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Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Promotes Childhood Obesity, BlackRock Inc. is Silent Benefactor

By Madison Blake, American Reveille Writer/Blogger

The newest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover featuring plus-sized model Yumi Nu and transgender model Ariel Nicholson has stirred up mixed reactions on social media. While this is not the first time the magazine has featured plus-sized models in their swimsuit edition in the name of "body positivity," conversely, Victoria's Secret has recently come under fire by modern feminists attacking the brand's more slender, fit models. Caving to the modern feminist's pressure, both companies have undergone woke makeovers to appeal to women of every shape and size. While on the surface this seems to be a good thing; women of all sizes are recognized and celebrated, glamorizing obesity in the name of body positivity is the exact opposite of body positivity. The toxicity of the modern feminist believes that leftist ideologies like body positivity and LGBTQ lifestyles are promoting acceptance and equality for all when in reality, it is just another tactic in the left's war against our children and us. If the child is born, or not aborted, the intention may be to make them fat and sick, dependent on big pharma, or even unable to reproduce while making them feel normal, equal, and included.

The argument that modern-day feminists attempt to make undeniably has some basis of truth. One study from 2003 found that when children and adolescents were exposed to media, they became more likely to suffer from eating disorders and body image issues. Granted, that study was done before social media went mainstream, which has only exasperated body image disorders in teens and children. Additionally, the use of beautifying filters that manipulate facial features is largely ignored. Modern science is only beginning to recognize that social media, in general, is a contributor to mental health and body image disorders. Few studies can be found regarding the use of beauty filters on mental health. While it is important to protect our children from negative body image and eating disorders, promoting obesity by glamorizing overweight bodies is equally, if not more harmful. If young teens and children are so easily influenced by seeing images of fit and thin models that they would strive to look like that, isn't the opposite also true? And if so, couldn't the dots be connected that glamorizing obesity is at least a contributing factor to the sharply rising obesity rates in our children?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), obesity rates in America from 2017 to 2018 were over 42%, with childhood obesity affecting over 14 million kids and teens. To put that in perspective in relation to the 2003 study, from 2003 to 2004, 17.1% of children and 32.2% of adults were overweight or obese. The CDC also notes that medical costs of obesity are nearly $1500 more than the medical costs of people who are not overweight. Medical costs of obesity total more than $147 billion and are expected to increase up to $68 billion within the decade. Obesity related diseases are becoming more prevalent, and sadly, that includes children. Obesity related diseases include type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cancer, joint diseases, sleep apnea, heart disease, and strokes. As a registered nurse, I have personally seen the devastation of the obesity crisis. The time and resources that caring for an obese patient, particularly when bed-bound, are astronomical. Obese patients require specialty beds, lifts, toileting, wheelchairs, walkers, etc. While it is so important to treat obese patients and people the same as we would others, normalizing obesity in the name of inclusion by woke companies fail to show the harsh realities that obesity brings.

With all of this in mind, it seems as though there is no middle ground. We want our children to be healthy, happy, and comfortable in their bodies. We also want our children to live long, healthy lives free from illness and pain. In less than 20 years, the obesity rates in America have increased by about 10%. Transgender ideology is also on the rise, with more and more parents pushing for puberty blockers for their gender-confused kids and teens. The story of Jazz Jennings, one of the pioneers of transgender children, highlights a 100-pound weight gain.

Interestingly, The Mayo Clinic points out that one of the side effects of using puberty blockers is weight gain.While there are no direct scientific correlations between gender-dysphoria treatment, obesity rates, and the media's use of plus-sized and/or transgender models, common sense would ask, what is the link?

Focusing on the two previously mentioned companies alone, let's take a look at the bigger picture. Who owns Sports Illustrated and Victoria's Secret? A quick Google search shows that Authentic Brands Group owns Sports Illustrated, in which the largest shareholder is Black Rock. L Brands owns Victoria's secret, in which The Vanguard Group, Inc. is one of the largest shareholders. As discussed in my Ivermectin article, these are also the two largest investors in nearly every pharmaceutical company, otherwise known as "big pharma." These two companies are also the largest shareholders in a majority of fast and processed food companies like Mcdonald's and Tyson Foods. It is not a coincidence that promoting obesity in the name of "body positivity" coupled with selling toxic food-like products that contribute to obesity provides big pharma a major opportunity to profit. Add to the mix the movement to push puberty blockers onto parents and physicians, produced by big pharma, along with the medications that will be needed to control the illnesses puberty blockers may cause in the future. To put it simply, Black Rock and The Vanguard Group, Inc. are profiting threefold by making Americans fat, sick, and dependent on drugs to keep them alive. Perhaps the most sickening aspect of all is that Black Rock and The Vanguard Group, Inc. have successfully manipulated the narrative convincing modern feminists that they are supporting equity, equality, and body positivity which the left falls for every single time.

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