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The Democrats Want to Build us Back into Slavery

MG, Contributor, Constitutional Party of the United States

In November, the House passed a bill (HR3684) alongside another Bill (HR5376), the "Build Back Better bullshit," as I call it. These bills will allow for the ultimate taxation, interrogation, and infringement on our pursuit of happiness to the likes we have never seen. The main target here is to have the majority of our people harassed by the IRS, DOT, and FBI. In the bills passed last month by the House, our government will hire 87,000 IRS agents to audit every American. They've even allocated money to create a DOT department to tax the miles we drive! They are using the FBI to target and criminally charge patriots. This administration uses the three-letter agencies as if they were extended arms of the law with some degree or bearing over the American people. The constitution still limits these agencies not to infringe on our freedom. We, the people, must stop this madness and lust for control by the Democratic party and its Republican minions!

Had our forefathers been alive today, they would have hung all those Republicans for treason for betraying the people they represent. Eighty Republicans voted to build a vaccine mainframe log to track THE UNVACCINATED Americans, and we can't even seem to track illegals in our country? "ARE YOU FRIGGIN KIDDING ME??" Have we come so far from our founding fathers that we will allow a government entity to track and take our personal properties, our own bodies? That is the goal, in the end, to take the private property of all Americans and call it their "fair share owed," their debt to society they'd have you believe. The next step is to control our bodies so that we no longer have a say over our own autonomy, personal medical choices, or way of life because now they know what's best for us.

Our forefathers fought and won our freedoms for a hell of a lot less than what this government is doing to our people today. These elected officials have passed laws that benefit our giant government and restrain our people. They make laws to protect themselves from the dirty deeds they commit simultaneously; while in these positions. At the same time, they provide safety nets to corporate elites that try to force control on us where the constitution provides their protections and freedoms for their private business. In turn, these companies think they can strip us of our medical freedom, threaten our jobs and livelihoods as they infringe upon OUR PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.

All of this is done to us just for a slice of those promised government (briberies) "oh, did I say bribery I meant funds." Are we going to take that as a united people? Are we going to take this as a free people? Would a united people for liberty allow these tyrant behaviors from these half-assed leaders, from these corporations holding our jobs over our heads if we don't comply? Today, these people couldn't hold a candle in the wind to one of the founding fathers or the wisdom they provided to future generations. They are not even worthy of standing in the shadows of our great heroes. We no longer have leaders but tyrants and activists.

This brings me to the next shocking event in November that we, the American people, our elected officials, and our constitutionalists, sat on our asses and allowed. The quiet removal of our founding father Thomas Jefferson's statue. What a despicable moment in American history! This recent action removed Thomas Jefferson's statue after standing 187 years, one of America's most loved and respected founders. The man who helped deliver our freedoms in writing for all the world to see. The man who inspired the other founders and inspired the world with his writings and beliefs of a free people. Why do we allow this as Americans? I don't see anyone taking down Obama the racist or Clinton the rapist. Most Americans despise both of these individuals, not to mention their crimes as sitting presidents!

After watching what this administration has done and will continue to do, it is apparent that,

  1. They absolutely hate the American people and our Capitalism, without a doubt.

  2. They despise a free people, and a united people is even more hated.

  3. This president is out to profit off the collective back of the American people while stripping away our freedoms. All this to please the globalist financiers that have him and his family in their pockets!

Our country and people can not survive a full-term Biden presidency without becoming a Communist regime.

We must save our great nation, and to do that, we must unite, and we HAVE TO get over the hurt feelings. Feelings didn't build this country, nor did feelings fight for it. Desire is what fought and won this nation, a desire to be free. Free from a ruler's law! It is time for us to call for a stop to this tyrant behavior; it is time for all these people with hurt feelings and indoctrinated mindsets to move on. They must pull up their panties, wipe their noses and get to work like the rest of us in society. I'm sick of the white guilt B.S shoved down our throats and the Black Americans that feel owed, betrayed, and left behind because they chose to be indoctrinated instead of educated. Hell, many of us feel betrayed right now by our local and federal government for that fact. But, that doesn't mean society owes us anything.

Unfortunately, every culture has been a victim of slavery at some point in Earth's history. The Black culture is no exception. There is nothing in America that a Black person can't do and isn't capable of doing because of the color of their skin. Hell, can Black Americans tell you who the last recorded slave was? Her birth and native name was "Àbáké. She was forced to change her name to Matilda; she died in 1940. You would think that with all this slave talk, people would research and find the truth. The Democratic party is one of the worst offenders of racism and oppression of Black Americans in history. That must be why they are trying so hard to erase history so that Black Americans won't find out about their past.

However, in my opinion, those who believe such garbage that America is still racist are still on the plantation in their own minds. No amount of white guilt will make them happy or please them because their hate is more profound than any skin color. I mean, look at the situation with Jessie Smollett. He is now on trial for hiring black men to play a racist part to get him a little attention. Smollett couldn't even find a white guy to play the role. He couldn't find a white person because the majority of White Americans are not racist like Smollet, BLM, and Al Sharpton would have you believe. They try to portray and force the world to believe their lies, hoaxes, and MSM talking points. They have done this for decades. Could you imagine if Al Sharpton taught real history and didn't monetize off race-baiting the ignorant of his culture?

It's a lot easier to blame something no one had control over than it is to take responsibility for the life you've wasted feeling owed. It's a lot easier to say America is racist and I want to be paid than it is to say I chose this life and did nothing to change it because I was too busy complaining. The fact is, slavery wasn't just American history, it's world history. Here is an interesting tale of two men who came to America that very few have heard about. Read The Mask of obedience.

In this bit of true American slave history, we hear the story of a prominent Muslim prince whose culture enslaved other tribes near Timbuktu. Unfortunately, he was captured and sold just as he had done to others in his land. The other slave we learn of was named Samba, "Second Son" came from Futa Jallon, Guiana. I must warn you it is a regrettable time in our history that no one is proud of, but these are the facts, which happened to people walking on this Earth. It makes us question one's humanity when in a position of power over people. Sound familiar? We could use that same sentence to describe our government officials today. Could we not? However, many cultures and religions sold and traded slaves across the globe for centuries, and to this day, we sadly still have slaves, human trafficking, and massive abuse of human rights around the world.

Today, slaves are in China, the Middle East, North Korea, and they were even kidnapped from Haiti to sell them. Also, as you already know, China sells Uyghur Muslims to middle eastern countries. Many other countries around the world take part in the slave trade to this day. Is it right? Hell, no!! But don't act like America is the worse culprit in the pit here. Was America perfect in her nation-building? Absolutely not! No one is saying that, but we have come further in our short existence to right our wrongs than any other nation on Earth. We, the people, should be fed up with the shaming of our nation, our history, and our founders. Had it not been for the founding fathers, you all would be under a crown right now. You would be subjects, not a free people, and it wouldn't have a dam thing to do with the color of anyone's skin.

News flash for the uneducated WE ALL HAVE BEEN SLAVES from one culture, color, religion, or another. For centuries, Roman, Greeks, Persians, Spaniards, Catholics, Africans, and Egyptians enslaved one another. Yet, for some reason, America is treated and held to a different standard even to this day. America has no slaves, but HER OWN people. They are slaves to a tyrant government set on returning to a ruler's law and making Americans subjects once more. We are so ignorant that we still purchase from countries that use real slaves to make our products, and then we despise our own country's founding for its history. 81 years after the last slave died here in America, now we're allowing our government to do the same thing they did to slaves and Indians, to us.

We, the American people, must take back our country. We must rise UNITED as one voice and say no more will we tolerate this. America, we still have time to turn this ship around and save our country. Right now, we are leaning toward total anarchy in our great nation. If we do not turn this around, every nation in the world that hates the United States will be at our door attempting to take our country from us while we are divided and swimming in our own chaos.

We have no party, no representation, and no Constitutionalist, but I have to give credit where it is due. I will give it to McCarthy. How could you not? The man talked for 8 hours, begging not to pass a bill that would turn America into a Communist country and doom her people's liberties. He practically begged House idiots and proved over and over again how much trust from the people they were breaching. We can not allow this to happen to our nation and must unite and fight against this across the country.

This will continue until we no longer comply. We all have the power to stop the madness coming from both sides. Stop being so complicit in the evils done to others in the name of science, greed, or personal gain. Stand up FOR YOUR RIGHTS AMERICANS!!!


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