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The Fall of the American Family Will Lead to the End of America

MG, Contributor, Constitutional Party of the United States

The core unit of strength which determines the strength of any society is the family: therefore, the government should foster and protect its integrity!

This is the twenty-sixth principle the founding fathers left for our people. They left these principles to keep and maintain the republic they built for us. Unfortunately, like footprints on the shore, our values are being lost to the tides of time. Washed away by the waves of diversity and drowned in foreign cultures. As a result, the American family is one of the fastest declining cultures globally.

The extinction of the American family is happening before our eyes. Parents today are oblivious to what challenges their kids are facing in schools, in society, and among their peers. Many Americans seem so tied up in their daily lives that they have failed to acknowledge the decline of the social standards we once held so dear.

As our society is formed into a mixing pot of diversity to please the world's coexistence call, we lose our own culture, traditions, and values. Our history is vilified by other nations, organizations, and enemies to seem superior to their subjects. It is a tactic to destabilize our national pride and demoralize our people, a path many nations before us have traveled down and only led to their demise. Our most recent example was Rome; however, you can trace the world's history as far back as Babylon and find the remnants of these failed melting pot societies. Sodom and Gomora was another failed melting pot society, and again it makes one question, "What happened to cause the collapse of an entire society to be wiped off the face of the earth?" To answer this question, you must first look at the birth of that society and what gave them strength as a whole.

In all societies, you will find a fundamental building block that was and remains the foundation of a stable society. It is the only defense against tyranny, and it sets apart a nation of free people from a nation of slaves, subjects, or content citizens. That building block is not the economy of a society, nor is it the religion that society as a whole may believe. It's actually quite shocking how basic the most vital fundamental building block for society really is, yet it is the foundation on which all nations, empires, and societies are built.

That basic structure is "FAMILY."

No other force has made men sail endless oceans, discover faraway lands or fight unimaginable wars like the assurance of survival for families. Kings conquered lands for their families, and Families formed militias and fought for their lands to survive these kings, hence America's birth. The men rose to defend their families, homes, lands, and freedom. What has happened?

Well, let's take a look.

The American family was once revered and looked to as a higher standard than our European ancestors. Although Alexis De Tocqueville once compared the American family to the European families, his remarks were truly inspiring to others about the American family and the values they hold dear.

"There certainly is no country in the world where the tie of marriage is more respected than in America, or where conjugal happiness is more highly or worthily appreciated." As per his own words, "In Europe, almost all the disturbances of society arise from the irregularities of domestic life" ~ Alexis Tocqueville (Democracy in America)

Sound familiar to today's society? American families have become what Tocqueville described as Eroupien families. Let's look at other thoughts on the American Family. Benjamin Franklin wrote,

"It is the man and woman united that make the complete human being. Separate, she wants his force of body and strength of reason: he, her softness, sensibility, and acute disconcertment. Together they are more likely to succeed in the world." ~Benjamin Frankin (Koch, The American Enlightenment, p. 70), (500 Year leap, p. 285)

The family was never identified as just man, woman, and children in America until the European settlers arrived. Many native American societies here in America (pre-contact with the Europeans) lived in what we recognize as kinship societies.

There are two kinds of kinship ties:

Those based on blood that traces descent

Those based on marriage, adoption, or other connections

Native Americans were also very particular about their decedents and arranged marriages. Having a young daughter meant the ability to unite tribes or extend your family group into another. This formed what we call one of the forms of a kinship society.

To our natural natives of America, the family was their tribe, and their unity was through kinships. However, the family patriarchy was a bit different as well. In tribal kinship societies, there were usually elders and other family officials appointed by the patriarchy and tribal conferences among the elders. The tribe was made up of smaller family units like the standard Europeans. Still, the family lifestyle was very much different in their society because the family time was spent with the tribe, working was with the tribe, celebrating, hunting, gathering, and farming was all done together as a tribe. This made their society tight-knit and best for survival no matter what region they lived in here in North America. However, Native Americans also took the land as part of their family. They cared for the land, maintained it, protected it, and regularly worshiped/prayed to it. Many tribes even called the animals their brother. Some tribes would even make sacrifices to the land, sun, and moon, believing that their whole family would be cared for. Native Americans saw people and nature as one family in a circle of life.

In some nations around the world, family is decided by the government, "now that can never be good!" In many regions, family is limited to the number of children you are ALLOWED to have. Whether you can have gay families, how many wives you can take. Many countries with dictators and communists assign "families" rules and duties. Their people look at the nation as family and sacrifice as a whole. Many families in these situations are all equally poor and have limited freedoms from their governments. If we look at China, their culture is centered on the family; that is true; however, family is socially engineered by leadership for the greater good of the national family.

We could go back to Sparta, Greece, and even Babylon for examples of how the family has changed through the centuries and what societies it has formed based on that society's belief. Its meaning has changed drastically throughout history and from culture to culture.

So what is one major thing that changed in all of these societies made up of families? What was the root cause for some of these great cultures to be lost to us today? How did they lose their freedoms as a family unit? The breakdown of the family unit was the fall of most of these societies. The root cause was government interference with family units.

In Rome, Greece, and ancient societies, powerful leaders would call for war; not wanting to leave their families, many men refused to go to war or conquer new lands for Emperors. Once in Rome emperor, Claudius II was known as Claudius the Cruel because he sent Rome's men out on many bloody campaigns. In 240 AD, so many men refused to answer his calling the emperor Claudius II outlawed marriage. He believed that men were unwilling to leave their wives and families. It was Saint Valentine who defied this cruel order by the emperor. St Valentine thought his order was absurd, and as a priest for the catholic church, the family was sanctified by God. St. Valentine was beaten with clubs and beheaded for marrying young couples on February 14th, 240AD; he was willing to die to keep families unified under God. Any true historian today would tell you that the fall of Rome was due to the breakdown of the family unit; that was the first step that led to their destruction. Then came other contributors that naturally followed. I recommend Edwards Gibbon's "The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire" for better understanding. Gibbon breaks down the major causes of the fallen empire in better detail.

The same example can be found all throughout history and all over the globe. Like other cultures, North American history shows settlers used this same tactic. The Male Indians were targeted and used to break down the kinships of Native Americans either by force or false hopes. Slave history from all over the world proves the males were removed from the family unit to break down the society and make women, children, and weaker males more complainant.

Fast forward to the present day, we have history repeating itself. The difference is that our government is not sending men to war anymore. Instead, they're sending them to courts and, in the process, making our judicial system a very profitable institution for our HUGE government and the few lawyers that practice family law. In our nation, we have almost twelve thousand divorce attorneys registered.

Source: https://www.ibisworld.com/industry-statistics/market-size/family-law-divorce-lawyers-attorneys-united-states/

To have twelve thousand family lawyers in an industry that now makes a record 12.1 billion dollars a year should tell you something. The courts are getting their fair share in the American family pockets. The racket is too profitable for our legal system to let go, so men are often the whipping post for divorce.

Many family courts purposely will keep families tied up in endless hearings with lawyers; they do not help families in any way. In fact, the family court systems are stacked against families and futures families from the get-go. The courts prevent young men from being better fathers; they indoctrinate young mothers and prevent stronger future families. The government does this by passing laws that infringe on every aspect of American family's livelihoods. For decades, we have watched our government and institutions vilify men and mask it as women empowerment. We witnessed the breakdown of predominantly black families as the men were targeted and separated by-laws that benefited the government to keep them away from their families. To this day, the government would instead support families than let men of any culture come back in the homes and have a healthy family population in our nation. Well, that idea would hurt their institutions and people's dependency on the government.

The government also gives incentives to women to remain single, such as paid preschool, money, food stamps, and free medical care. Our government creates a dependency on welfare systems. In many cases, it becomes a state of entitlements, and the women never get any more from their lives than making babies and getting paid for it here in the United States. Generational dependency on government entitlements is what I'm talking about. Some families in certain parts of our nation have been on government welfare for over 30 years. Then that same lifestyle is taught to the next generation, and this pattern continues and has continued for many decades. It's not targeting single moms, it's calling out generational succulents for what they are. Families like this need to be pulled from the teet and reeducated on self-sufficiency and family foundations, but our government does not want women to be self-sufficient. The needy remain compliant.

Then you have the judicial system hitting the families from the other side of the aisle. Laws are passed to make men slaves to an institution in the name of marriage and child support. Men have minimal rights in many states and are often vilified by lawyers so that the courts lean in the mother's favor. Very few men get or retain custody of their children, and courts usually decide visitation factors among parents. Sometimes mothers will even move out of state to help them have nearly full custody of the children in divorced families. Laws should be fair no matter which parent we are talking about; now, the courts almost always side with maternal mothers. Our government has made laws to intervene in the most personal aspects of our lives. Fathers are treated as criminals when marriages fail, and they are forced to pay large amounts of money to able body people for years and, in many cases, decades. In some states, you have permanent alimony that can be devastational to future families. Future families are not even considered when marriages are dissolved.

In today's society, according to statistics

  • 60% of American families experience divorce.

  • 66% of divorces filed are from women

  • over 1 million American children suffer the divorce of their parents annually

The people must take back control of our lives, values, and nation. We are losing our own culture. The values that made America the greatest country in the world are being long forgotten and lost to the expansion of foreign families while our own families dwindle and suffer. So what can we take away from history and families? It will take America's leaders, churches, and people to restore the American Family. We can either let the American family be lost in history as other great societies have done, or we can fight to keep the American family alive and thriving. One thing that has remained the same throughout history is the sacrifice mankind is willing to make for "Family" it doesn't matter what continent you are from, what color your skin is or what your definition of family is.

In all nations, family is worth fighting and dying for.






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