• Thomas Marlowe

The New “Scariant” Omicron Brings the Jab Agenda Back to Life

By Thomas C. Marlowe, American Reveille Writer/Blogger

Well, we all saw this coming. They’re going to milk it for as much as they can. The big news story breaking out of Southern Africa—from Botswana, and now all the way down to South Africa—is that yet another variant has been “identified.” Are we gearing up for more mail-in ballots come 2022? Note the message rings all too familiar from the once level headed Fox News medical consultant, “This is why we’ve got to vaccinate the world!”

Sure, it’s working so well now; let’s double down on that pathogen priming. Ignore Gibraltar’s surge of infections with more than 100% vaccinated; never mind Waterford, still the highest number of infections with a 99.7% vaccination rate in that Ireland city; close our eyes to UK and Israel with more vaccinated people than unvaccinated winding up with COVID in hospitals; forget about Barnstable, MA with 74% of hospitalized vaccinated fully; let’s even ignore the Qatar study that came out just this week in the New England Journal of Medicine with real data showing naturally immune individuals don’t get reinfected with COVID and, moreover, have broad based immunity against variants, and the list goes on…and on…and on.

This is getting past the point of stupid, but they don’t care. They’re counting on an audience gullible enough to buy in. Repetition works; that’s why songwriters, poets, and advertising creators use it. They just keep crossing the line in the sand. They’ve crossed it again by even hinting that the so-called vaccine is a sure-fire solution to yet another variant. It’s starting to sound like a broken record. Ever wonder how much money Big Pharma Cartel pays the news media in the form of ads in exchange for this ridiculous propaganda? A lot. And considering how viewership is beginning to fall away, they can’t afford to turn down the advertising revenue from these felons, some of whom share their profits with the NIH and 30-year health-czar Fauci.

I have a feeling the American people will neither tolerate another round of lockdowns, nor agree to boosters in perpetuity…This has gone far enough. COVID and its variants, treatable and manageable—and getting more mild than severe in symptoms—are here for the long haul, and until Fauci and his minions stop gain-of-function research in collusion with the Chi-coms, there’ll be more where that came from.

When November ‘22 comes around, all those who are tired of the ruse and oppression from big government, Big Tech, and Big Pharma had better say “No!” to anyone who suggests we don’t get out to the polls—not only to vote, but to ensure that nefarious agents aren’t changing the rules of the game to nudge the outcome. Molly Ball, in her February 14th, 2021 Time Magazine article, boasted (in that all-too-familiar leftwing tone of sophomoric sanctimony) that they did it once. Don’t think for a moment they’re not going to try to do it again.

Exclusive Book Review: The Real Anthony Fauci, by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

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