• Kinsley Kurtz

The Many Faces and Recent Failures of Nancy Pelosi

By Kinsley Kurtz, Writer/Blogger

Apparently rule-modification is the go-to for Washington these days, and the head of the modification committee is none other than Nancy Pelosi. This past week, Pelosi and her team of Democrat advisors changed House rules to forcefully ram through the $3.5 trillion bill of insanity known as the Green New Deal that has the potential to transform America into a failed Marxist nation. This last-ditch attempt at manipulation was, in part, to avoid yet another failure of the notorious Speaker of the House.

This massive attempt at changing national policy carries with it an unprecedented amount of debt, and it was penned in addition to the $1.5 trillion infrastructure that came from the Senate. If passed, this bill has the potential to push America to the bottom of the financial ladder, bankrupting future generations that have yet to be born into failed prosperity.

After bold, gregarious claims that "she would pull together a vote on September 30th that would support the future success of all Americans under the Biden administration", she quickly realized that her judgment regarding her level of support from chamber members may have been inaccurate. She seemingly changed house rules overnight, frustrated with the stalemate that is impacting not only her success as a key political leader, but the domestic agenda currently being pushed by the current administration.

A key block of around 50 House progressives have wisely and staunchly refused to pass this current whopper without more key details contained therein. They are calling for full disclosure of the bill's contents as well as accountability for the sheer magnitude of the changes being requested.

Equally as concerning as the size of this bill and the broad scope of issues that it is said to address is the Herculean push and manipulative tactics Pelosi is using to advance the bill all the way to the White House. She called on outside reinforcements such as influential labor groups to send letters to members of Congress, urging them for their support. Changing the voting deadline at the last minute was yet another attempt to avoid the seemingly inevitable blow that the White House will take if the spending bill does not pass. Key Democrats warn that a high-profile failure on critical infrastructure will deal a significant blow to Biden's agenda, further inflaming tensions and driving a wedge between leaders in Congress. Moderate members have threatened to ditch further spending negotiations if this infrastructure vote fails.

This high-stakes bill has so much significance for the current administration that Biden himself has been intimately involved in negotiations. He reportedly hosted West Virginia's Joe Manchin and Arizona's Kyrsten Sinema for private discussions at the White House this week.

What hangs in the balance for Americans as the details of this bill continue to be discussed? Perhaps we should be concerned about the fact that the entire document has yet to be viewed by lawmakers themselves, who have had access to small portions of its mandates. Even more concerning is that the national debt that is to be incurred will affect future Americans for decades. In either case, it's getting clearer that Pelosi's penchant for high-stakes manipulation and string pulling to advance an unclear agenda is at an all-time high. What other games will she play as we come closer to the December 3rd deadline?

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