• Bryan Cornitius

Texas Should Order Capital Punishment for Pedophiles!

Updated: Sep 3

By Bryan Cornitius, Blogger/Writer

For far too long the plague of pedophilia has been allowed to exist in the state of Texas. In my opinion, the penalty for pedophilia should be capital punishment.

Pedophilia is a cancer to our society and leaves the population demoralized and afraid.

Children and their parents are left in constant paranoia knowing these predators walk among us. We have allowed a tolerance for this disgusting and evil behavior to exist for too long. In the state of Texas, we have seen enough!

We must do whatever it takes to protect our children from these monsters. Justifiable and legal execution should be allowed to defend the most vulnerable in our society from these pedophiles.

Even prison gangs understand what needs to be done with pedophiles. How is it that prison gangs have more of a moral compass on this issue than the current society at large?

Texas must pass legislation that would result in these pedophiles facing the harshest punishment, which they so rightfully deserve. By not taking the necessary action to dispatch this threat to our children, we have created a system that protects pedophiles and allows them to victimize more innocent children.

The system we have now has created a perpetual crisis. The unfortunate truth is that we have failed our children by allowing pedophiles to exist.

The pedophilia scourge has slowly been normalized in the United States of America. This problem reaches the upper echelon of this country. While other states look to justify this absolute depravity, the state of Texas must take decisive action.

We must eradicate pedophilia from the state of Texas. It must be known that if you are a child predator in the state of Texas, you will pay the ultimate price!

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