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Students Think Frosty the Snowman Isn't Gender Inclusive, Needs Carrot Weiner

By James Lane, Owner @ American Reveille

Look out, Frosty may be canceled soon! Apparently students think that Frosty isn't gender inclusive enough. Do we need a female Frosty? A non-binary Frosty? How about none of the above? I talk about this and more.



Audio Only - Episode 182: The Super Inspirational and Uncensored Christmas Special


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Generated Transcript:

We want to be fun we want to be good but how can we how can kids be on the not naughty list? How can kids be innocent anymore when they've been poisoned by things like CNN by brainwashed parents by organizations that don't understand what it is to just let kids be kids because now now we got to see that students all agree across the land that Frosty the Snowman alright, we it could be frosty it could be what's that fucking snow man's name from Frozen? What the hell is his name? I know he dies anyway. I forgot any snowman name your snowman pick your famous snowman frosty is the only one I really know about besides the one from Frozen. Students agree Frosty the Snowman not gender include do we got to put a big carrot caulk? On Frosty the Snowman? Do we got to put a carrot? Do we got to get a littler carrot for his nose and a bigger carrot for down there since porns poisoning the minds of young people they expect Frosty the Snowman to have a big old giant you know what? So maybe we got to do that we got to get a Christmas cucumber for frosty campus reforms Logan doable. You like that transition Eat your heart out Ben Shapiro. Logan doable went to the University of Pittsburgh to ask students about whether or not the classic Christmas song for us the the snowman is inclusive enough as the song assumes for us these pronouns without taking into account the snowman could be gender non binary it's a fucking snowman. It's magic Christmas spirit imbued in a body made of rolled snow. What? Alright, we got to get Frosty the biggest Christmas cucumber ever with the Christmas season coming up. There are a lot of Christmas songs out there that people have said to be non inclusive. The songs may also be offensive doable told students before asking if they believe the song quote, leaves out the possibility for frosty to identify as a woman or non binary your science is fucked. It's incorrect. I don't give a shit what you identify us. It doesn't exist. We don't live in Narnia. This isn't fairytale land. This isn't frozen. No, no. Okay, just know. Now I know you're my true north cuz I'm lost in the hood. Oh, shit. I'm lost. Okay, nevermind. The majority of students agreed that the songs failed to be gender inclusive quote. I haven't thought of that. But I definitely do agree look at that implanting these thoughts and young, vulnerable students just ready to be brainwashed since they never grew up with any responsibility or anybody telling them that life was hard and that they had to fight for things. No, they got trophies for everything. They were told that everything would be easy, and now they're in college. gendering snowmen, that's what we pay the 10s of 1000s of dollars for our kids to go to college for to gender Frosty the Snowman, quote, I guess it could be seen that way. They can make a different version of the song. Another student said, saying saying man versus women can definitely exclude people know everybody's different. Alright, and men and women have very different things about them that are biological, that are ingrained in them. I don't give a crap if you identify as a female ferret mixed with a pineapple. If you're a man, you have male tendencies. If you're a woman, you have women tendencies. And if you don't agree with those, and you fight them, that's fine. But I know and you know that deep down at three in the morning, when you're up and you're all alone, and your thoughts are running, and you're wondering what you're doing with your life, you're truly unhappy. You're truly miserable. You're truly unsupported, which is why you made your decisions in the first place. You see, we've studied the science and yours, your version, it just doesn't ring out. Okay, it doesn't bring out quote, I guess I can see how people might be offended by a snowman not being inclusive. But personally, it's not a very big issue. I can't see why anybody can be offended. The beautiful thing about America Alright, the beautiful thing about America is that I could stay on my place you could stay in your place. We could believe two different things. You could fuck your side fuck myself. Who cares? Go fuck yourself. Right? But stay off my lawn. That's the beautiful thing as as simple as I just put it as ridiculous and simple and blown up and ranty as I just put it, that's as simple as it is. You stay there I stay here you do your thing. I do my thing. Merry Christmas. That's what it is. But no, we're having to shove down our throats. Alright, we're having this shoved down our throats and up our asses. It's worldwide. Why the fuck should anybody care about what's happening with a snowman pecker? Alright, snowman didn't even have peckers till this article, but no, no. You see the world is shoving it down our throat the world

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

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