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Teachers Unions Have Destroyed the American Public School System

MG, Contributor, Constitutional Party of the United States

The National Education Association (NEA) was founded in 1857. It was established to help ensure the general public's education. And they did until the 1960s, when they teamed up with the teacher's unions and became the first educational organization with a political action committee. In other words, a super PAC for the teacher's unions and their democratic agenda. This is where the start of our educational system turned into a political weapon and got the ball rolling for the future heist of a nation. But, unfortunately, this is where the indoctrination camps started, and education started failing to secure the future generations in this country.

Before the infiltration by the teachers union, the NEA stressed its motto. It stressed that it was an association, referring to professional negotiations, rather than collective bargaining." Well, we all know that motto was abandoned the moment the unions infiltrated the system, and just like all unions, all they did was bargain. Like the mafia, they still do this to this day. They only bargain for what they want instead of what is best for our children and country.

The NEA did a fine job of protecting and reviving the educational system without the help of the unions. Still, the unions handed everything over to political parties and helped plan the agenda to indoctrinate the youth and vilify our forefathers. The teacher's unions and the NEA have abandoned all principles on which their organizations and this country were founded. Teachers today have little to no virtue and, more often than not, fewer morals than a heroin addict, especially when it comes to the ideology that they shove down our children's throats and then try to justify. They teach feelings, compassion, and opinions versus facts, critical and logical thinking skills.

Unions and their history are double-edged swords; making their debut in 1916, the teacher union started out for fair wages and rights but had another hidden agenda that we are now seeing today. They wanted to insert their own ideas and ideologies that they thought would benefit our youth while in the educational system. It worked out quite well for them and not to mention, It's been extremely profitable. They have become more powerful than the National Education Association, FOUNDED IN 1857.

While they once served an excellent purpose, teachers' unions today have become political powerhouses and influence the choice of our leaders. Fox News reported that Joe Biden received more money from teachers unions than any other candidate in 2020

Today unions have more power than most county boards and city mayors. They are not checked or ran by anyone other than the union themselves. Teacher's unions have become more powerful than even the labor unions stacking in almost 30 million dollars a year. They lobby for laws and policies that benefit political agendas and strive to indoctrinate the youth through the teacher's unions and the indoctrination training they enforce. One example of this is so far out there Democrats won't even look at their plan.

The American Federation for Teachers voted at their bi-annual convention of 2020 to support the Green new deal, increased tax rates to 70 and 80%, and a single-payer health program. They have become so influential on the political spectrum that even presidents cater to their whims. A teacher that doesn't want to be a part of the union is now forced to pay their dues because the teachers union has become demanding on teachers as well; in many cases, teachers are forced to pay dues to local unions if they want a job. Unions should be protecting teachers, not forcing them to be part of the team. The teacher's unions have played a chess game for over 100 years; they work hand in hand with and are controlled by the Democratic party.

According to opensecrets.org, 94% of teacher's unions donate to the DNC. Teacher's unions have steadily amped up their political involvement: From 2004 to 2016, their donations grew from $4.3 million to more than $32 million -- an all-time high. Even more than most labor unions, they have little use for Republicans, giving Democrats at least 94 percent of the funds they contributed to candidates and parties since as far back as 1990, where our data begins.

Unions have now become endless money pits to society and a weapon for politicians. Teachers can abuse children, humiliate them and their parents; they can override school policy and bypass state and county laws in many cases. They can do all this and still get paid because they have a union with a mafia-like mentality running the show behind closed doors with political leaders. Parents have lost all rights to their children in many of these indoctrination camps we call schools today. As I have researched, once your child is on school property, they have been deemed school property.

As I researched the information for this article, I found myself getting more involved locally with my own school board, local schools and asking teachers about the unions. I spent much of the summer and many days during the weeks after school, starting at rallies and protests outside different county school boards across my state. Many teachers don't think the union does enough for them and focuses on pleasing the political talking heads first. Many teachers know the union is not for them or our children. The teachers union is about influencing the agenda of politics.

Many teachers in my local community stand with the parents and our right to raise our own children. However, the vocal ones I found didn't outnumber the compliant and complicit ones. I saw so many kids whose parents couldn't or didn't know how to fight for them. So I decided to get more involved; I joined local moms and patriot organizations to rally and demand that our children not be forced. I did rally after rally with them, and then I started noticing something strange. Many of the parents wouldn't do anything but rally, and they would only rally outside the school boards. Many of the parents didn't want to walk around the district and gain the signatures we needed to remove the board members. Many of the parents felt that was all they needed to do was stand and protest.

I started realizing where the problem was. The issue is that parents will do nothing until it affects their child directly, and even then, they still limit the action they take to stand up for their children's rights. Many parents think that taking their child out of school will eliminate this issue. In fact, all they are doing is making room for all the illegal DACA kids flowing in over the border, not to mention they still have to pay taxes in their local community for the school their child no longer attends.

So who are they really hurting? They are hurting their own community by removing their children. They are making room for foreign children to reap the rewards of our community and their taxes.

As parents, we trusted that our children were being educated, not indoctrinated. Now, we've birthed an entire generation of ignorance within one generation. A generation that believes socialism is the key to happiness, an era that vilifies our founders and shames our birthing as a nation but yet they bathe in luxury that our country provided through bloodshed, sacrifice, and innovation. A generation that can justify killing babies and the harvesting of their organs. All of this because we lost control over our educational system and allowed decades of ignorance to keep population and building on a specific agenda.

We talk about taking it back, and we talk about where we go one, we go all. Stop talking so much!!! Start taking it back now; we all need to go and take back our schools from unions AS ONE PEOPLE UNITED and agree that they need to be removed from the schools for good. The educational system needs to be reformed, and union partnerships desperately need to be removed from all federal programs. We are the parents of the children, and we can make the change by choosing the leaders who will rid us of the union rule in our society.

Virtuous leaders would agree that the unions have become political weapons and all union contracts should be terminated and never renewed.

We as parents need to be more innovative and realize it's our fight now and if not, it will be our children's fight later in the future. We can't leave our battles for our children to fight, we can't leave our mistakes for them to fix, and we can't remove the problem for a few and think it will do enough to make a change for the many. If we really want to make a change in our nation, we must start at the educational level locally. We need virtuous leaders in school board positions. We need parents that will walk the miles to remove those who violate our rights, responsible citizens who will do their research before checking that box and elect an official they nothing about.

We need kids that will not comply because it's the right thing to do. We need parents to stand up and make the necessary change. We need organizations that are not just out to make a name for themselves or profit.

We need citizens who give an actual f*ck for all of our children's future, not just their own!


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