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The Great Reset Continues as BlackRock Snatches Up Single Family Homes!

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

By Sarah Connor, Writer/Blogger

"You'll own nothing and you'll be happy."

I am one of the nearly 1,000 people that are moving to Florida (ON A DAILY basis) in search of affordable housing and the freedoms that were stripped from me and my children by the sheeple willingly enforcing the tyranny of politicians in Colorado.

And before you tell me that it's not as bad as California, I will remind you that it sucked ass to have lived there during the endless lockdowns. In fact, Colorado constantly used the narrative that they were "open." However, unless you tried vacationing here last April like my good friend, Michele, you wouldn't have known that the door to freedom is barely cracked.

Yes, they opened the restaurants but only outside during the Fall and dead of Winter. No need to chew that $13.99 plate of fries and a burger, your teeth chattering handled the mastication process on its own.

Since I fled Colorado last month, I'm told that everything is "back to normal." Meaning, you can sit at a bar and order a glass of beer without a mask. Of course, this is only for the special vaccinated folks and is currently on the honor system. The rest of the rabble still needs a mask because your vaccine only works when others are vaccinated. And restaurants no longer ask for your phone number and name to track you. Well, you get the picture…back to The Great Reset plan in play.

My home sold in one day to a gal from….California! Shocker, right? At the time, I didn't really find it that suspicious. After all, the lockdowns have really thrown a wrench and a hammer into the construction of new homes. And my former residence is in a good school district and desirable section of the subdivision.

So, I gathered up the proceeds from the sale of my home and decided to hunt down a new home in Florida. While the prices were much more affordable than in Colorado, they were going like hotcakes and barely stayed on the market more than a day. Which is still the case.

Guess what? I was left with little choice but to rent until the market cooled off and the inventory would rise. But will that really be the case? Back in April, I wrote a blog titled, Could the CDC Be Your Next Landlord in Exchange for an Experimental Covid Shot?

Basically, the CDC was stepping in and paying your rent or preventing evictions because you know…Covid. So, what happened to the homes that the little guy landlords couldn't pay the mortgages and taxes on because they couldn't collect rent? Well, many lost their asses and the homes went into foreclosure and the CDC played savior to the renters.

Then, last month, one of my favorite and informed independent journalists, Reallygraceful, brought attention to the astronomical offers on single-family homes in the suburbs of Houston.

The dirtbags at the foundation BlackRock (which is tied to the evil Federal Reserve) were and are offering anywhere from 20-40% above the asking price on single-family homes in suburbs ACROSS THE NATION, not just Houston. And while I didn't take the highest offer on the sale of my home, the temptation to accept a cash offer well above the asking price is practically irresistible.

The dream of homeownership continues to elude many Americans and not just because BlackRock is driving up the home prices. Building supplies such as lumber are being chocked back to create artificial scarcity, so you can't even construct a place of your own.

Fast forward to this morning. The "publication" Bloomberg came out with an opinion piece titled, America Should Become a Nation of Renters—The very features that made houses an affordable and stable investment are coming to an end.

Hmmmm, well you don't say. The author of this trash is a guy named Karl W. Smith. Here are a couple of revolting and downright disturbing quotes from the article.

"A nation of renters could lead to a world where location decisions are driven far more by personal preferences and life-cycle demands. To see the U.S. as a nation of renters requires a revision of the American dream of homeownership. This country was always more about new frontiers than comfortable settlements, anyway," says Smith.

Mr. Smith makes the case that renting and not owning your own home is not to be feared. Yet,

Smith owns more than one home. He's not a renter. Second, this article is straight out of the playbook of The Great Reset. The premise is that we will all own nothing and be happy. And by "we," they are referring to middle-class Americans, not the filthy rich that have stepped on the backs of society for their ill-gotten gains.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, THIS ENDS WHEN WE SAY IT DOES. What have you got to lose? Well, it won't be a home if this continues. Otherwise, go ahead and check out the vision of The Great Reset because that is your future. As for me? I plan on smashing that crystal ball by resisting this tyranny at every turn. I will NEVER participate in a lockdown, cover my face, take an experimental jab or pay rent to the oligarchs.

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