• Kandice Cox

Why we need(ed) Joe Biden

By Kandice Cox, Blogger/Writer

As stated before, I am absolutely extraordinary at being mediocre, in the middle, and an almost perfect mean. From this standpoint, I want to share my view and why I think we need(ed) Biden.

Looking at history, we see a cycle of brutality and competition leading to times of darkness, suffering, pain and little advancements in the areas of arts and sciences. Then, invariably, comes a golden age of enlightenment. There are huge gains in human empathy and philosophy, as well as advances in general and public education, leading to more and more available scientific minds. This trends humanity towards more comfortable and compassionate eras. And on and on, the cycle seems to go. But what keeps this perpetual cycle of time rotating in this manner? I see it as what happens in the in-between.

The in-between is where the people of the world move in the direction of either perceived positives such as inclusivity, fairness, just law, education, sciences, arts, and all the discoveries that lead to a much brighter future. Or it moves us to the perceived negatives of humanity, such as dominion, exclusion, obsessions, brutality, ignorance and other trends toward the future without light. It is in this area of the cycle that I see we all are currently existing together.

The mechanism that moves our direction from this point forward is how we react to the naturally occurring events and consequences of generations heading on the downside of the highest point in the current "golden age" of this cycle of history. What that means is we're trending straight down into a dark age. And while our scientists, and those with the largest IQs, are lobbing spaceships at asteroids, and while God is laughing at our puny arms and legs and what little strength we truly have, it's up to us in the mainstream to figure out how to direct the cycle now. And when that effort eventually fails, to hope to save as many who love the light as possible from this downfall into darkness.

"What about Biden in all of this," you say? I'm getting there, I promise.

The mechanism of movement is, again, how we react to generations of events of consequences… See, as we evolve over time, trending upward towards the highest point of a golden age, humanity softens. We embrace people as they are and say anyone can be anything. We begin to lift up the most inappropriate people into positions they are not genuinely trained or skilled in an effort of inclusivity and "fairness." We start to say competition doesn't matter, then we turn that into saying everybody always wins. In a true effort of "love your brother and sister" with connectivity born from generational strife and tragedy, ironically, greed always slips in. Sound familiar yet?

So, Biden… The way I see it, he's a blessing. He's a canary in a coal mine that can open our eyes and save the day! See, usually in history, you get the cunning and vile brutal person who takes and drives the cycle forward into darkness faster than it can be reflected on or people can start to comprehend. But every now and then, there have been these imbeciles who have shown us an "alternative and more enlightened way," but we're only (maybe) now evolved enough, or been given enough time to see it.

With enough proper vision, I'm hopeful we can mitigate the damages of this all-around participation trophy winner (and friends) and gain the ability to stop the downward spin. It's time we stop shooting ourselves in the foot. It's time we break the cycle.

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