• Andrew Penn

The Left is Creating a Surveillance State… and WE MUST RESIST!

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

By Andrew Penn, American Reveille Blogger

Students of History remember and are familiar with the infamous East German Secret Police…The Stasi; the most efficient, effective, ruthless and diabolical intelligence agency and secret police organization in history. It secretly surveilled, manipulated and persecuted its own country's citizenry with the stated purpose of enforcing and protecting the political security of its regime. It weakened perceived political enemies with powerful psychological subversion techniques like surveillance, blackmail, harassment and destroying personal and professional lives. Sound familiar? I thought so.

We are seeing now…in realtime and in full effect…a kind of shadow Stasi…a secret ongoing program whereby the United States government, in partnership with the Mainstream Media, Big Tech oligarchs and private companies, is working to de-platform, silence, censor, and cancel Conservative ideas, thought and communication.

This week it was revealed that the Biden administration and the Department of Homeland Security are working closely to monitor American citizens' online activity and digital accounts. It is under the auspices of tracking the activity and "chatter" of white supremacist groups and so-called Domestic Violent Extremists. As we have seen…what this means is…anyone who disagrees with the radical Marxist Democrats and who has the fortitude to vocalize opposition to their extreme socialist America hating agenda.

It was also recently revealed that the United States Postal Service has been spying and informing on Americans' social media posts. United States Chief Postal Inspector Gary Barksdale confirmed his agency operates a secret operation called the Internet Covert Operations Program that flags inflammatory posts and reports those posts up to local and federal law enforcement agencies. Insidious right?

Over at the FBI, the agency now has the legal right to access privately owned computers without their owners' knowledge or consent. The United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas approved a warrant to allow the Department of Justice to start the observations. The program is officially described as being built to combat potential malicious hackers and ransomware attackers, but the precedent is eerie.

Keeping in mind that this is the same Department of Justice that instead of going after MS-13, Antifa and the narcotics cartels currently running and ruining the nation's southern border and country are going after the Louisville Police Department for alleged biased policing practices.

Big Tech censorship is gaining momentum as it bans and cancels conservative thinkers, speakers and personalities from their communication platforms. See my article from January 10th of this year for more on this topic. They are trying to keep the truth from being told. Our nation is great, our free market capitalist system provides peace, stability, prosperity and freedom to the world.

Tie all this in with the media non stop pumping biased misinformation into American homes, academia pumping Critical Race Theory into K-12 students' heads teaching them to hate America and that people are defined by their race, not character, and what we see is a designed operation to tear America down and replace it with a socialist totalitarian one-party state under the fist of the corrupt self-interested DNC. Some have called it a color revolution, others a soft revolution, but one thing is for sure…we American Patriots have to resist in any and every way we can.

Fearlessly speak out, communicate with publicly elected representatives to inform them that you resist the Marxist revolution, stand up for the ideals that formed our nation and… Hold The Line America!

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