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The Hunter Biden and Libya Mafia Style Connection CONFIRMED!

By James Lane, host, American Reveille Podcast

Now that the Hunter Biden laptop has been confirmed as authentic, emails have leaked incriminating Hunter Biden, yet again, in a failed deal to unfreeze 30 Billion (that's not a type, that's capital B for Billion) dollars for a mafia style success fee of 2 million bucks! I would have been in jail just for the pictures of hookers...

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Generated Transcript:

In the meantime, the elites can't plug the leak. They can't do anything to get the bad news to stop raining out of the sky, falling from the clouds, literally pouring acid rain upon Joe Biden, the puppet president, the puppet of the elites, his son Hunter. All right, is in another world of crap that I hope something's done about it, but probably nothing will be done about it. New emails from Hunter Biden business associates reveal he asked for $2 million retainer plus success fees to help them unfreeze $30 billion. That's a billion Dr. Evil style in Libyan assets while his father was vice president. emails from democratic donors Assam Jaya Hari and Sheikh Mohammed Al Rabbani indict indicated not indicted that hunter Biden had offered to help free frozen Libyan assets. Joe Hari was frank about the kind of access they believed hunter Biden might have, as well as issues involving alcohol and drug use what he you know, his habits are world renowned. The two were working to unfreeze billions of dollars and assassinated Libyan president, President Muammar Gaddafi, his foreign assets for the new Libyan Government, they stood to gain 5% of whatever they were able to free up for Libya, which could potentially mean hundreds of millions of dollars, folks, I have a really simple way that if you're not sure, if you haven't made up your mind yet, how you can tell that the elites in this country, alright, the wicked elites, the progressive left elites, there are some elite voter, some Donald Trump, like folks out there that have a lot of money that have their views, but kind of do the right thing by the people. All right, I'm not saying that I trust a billionaire per se. But I am saying that there are people with a wicked agenda and then there are other people that believe in a free or system for all these left wing folks, these hunter Biden's these Pelosi is their children, their parents, their brothers, their sisters, their nephews, uncles, cousins, sisters, former roommate, whoever, listen, all of these folks, they're corrupt, these elites are corrupt, they pit us against each other, the working class of this country, regardless of what we believe, whether we're capitalists, whether we believe that capitalism is bad, whatever it is, they pit us against each other, so they can prosper off our backs. That's what they do. That is what they do. And it's time we recognize the distinct and big difference between us. And them. I don't believe in what extreme folks believe in I really don't. But I do you see the writing on the wall. I'm not dumb. You don't have to be an extreme person on the right, to see the writing on the wall. All right, you can do small things to do something about it. You don't have to be a part of that group. When they point at you and they say, You're far right, you're all right, you're this you're that you don't have to accept that you don't have to acknowledge that you can be a stable, normal person that does good in this universe that works hard and has conservative values, but isn't a wackadoodle for believing the truth because it's right in front of your face. They literally call us idiots. They look at you, they look at me, and they say you're dumb. You're not elite. You're not a part of the super, super rich, affluent upper class that controls everything about society. You are one of us. You don't belong. We make the decisions. You sit down, you shut the hell up. They're doing that to us right now.

We all see it. It's right in front of our face. So don't be afraid to say something about it. All right. They do it right in front of us these new emails from Hunter Biden. They're revealing that he's doing stuff in Libya. This guy's a crackhead. All right. Hey, I knew people that were crackheads. They did not negotiate for the freezing or unfreezing of $30 billion yet $30 of any foreign government. Any person's bank dealings for that matter. So why does hunter Biden get this? Get this prestigious, possible job offering because he's joe biden's son because he is dealing all right with people who want access to hunter I've not hunter to Joe Biden, excuse me his 50 year Black Book of political connections in Washington. Meanwhile, they're destroying, destroying our country and what our founding is all about. If you want to know a lot more about that a great blog post came out on the website, I just want you to take a look really, really quick, really quick, just an intermission go to WWW dot American revenue. com. It's called Leviathan, the true progressive agenda by Michael Craig. It's a good little 15 minute read there, but it gets into some deep, deep and deep inside information about what the progressive left and their agenda is, and has always been that has led up to this monstrosity, but folks, I want to start reading this, we need to get into it. And we're gonna go right now a pair of emails from business associates of hunter Biden revealed he offered to help them unfreeze Libyan assets for a $2 million retainer plus success fees. While they also discuss their misgivings over his drug and alcohol abuse. Sex success fee sounds like some mafia stuff, doesn't it? Doesn't it? Like if I complete the job, I want an extra amount you know, you get 150 upfront 150 after the deed is done, that's what it sounds like. To me. The email exchanges were between mid level democratic donors Sam zaharie, and Sheikh Mohammed Al Rabbani, who in 2015. were both working on behalf of the new Libyan Government to free up $30 billion in state foreign assets. They had been frozen by the Obama administration under the deposed mo Moammar Gaddafi regime in 2011. Excuse me, the emails are unrelated to those on his laptop, which outlined a number of his other business dealings. The computer was found at a repair shop in Delaware. In their first email dated January 28 2015. sent by Joe Harvey to Al Rabbani and obtained by Business Insider, Joe Hari discusses what he believes the younger Biden might bring to the table in their efforts. He outlines the number of connections hunter has, including his role as chairman of the UN World Food Program, and the relationship he has with then Secretary of State john kerry and his then vice president father, which in turn could provide access to Obama's file on Libya. How in the hell does hunter Biden have or had a role as the chairman of the UN World Food Program? in his time, smoking Parmesan cheese? Is that what it is? He's experienced with smoking Parmesan cheese, thinking that it's crack after days and days and days of crack induced benders? Is that how you get a UN World Food appointed position? Is there a special hat for that? Does he get to wear cheese hat? No, since he travels with Dad, this is a quote. He is connected everywhere in Europe and Asia, where mq moammar qaddafi and Li a Libya Investment Authority had money frozen Jari rights, adding that Hunter was also hunter has also said he has high level access in China, and that he can help there. So the laptop is confirmed.

And it is said it is written it's in the email that johari said that hunter has high level access in China. A lot of stuff going on in China. A lot of stuff going on in China involving Biden, involving hunter Biden, a lot of stuff in China involving a little thing known as COVID 19. How deep does this rabbit hole go guys? How deep Do you really think it goes? China, at the time had been blocking the release of roughly 15 billion and qaddafi's assets that Obama ordered frozen amid a bid to increase its influence in Africa. Jo Hari wrote that hunter wanted $2 per year retainer and success fees Excuse me. $2 means $2 million. It says it right here sources familiar with the effort told Business Insider that two meant 2 million and that johari and his associate stood to gain 5% of whatever Libyan money they were able to free up that sounds so mafia it sounds like they watched some casino some some some Sopranos and made some decisions there. Joe Hari is Frank, however, about how hunter might pose problems for their endeavors. Quote, his negatives are that he's an alcoholic drug addict kicked out of the US Army for cocaine chasing low class hookers constantly needs money, liquidity problems and many more headaches. He wrote Hmm, that sounds like everything we've been talking about for well over a year, and the second email dated a little more than a year later on February 26 2016. talks with hunter Biden over his role in the Libyan project appeared to still be ongoing. in it. JOHN Sandwick, a lawyer who served as Obama's Acting Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement sends jaffarian our Bonny report on his talks with Hunter, according to Business Insider, that's great. I spoke with HBS team yesterday. They are interested in the project but emphasize that for them to get involved the team lobbyists lawyers and PR would need to be a small group of folks that they have a they have a tight relationship with each other. Listen, guys, why would hunter want a small group of people to be in the know about this unless he had something to hide unless he had something to hide? There's a picture of Moammar Gadhafi right there. They do not want a large group involved. They only want people with whom they have a close relationship with due to the sensitivities surrounding their involvement. Sandwick wrote, the talks came as Joe Biden was weighing his run for president. In both emails, they report that hunter had requested secrecy over his involvement. Ultimately, Joe Hari ended up hiring neither Sedwick nor hunter to help with the effort to free up the funds, but Sandwick confirmed to insider that he had been in contact with an associate of hunter Biden, they indicated that they would consider it and pass the message back. He told the outlet look, folks, I believe anything of this point. In regards to hunter Biden, there's been so much sneaky, shady stuff, I'm just waiting for the Hiroshima bomb of information to explode, the elites are going to do everything that they can everything in their power to hold back the floodgates. But we the people, if we keep fighting, if we keep working together, if we keep spreading the truth, those floodgates will burst open, the dam will be broken and a flood of information will come out. And we will see the true face of the bad guys here. The elites will be revealed. That's just how this works. That's just how it's going to be. Sometimes it's slow. Sometimes it takes time. We have to be patient, but you have to keep pushing back on their agenda. Hunter Biden won't get away forever. He won't get away forever. But it starts with you. It starts with you. electing the right people. It starts with you paying attention in local local government, local politics. What are the people in your local government being influenced by what company is what people dig, folks dig? It doesn't make you a conspiracy theorist. There are some crazy things going on out there that aren't true. But there's a lot of things that you've heard that actually are so you should question things you should check out what other source of sources of information have to say and then you should make a decision. your self. That's how this works.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

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