• Thomas Marlowe

Stranger than Fiction

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

By Thomas Marlowe, Contributor

For those who have been following the election closely…

During the months leading up to the election and the white-hot months after, social media has become a frustrating cesspool of armchair election specialists who use fact-checkers to buttress their counterclaims. "There's not one iota of evidence of election fraud in the 2020 election," pontificated one impassioned Facebook user in response to someone citing election fraud. Many election fraud deniers use the now-famous remarks by Christopher Krebs--"The 2020 election was the most secure in history"--as though they belong in the New Testament alongside the Pauline epistles as the inspired words of Jehovah Himself. However, for most well-read and level-headed people who practice due diligence and common sense, Krebs' firing came a bit too late.

The good news about "experts" of Krebs' ilk is always that they fail upwards. He now has moved to a company position with SolarWinds Orion management software, which was recently hacked by foreign entities infiltrating hundreds of companies' highly sensitive data (including, but not limited to, Dominion Voting Systems, who mysteriously deleted Orion from their website as a designated data manager not long after the hack occurred). Maybe he'll fit right in. The company needs a fresh face, perhaps, who will wash over any scandals with "We are the most secure data management company in America." We now know he has plenty of experience working in a government sinecure position that requires a Colonel Wilhelm Klink approach to any malfeasance: "I see nut-ting; I hear nut-ting!", regardless of what two eyes and a rational mind might tell you.

At the same time, these fact-checkers, faithful to the mainstream media, ignored the words of the Federal Elections Commission Chair Trey Trainor when he opined--mainly because poll watchers were illegally shoved out of the counting rooms in a number of the swing states--that the federal election was "illegitimate." Of course, the quick mainstream media response to such a claim by the FEC chair was to castigate him much the same way the Pharisees and Sadducees did John the Baptist, as a voice crying in the desert.

We see now how such horrors finally consumed Russia during the Bolshevik uprising. Today, the claims from the far left "winners" are eerily similar to those that might have been made by an apparatchik of the early 20th century: "Who cares about video evidence and affidavits! Such remarks are grounds for Hawley and Cruz's removal! They should be disbarred!" Indeed, the Comrades say they love the first amendment and scream "democracy!" and "transparency!"; while calling for dissenters to be removed without impunity.

Video and multiple witnesses testimony apparently doesn't substantiate anything these days. I suppose the thousands of the criminals now serving time convicted on these two evidentiary items (and even less) should be released and compensated for time served. Today, a report from Fox News noted that at the top of the bestseller list is a classic from our high school reading list, Orwell's 1984.

The irony is not lost on this author: A novel about a society governed and brainwashed by the thought police and a state propaganda machine is now the most downloaded and ordered book from a big tech company owned by the most censorial, fascist despot in business, Jeff Bezos. Indeed, Bezos has essentially helped coordinate the censor of millions of voices by ousting Parler from Amazon servers. Parler was just last week the number one downloaded app from Apple and Google, from their data servers.

For the typical American, the dissenting opinion is becoming a "danger zone"--a frame of mind that is quickly being de-platformed and de-legitimized to the point of jeopardizing friendships, reputations, and, more frighteningly, careers.

Most pundits who dismiss voter fraud claims pretend as though it's an excuse by the conservative American voter base to explain away the monumental loss. The inference is that we're just sore losers, and "voter fraud" becomes the easiest way to enter into our brief period of denial. Sadly, these pundits are the ones in denial, and the reality will linger much longer than they are hoping it will. Plenty of politicians and experts from both sides of the aisle raised red flags long before the election. Voter fraud and election malfeasance were of great concern not only to the president, but also to many experts in the days leading up to November 3.

Peter Dizikes expressed concerns in MIT News back on October 19, 2020, about the election. He highlighted a study by MIT professor Charles Stewart, who said mail-in ballots always set the stage for "lost votes." The estimate in the study reflects that about "1.4 million votes, or 1 percent of all votes cast," are not even counted.

Given the five swing states really boil down to five swing counties with democratic cities notorious for fraudulent elections, this would lead to totals that would have been enough to overturn the electoral results by a healthy margin with tens of thousands of votes to spare for Donald Trump. Note the Dominion "glitch" in Antrim County, Michigan. The forensic recounts of the tiny sample in Arizona were both in Biden's favor (funny how that works). Without signature verification or chain of custody rules enforced, ballots could have come from anywhere.

The mere fact that election officials in Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania did their best to delay or stay in compliance with recount orders while judges enforced gag orders is bad enough. How about blocking those performing forensic analysis of voting machines and their servers? This becomes a telltale sign that something was amiss at the highest level. In short, they tried very hard to hide "not one iota of evidence."

For those uncertain or still skeptical that voter fraud could have actually decided the outcome of this historically important election, there are places to start your journey to finding the truth of the matter--that without an exhaustive, bipartisan forensic analysis of every mail-in ballot, those that were counted were counted de facto, far outside the respective election laws of each swing state. Indeed, the legislature's spoke, but they spoke too late. Oddly, that shouldn't matter.

What should have mattered is the Pennsylvania legislators' letter to Mike Pence asking for a ten-day stay on the electoral count until lawmakers could find an explanation for the 200,000 "ghost" ballots that appeared in the final tallies. The Georgia Senate Judiciary Committee's recommendation to rescind the electors for Biden until a thorough forensic analysis of the ballots should have mattered. The Wisconsin Supreme Court decision that tossed out 200,000 ballots illegally counted as "indefinitely confined" should have mattered (most of those were from democratic counties and Trump was only down by about 20,000 votes). The Michigan poll-watchers should have mattered, who were jeered out of the counting rooms while eyewitnesses under contract for Dominion watched counters feed batches of the same ballots through machines multiple times...all night long. The list goes on and on.

The bottom line, state and federal judges, along with the Supreme Court, threw out dozens upon dozens of voter fraud cases for procedural reasons rather than evidentiary reasons. The bureaucracy's refusal to hear evidence in every swing state allowed them to hold the line with plausible deniability: "Nothing to see here. Move along."

What's more, no one was asking for the election to be automatically overturned. Not even the most ardent Trump supporters called for a guaranteed second term for Donald Trump. Rather, voters were calling for a fair and transparent accounting of all the paper ballots that arrived through the mail. They simply wanted to make sure they belonged to legally registered voters in the states where the votes were counted.

The fact is, at this point, no one is able, or willing, to give 75 plus million Americans that kind of assurance--not the mainstream media, not the secretaries of State, not the governors, not the poll watchers, not the county election officials, and certainly not the ecstatic never-Trumpers on Facebook or Twitter.

Those same 75 million Americans also have an inkling feeling that this time, our elected officials in DC won't be investigating voter fraud and foreign interference to the tune of 35 million dollars. The investigation of 2016 resulted in three years worth of monotonous hearings and empty results. This time, perhaps they are afraid of an investigation. Maybe the result would send people to jail for election fraud and conspiracy against the United States Government. I have a strong feeling that a Biden administration will let sleeping dogs lie when it comes to election irregularities in the 2020 race. The only hope would be to have the DOJ to appoint a special counsel to look into the matter so that justice can be done.


For those interested in foreign interference, election malfeasance, and voter fraud in the 2020 US election between Joe Biden and Donald J. Trump, the links below will get you started. The first links will offer an overview and each link leads to deeper dives. These sources are just the tip of the iceberg:

The Navarro Reports, by Dr. Peter K. Navarro: The Art of the Steal, The Grand Deception, and the most recent 3rd report released:


The Dominion Voting Systems Operating Manual: If you read the entire manual for server and machine capabilities, you will find several very good reasons why Texas, for example, and other states refused the software because of its vulnerabilities. Not only are they internet-connected during voting and counting, but there are specific features of the software that allow an "adjudicator" to switch votes with an overlay function (see page 128, Section, "Choices"). Keep in the mind that in the two counties in Michigan and Arizona where machine analyses were allowed, the error rate was set at 70%. The FEC allows an error rate threshold of only less than 1%. This means that 70% of the votes cast in these counties were administratively--behind closed doors--adjudicated at the discretion of an election official:


Sidney Powell's various court filings and 270-page report with SEC filings, affidavits, and government reports, and her links to all court petitions currently in play, with sworn affidavits and other testimony:

1. https://defendingtherepublic.org

a. Sidney Powell AZ Court Filings (7 Listed)


b. Sidney Powell Georgia Court Filings (District 80 Plus Files and 11th District 4 Files)


c. Sidney Powell Michigan Court Filings (62 Files)


d. Allied Operations Group Michigan Preliminary Forensics Report


e. Sidney Powell Wisconsin Court Filings (60 Files)


f. Sidney Powell Breaking Supercomputer in Italy Military Altered Election Results in 17 States


2. https://wpcdn.zenger.news/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/24190822/2020-12-23-Sidney-Powell-Team-Binder-ZENGER-NEWS.pdf: 270 Page report.

Georgia: Senate Judiciary Committee Recommends Rescinding Electors

-- https://tennesseestar.com/2020/12/22/georgia-state-senate-report-election-results-are-untrustworthy-certification-should-be-rescinded/

Pennsylvania, Arizona, Michigan, Georgia, and Wisconsin Letter to Vice President Pence requesting a stay on January 6, 2020 elector certification:

-- https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2021/01/05/88-state-legislators-ask-vp-pence-to-postpone-opening-and-counting-of-the-electoral-votes-for-at-least-10-days/

Court Filings and suit tracking. Note that no decisions to date have taken place as a result of evidence or rule-of-law. All dismissals and decisions were based on standing, time of filing, or jurisdiction:

-- https://www.scotusblog.com/election-litigation/

Jovan Pulitzer Explains How Technology Was Used To Commit Election Fraud


Expert Witness Hacks Georgia Runoff Election System Video During Georgia Hearing


Rudy Giuliani Video Discovery: 68% Error Rate in Votes Proves Intentional Fraud

-- https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=147&v=UUtmBrgIC9w&feature=youtu.be

The Link Between Dominion, Sequoia, Smartmatic, and CCP Article (GNews Canada). Founded in Venezuela in 1997 by a team of three engineers – Antonio Mugica, Alfredo José Anzola, and Roger Piñate, Smartmatic specializes in the design and end-to-end deployment of technology solutions for specific applications.

-- https://gnews.org/577635/

Colonel Phil Waldron's research and testimony outlining foreign interference in the 2020 Election goaded legislatures' imperatives to delay Jan. 6th certification--ignored by congress, some of whom have vested capital interest in Dominion Voting Systems:



*All video footage of election hearings before state legislatures are still available on YoutTube, although Rumble will prove a much easier search since the footage, particularly the Georgia footage of fraud in action, hasn't been shadow-banned there.


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