• Thomas Marlowe

The Corruption MUST END!

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

By Thomas Marlowe, Contributor

Even with the brilliant angle Texas AG Paxton used to petition SCOTUS for relief from what was convincingly the most blatant setup and steal of a presidential election in all of history, the Texas Ace-in-the-hole, with the backing of the states and legislatures, was a longshot. However, let us not retreat too quickly from the blow. We must press onward as did Washington across the Potomac. In the face of yet another defeat, we have learned something that should guide our purpose heretofore with even more resolve: There is no room in Washington for a President of the People.

The message from the DOJ, FBI, CIA, Democrats and RINOs, and even SCOTUS members rings clear now: if you're not invited to the party here in the elitists' camp of partisan politics and swamp ridden bureaucracies, we'll find a way to kick you out, even if it means playing dirty. Washington seems to collectively hate Americans, especially those Americans. Americans who believe in the rule of law and the ideas asserted the Declaration of Independence. Ideas framed in the Constitution of the United States of America.


Because it affirms that the ruling power of our government is derived from the people. The elites govern ONLY by the consent of the governed. Trump reminds them every day of that; he constantly bursts the bubbles of reality that they have constructed with twisted and sick delusions of grandeur. The media elites and their cronies in Washington cringe at a Trump rally because they see that his popularity and his charisma doesn't come from just the people who love his policies but from an American pride and faith in the ideas that harken back to the rugged individualism that founded this great nation. If we are to keep our country, we must carry on with or without Trump at the helm. He is the catalyst that's changed us from the passive, hopeless onlookers at the corruption in DC into the patriots who are locked and loaded for revolution again.

Yes, we need a great leader who is a champion of American ideas; Trump is that, and we shouldn't give up until the last soldier falls. Even more, we need to become champions for these ideas ourselves—for our families, our communities, our counties and states. Trump embodies what all of us need to become in order to save our nation. We see in him whom we have always been inside. All is not lost. We are at a fever pitch. The Democrats and anti-patriots have their fingers in the holes while the dam is breaking all around them. Nothing can stop what is coming.

Do not be afraid. The truth will prevail!

We have felt what it means to be American again. We now see clearly who our enemies are and who stand against us. If there is no room in the capital for "We the People," then it's time to [figuratively] burn it all down and build it all up again with a new house plan. We'll give the corrupt lawmakers inside enough time to exit the premises, but their presence there cannot deter us from what must be done. The corruption MUST END!

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