• Bryan Cornitius

Texas Should Declare Independence!

By Bryan Cornitius, Independent Contributor

The irony is, of course, that the State of Texas is in the same place as America was at its beginning. I'm extremely proud to be a Texan.... and still proud to be an American.

The Colonists would go over to England and tell them that the situation had become intolerable. That they could not take any more of the tyranny. They would be summarily rebuked and told to return to their farms. The aristocratic elite of England refused the people their liberty until the American people demanded it.

Now the people of Texas have for some time desired to be a free and independent republic. We have made our voice heard that we have been denied our freedom guaranteed in the United States Constitution. Only to be mocked and ridiculed like the Colonists.

The good people of America and Texas have sought for so long to change this corrupt and broken system with their vote. But after this last election, it is clear that that is no longer an option.

The red stripes on our flag are a symbol of the resolve of the American people. It is indeed our heritage as Americans to show that same resolve now in the face of tyranny.

I ask my fellow Texans is it not now our allotted time to stand for freedom? I ask my fellow Americans, is not the divine hour of truth at hand?...is it not fate that we should resist tyranny? I ask you, my fellow countrymen, will we allow these people to remove the red stripes from our flag?

In my opinion, the state of Texas will inevitably SECEDE, and I truly don't see any other way. The level of corruption is so astounding that the only path to take is the same path as the first Americans.

I believe it is time we declared our independence and demanded our re-established God-given Bill of Rights. These individuals pursuing our enslavement have greatly underestimated the resolve of the people of Texas to preserve, protect and defend the United States Constitution. We must also print our own currency in order to avoid becoming slaves to this one-world government.

My prayer is that every Texan would be emboldened in this, our time of destiny and that we would proclaim together with one voice we will not be slaves to this one-world government! No, we will not be slaves!


In times of such apparent Treason and Government Tyranny, it is the duty of every God-fearing Texan to stand up and fight back!

Due to the overwhelming evidence of corruption and treason, the State of Texas is forced to declare its independence.

The state of Texas declares its rights found in the United States Constitution to throw off the shackles of this corrupt government and declare itself free and independent from that government in Washington DC.

We, the people of Texas, demand our re-established God-given Bill of Rights found in the United States Constitution.


$1- Stephen F Austin

$5- Sam McCulloch Jr

$10- Lorenzo De Zavala

$20- Juan Seguin

$50- Mirabeau B Lamar

$100- Quanah Parker

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