" has solved the crime and found the perpetrators

It is quite literally impossible for me to describe all that went on during the three-day marathon event that was Mike Lindell's "Cyber Symposium" this past week. For one thing, I wasn't able to view all of it, though I have managed to see most of it either live or through various video clips on rumble.com.

There were four main purposes of this symposium. One was to present the digital and scientific evidence of election fraud Lindell and those who helped him had gathered to independent experts for simple confirmation that this evidence was genuine and that it actually came from the 2020 election.

In order to entice these outside experts to attend, Lindell offered a 5 million dollar challenge. He pledged to award this money to anyone who could prove that his data was not from the 2020 election.

The second purpose was to impress upon the states themselves the seriousness of the threat posed by the theft of the 2020 election. Lindell was successful in gathering representatives or their delegates from all 50 states by the last day of the seminar toward that end.

Moreover, toward that same end, the seminar itself was packed with presentations of additional evidence beyond that of the digital arena. This included evidence from scientific experts in systems analysis, election results analysis, and differential calculus, who established that fraud had occurred.

The third purpose was to identify who was responsible for the crime of the century. This is the area where the evidence from voting machines around the country obtained by Lindell is the most crucial.

According to Lindell's team of cyber experts, the digital evidence reveals not only that the election was hacked through these machines, but where the hacking originated from in the first place. This interference that changed vote totals in the 2020 election came from China.

The following video presentation was repeated several times during the symposium. It doesn't present the technical digital evidence itself, but rather provides evidence that strongly supports the contention that China, in cooperation with the infamous billionaire George Soros, interfered in the 2020 election.

This video served the very important function of providing a motive for the crime as well. Whether a fictional "Columbo" or a real police detective, any good investigator believes in cause and effect.

Thus if there is a crime, there had to be a reason, or cause, to motivate the criminal. The idea of an unmotivated murder or unmotivated crime of the century is absurd.

The digital evidence that Lindell had the experts from around the country come to evaluate is beyond my capability to decipher, but I understand the concept, and it was explained during the seminar. When anything is sent between computers or cell phones or whatever device is used, the information isn't sent as a stream but is sent out in information "packets" that are read at the end.

Lindell said the data he has is a large amount of 'packets' that have been 'captured' in time through digital means from the 2020 elections that identify the IP address of the sender and receiver of the data. He displayed samples of these "p-caps" which ran continuously (and still do) on his platform frankspeech.com.

Though I can't read this evidence, another piece of objective evidence was presented using advanced mathematics that I can grasp a bit better. It was given by physicist Dr. Douglas Frank who used differential calculus to predict the graphed results of the 2020 election by age group in every county in America.

Before I get into the details of how he did this and what it means, I must comment on the role played by Dr. Frank throughout the seminar.

He was perhaps the closest associate of Lindell's and often took the reigns when Lindell needed a break or was working on whatever was coming next. He also helped begin each day's session leading the gathering in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and with a wonderful voice in singing the National Anthem!

Dr. Frank teaches differential calculus, and though I am not versed in that level of math, his personality is such that if I ever took the class, I'd love to have him as my teacher. His enthusiasm for his subject was infectious, as was the enthusiasm of Lindell himself.

Dr. Frank used the available county voter registration data broken down by age, beginning in one county in Pennsylvania, compared it with the 2010 Census breakdown by legal voter age, and used those numbers to predict the 2020 voter breakdown by age accurately in every county in America!

He showed this by his own graphing of the results themselves before he knew the actual numbers once he knew how the 2010 Census was used to fill in the results. That is what explains anomalies such as voting numbers that exceeded the population of a county or thousands of recorded votes from people who had died.

Dr. Frank turned his graph into an algorithm that he has already shown to various state Secretaries of State and successfully predicted the results within their states. He has shown that his algorithm can work in any county of any state, as he states, "that ain't natural."

This conforms completely with the idea that this had to have been done on election night by machines. It simply cannot be that the graph pattern in over 3,000 counties is virtually identical by accident.

It also confirms that in order for this to happen, the voting machines had to be online in some manner, contrary to what the Dominion manufacturers claim. It did happen, as Dr. Frank has shown, and therefore, the machines were accessible online.

It also answers the question of what those who changed voting results knew what to tell the voting tabulator to do. Using Dr. Frank's algorithm, the voting age breakdown can be adjusted to get the desired result no matter how many votes are added or subtracted in the overall total.

The entire process was explained in more detail in a special presentation made earlier this year called "Scientific Proof: Internationally Renowned Scientist Proves 2020 Election was Biggest Cyber-Crime in History" on frankspeech.com.

This alone is extremely convincing evidence of election fraud. The total amount of evidence that was eventually brought forth only supports that claim and the claim that the China-Soros partnership was responsible.

Where do we go from here?

The fourth purpose of the symposium was to provide concrete steps for action in light of the facts presented there. This was accomplished in two ways on the symposium's final day, one planned and the other formed on the spot.

The first way was to instruct the attendees, who consisted of political representatives from many counties and every state in the nation, how they could begin to fight to secure future elections on the local, county, and state levels. This included directions about how to push measures to have the 2020 elections forensically audited in each state, including not only the voting machines but the hand ballots and canvassing the districts to confirm the balloting.

The second, unplanned way of action came from the efforts of the representatives or delegates that came from every state in the country. Led by Rep. Wendy Rogers and a few others, they brought together this group to battle election fraud.

As a result, there is some political machinery in place that will be taken back to the states for action at all political levels within each state and in concert with other states. The key is whether or not these patriotic souls will receive sufficient support at the local, grassroots level to both confirm the 2020 election fraud and, more importantly, secure elections going forward.

Finally, a simple procedure was outlined to actually fix the problems with the voting tabulation system itself. It begins with a very common-sense suggestion, get rid of all the voting machines and use only paper ballots to record the voting!

However, the problem of counting the millions of votes on election day is still there. The solution? Let the ballots be scanned by machines with no possible way to be accessed on the internet and then have the results burned onto a CD that is physically transferred under security to be counted by another scanner.

Thus the machines would only be functional for counting and recording the votes. No votes could be cast with the aid of a machine.

As Lindell was fond of saying during the symposium, we should "meltdown the voting machines and turn them into prison bars" to house the criminals responsible for this grievous attack on America.

However, the implications of the evidence presented at the symposium go beyond simply putting some people in prison, no matter who that may be. It means that, as Steve Bannon pointed out during the event, China has effectively committed an act of war against America which goes along with another such act of war, the creation and unleashing of the Sars-Cov-2 virus, aka COVID-19, upon the world.

This should convince any rational human being that the greatest physical enemy to liberty on the planet is the China-Soros globalist operation. It is a powerful wake-up call to all who will hear that we are at war and we need to act accordingly if we are to save our civilization.

What part any of us can play to enable a victory in this conflict can only be rightly determined first by examining ourselves as individuals and asking the LORD to direct and equip us to fight this battle. However, I do know that we must begin waging this war in the spiritual realm with the confidence that God is in control and that we are on His side.

"For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places." Ephesians 6:12 [ESV]

-D.T. Osborn

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