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Teen Vogue - The Marxist Mind Melting Magazine, for Kids! (Clip)

By James Lane, host, American Reveille Podcast

Teen Vogue Magazine is teaching your children to hate you, hate themselves, and hate their country. What I am about to read to you will chill you to the bones. Dont believe me? See for yourself...

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Generated Transcript:

Teen Vogue magazine you remember Teen Vogue guys, Teen Vogue, regardless of what it used to be, is now a socialist propaganda machine made to convince gullible young people to join the revolution. And unfortunately, folks, I'm not talking about Purple Rain. No my friends while the United States gets weaker, and our enemy has contemplate banding together to destroy us all. Teen Vogue is focused on woke racism, and more psychobabble, check this one out from Joshua Klein on Breitbart. Teen Vogue, urges Biden to transform white men's fed for bipoc community's economic progress. The Federal Reserve is quote, the brainchild of six white men, which favors corporate america and Wall Street quote, instead of for struggling workers, and President Biden should radically transform the institution into a force fighting climate change, fighting for climate change. And for the bipoc black, indigenous and other people of color communities economic progress, if you really intends to build back better, according to an op ed, published in Teen Vogue on Tuesday. My God, why is this in Teen Vogue? Why do teens Why do kids have to deal with this? Why do I have to listen to people like Greta thunberg say bla bla bla bla bla bla bla, instead of actually having a thought in their head, that means something? Why do they have to keep coming after our children? The woke poison is right here. This woke poison is unmistakable. And you're gonna see the key tenants of it in this article in the essay titled quote, what is the Federal Reserve? And why does it matter? political director of the Action Center on race and the economy of assuta de seacon. And public citizen, senior climate finance policy adviser Tracy Lewis, argue that the Federal Reserve should be radically transformed into an institutional force for economic progress. You see, economic progress sounds great, but they change the definitions. progress to them, economically means socialism means all of us make the same and stay at the same wages and do exactly what we're told you notice these people's jobs, you notice that this group of jobs have just seemed to appear, even though they were always here in the background? Look, look how long this is. This is the political director of the Action Center on race and the economy. That's 11 words in vishuddha, his job title, and public citizen senior climate finance policy advisor that's seven words in Tracy lewis's job title, how many words are in your job title? Do you know what I've noticed in my life and I've seen in my career, the more words you have in your job title, the more your job is full of and made of b. s. bs job titles require lots of words, folks, the op ed begins by asking readers to imagine cities purchasing and renting out vacant homes to communities at a reasonable price, retrofitting local infantry infrastructure to protect from future flooding, and safeguarding collective physical safety and economic wellness because the government chooses to prioritize us over Wall Street, you hear the keywords their collective, right, collective reasonable price, vacant homes to communities. They're trying to bunch people up in their own groups, ladies and gentlemen, it's all a part of socialism. It's all a part of socialism, quote, this is not an impossible dream. And we're not actually that far from its reality. The essay says, and the essay is not wrong. They're not wrong. They almost got through the $3.5 trillion social infrastructure deal that would Usher forward a future of psychotic socialist spending in this country. All right, it would literally open the door for this to become a reality. We've stalled it for now. But we still have work to do. We still have work to do. And that's for another podcast, another article, and another time, all right, urging President Biden to garner courage to seize the moment and utilize the opportunity to transform the Federal Reserve into an institutional force for economic progress for bipoc communities. When choosing its next chair. The two claimed his upcoming decision could shape his legacy as a champion for racial justice thinking Key word, racial justice. It doesn't mean what it sounds like folks referring to the Fed as the brainchild of six white men, the essay claims little has changed regarding its leadership since more than 100 years later, not much seems to have changed with its leadership. The current fed board is entirely white majority republican and has a deep history in the private sector. I just want you to ask yourself, all right, what conservatives, what republicans stand for financially, and what democrats stand for financially, one argues again, and again and again and again and again about responsible spending, as I'm sure you know, and it's something we need with inflation going through the roof. You know how hard it is right now to buy and to survive. While democrats want to spend, spend, spend, spend spend, which is what you see right now, from Biden, his administration and the democrat house. And that is why you see them fail. It is not a policy that is sustainable in the United States of America. It's not, but that is what Teen Vogue wants. That's what the socialist wants. That's what the radical left one. That's what the progressive elites want, spend, and extract the wealth from the backs of the American people, while disguising it as help for the American people while describing it as compassion while describing it as racial justice as racial justice. It's no wonder Excuse me. it's little wonder then that the Federal Reserve has repeatedly used its massive toolbox to favor corporate america and Wall Street instead of for struggling workers, climate justice, or municipalities. It continues. I think climate justice is BS. It's a made up of climate justice. We have to form the climate police. We have to get those climate bad guys. I know what we can do. We need somebody quick, somebody go get me the script for the original Captain Planet cartoon we have worked to do, folks, it's ridiculous. It's absolutely ridiculous climate justice tree equity folks tree equity. It then accuses today's fed of propping up corporate america while the COVID pandemic further devastates black and brown communities. Though the Fed has extraordinary authority, and that's always what the left the progressives the socialists, that's always what they scream for. That's what Teen Vogue is screaming for. They say it refuses to use its power to do more good because of the current chair Jerome Powell and his history quote before coming to the Fed, pal, who you can see in this picture, right here was a partner at the Carlyle Group, a private equity firm known for buying up companies and making them profitable by laying off workers and breaking up unions. It reads, I don't know if you knew this, ladies and gentlemen, but you can be a worker, you can have a company, you can even work together with other people and you can do it without a union. When corporate profitability profitability is placed above the needs of the worker, inequality thrives. There's another key word they love using it inequality. It continues, claiming that pals 10 year sub bank merger surge, as many COVID hit majority black cities were left out of a direct lending program from the Fed that didn't appear to adequately account for which municipalities needed the most help. The NSA then accuses the Fed of practices which deepen racial and economic disparities. And what I'll add to this is that wokeness wokeness itself, this cry for racial justice, under the guise of doing something good while truly enacting socialist policies. That is what's actually creating racial and economic disparities in this country. Quote, federal aid funded programs that were meant to uplift small businesses and protect vulnerable workers were exploited by large companies and have clubby relationships with national banks. They have clubby relationships with national banks, the Fed didn't and doesn't do enough to regulate those relationships. This is how generational racial and economic disparities deepen. But where does it begin, folks? Where does it begin? It begins in school, what are we teaching our children and you know exactly what public schools are teaching our children, suggesting climate change will only make these disparities worse, the essay slams the Fed for inadequate action on climate change under Powell, and for only recently taking baby steps to address it, quote, before the 2008 the Fed failed to take speculative mortgages. By big banks seriously. And now it is not doing enough to stop the financing of fossil fuels, which are decimating our planet the to right. And the other day, I just remembered this and I want you to know this, they asked jen pysanky directly, if Biden is still planning on getting rid of fossil fuels have not given government money to companies going after the fossil fuels, fueling our country, keeping our electricity on line, you know, all that good stuff that they want to replace with windmills that are going to cause blackouts in this entire frickin country and use even more fossil fuels to build. They asked the Sakhi if Biden still plans to defund fossil fuels, and she unequivocally told them, his agenda from the beginning was as such, and he continues to strive to do so he is still looking to destroy oil in the United States is still looking to do that. I just wanted to add that in there. It says it feels like our government has learned nothing from the Great Recession. It says that right there. Although they're manipulating the facts for their own Marxist gain, the to claim their only hope, or life jacket in this endless sea of troubles. And I'll add that it's created by the left is the future appointment of women leaders. I say it's the future appointment of the most qualified candidate to do the job, not start the revolution. What gives us hope, is thinking about the women who could potentially take over as leaders of the Federal Reserve and shape it as a real force for racial and climate justice they write has nothing to do with what the Federal Reserve does. we're most excited about Lisa cook, a Michigan State University economist, of course, focused on Black Economic History. And Sarah bloom Raskin, a lawyer and former fed governor who has been sounding the alarm on climate change, how's this help our economy, calling them leaders with the creativity and willingness See, that's what they disguise destruction with creativity. They want somebody to come in and blow up the system. And they're going to call that creativity and willingness the will to rebuild something psychotic on top of the old system to center economic policymaking on communities that are still reeling from 2008 and are on the frontlines of climate change. The to conclude by arguing that appointing such women leaders would be the President's chance to truly build back better. If President Biden really wants to build back better, he'll take this opportunity to shape the fed into a force for justice for Americans who've been excluded for too long. A federal reserve that works for all of us they right. In August, Teen Vogue urged its young readers to mobilize see the radicalizing kids to mobilize towards building a socialist future ding ding, ding fire alarms going off don't have to really dig too much deeper than that, guys. It says they also stated they want to shift the tide in favor of socialism, describing it as quote the only system that will guarantee us as a livable planet and life unburdened from economic exploitation, crushing debt, and racial castes while claiming there is no future for us under capitalism Don't you love it? When all of the the the people least a lot of them who knew about socialism, they die and then a bunch of young kids are sold a stupid story by a bunch of liars. And now they all want to freakin be socialists because you know, 100 million plus dead people around the world doesn't mean anything. It's not true. Remember, the Holocaust isn't real. AOC cried. She cried when they struck down her defunding of the Iron Dome. In Israel. Folks, this is a new world. This is a new country, a country full of people that hate it, a country that want to see it die. It says right here, quote at its core, this is what they believe this is what they posted for our kids. This is what they posted in Teen Vogue at its core, America's values or white supremacy and capitalism. That is true, no matter who has been in office. That is what they believe that is what they're selling the children across the United States and across the world, that our country is evil, that our country is racist, that white people are evil. I don't know about you, but that sounds very, very familiar to other groups in history. That sounds very familiar. And it's dancing on dangerous, dangerous grounds. Dangerous grounds. Ladies and gentlemen, you heard that last line didn't you? America's values at its core, America's values are white supremacy and capitalism. Let me say that again. In case you didn't hear me at its core, this was the last line in the article. America's values are white supremacy, and capitalism. This is psychology one on one. They're literally conditioning people to associate white supremacy with capitalism. They're teaching our kids that our current way of life is evil. Why? Why would they teach our kids to hate our country by lying about capitalism? Well, it's a super simple answer. Many of the people in power today, people you've never even heard of. They're socialists. They're socialists. And you might ask, Is this real? How did this happen? How did this happen? James? Well, I'll tell you, I'll tell you exactly how this happened. There were protesters, there were protesters in the 1960s. They grew up on this, they've always been radicals. And now they run the show. Plain and simple. They run the show, end of story, pass the ketchup, don't pass go don't collect $200. They are at the highest levels of government, technology, business, media, education and industry.

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