• D.T. Osborn

The “Pandemic” Has Never Been the Problem

By D.T. Osborn, Contributor

A number of things have occurred in response to the so-called Covid-19 “pandemic” that has been a continual source of frustration to me and many others who continue to insist that the truth and facts about the virus and the disease it causes are critically important. One of the most frustrating has been the continual use of phrases such as, “due to the pandemic, lockdowns, mandatory masking, and mandatory vaccination are required.”

Moreover, what is truly exasperating is that even well-meaning Conservatives who actually report about real facts concerning the medical tyranny during the last two years, generate headlines that blame the tyranny on COVID-19 as if the virus was issuing lockdown orders or vaccine mandates. One example comes from a December 27, 2021 article on Newsmax that carries the headline, “COVID Outbreaks Force Cancellations of More College Football Bowl Games.”

Sorry Newsmax, but that is a misleading headline. COVID didn’t “force” cancellations of games, the NCAA just canceled them! The virus is not somehow telling these officials that games must be canceled or else. It is the panicked policies of authorities that did this.

However, the Leftmedia has done its best to spread a deliberate campaign of anti-scientific “panic-porn” throughout every corner of their domain in order to support the implementation of all these draconian measures of Marxist control by the state. Moreover, if these past two years have demonstrated anything, it is that the “pandemic” is not to blame for the current tyranny.

The ‘pandemic’ is not and never was the cause of the current tyranny

A review of the facts concerning COVID-19 is necessary to demonstrate that the so-called “pandemic” did not cause the tyranny we have had to endure to differing degrees all over the world. First, consider the lethality of the virus itself.

We know from the CDC’s own numbers that there is no significant danger presented to anyone under the age of 50.

Just how deadly is this virus? The answer is, not very much. According to CDC figures, the survival rate of those who contract COVID from ages 0 to 19 is 99.997%! Tell us again why public schools are still closed, state authorities. From ages 20-49, the survival rate is 99.98%. From 50-69 it is 99.5%, and from the age of 70+, the rate is 94.6%.

What about the rapid spread of the COVID virus? Doesn’t that indicate the presence of a “pandemic” that could become dangerous to many millions of people? Not necessarily.

Even if millions or even billions of people become ill because of the virus, it simply means they got sick. We know from multiple doctors such as Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Bryan Ardis, and Dr. Vlademir Zelenko that very safe and effective therapeutics such as hydroxychloroquine [HCQ], ivermectin, and budesonide do successfully treat COVID-19 patients, especially if treated early.

Dr. Zelenko actually created a treatment protocol for COVID using a combination of vitamins C and D along with zinc and quercetin, which is an over-the-counter substitute for HCQ. He did so as a response to former New York governor Andrew Cuomo’s executive order that blocked treatment with HCQ.

In the following short video, Dr. Zelenko shares the process of creating his protocol as well as the extremely successful results of treating over 7,000 patients with it. He also reveals the resistance he faced from the medical and governmental authorities because he dared challenge their false narrative.

The “pandemic” was never a real cause for concern except to those who were elderly or had significant co-morbidities, and since early on there were good treatments available to counter the effects of COVID-19 infection, there was no need for any measures such as forced lockdowns or masking and certainly no need for a rushed jab! COVID-19 was never a real health emergency and therefore should never have been treated as one.

However, it was designated as a public health emergency first by the World Health Organization and then with the rest of the globe following suit. The “pandemic” was just an excuse for incrementally implementing tyranny around the world the likes of which hasn’t been seen outside of the old Soviet Union and Communist China since World War II.

So, if the “pandemic” isn’t to blame for the restrictions and removal of our liberties, who or what is to blame? It was and continues to be a combination of the media pushing panic-porn to instill fear and garner support for panic policies put forth by both governmental and globalist corporate authorities that represent the uber-wealthy who are the villains, not COVID-19.

Panic-porn from the media and panic policies from authorities are the cause of this tyranny

“Panic-porn” is a term I didn’t invent [and I have been so far unable to find out who did], but I adopt it here because it accurately describes what the Leftmedia, including their social media globalist partners like Facebook, Google, Twitter and the like, have been promoting since day one of the “pandemic.” That constant barrage of panic-porn has, unfortunately, successfully accomplished three things.

First, it ramped up the level of fear in enough of the public to capture their attention and help ensure their compliance with state-imposed tyranny. Second, it helped endow the “official public health experts” with a status rivaling divine authority so as to influence public policy and institute medical tyranny on the people.

Third, the panic-porn assault gave an unprecedented opportunity for the globalist and corporate elite to increase their power and influence over the public masses. These include names like George Soros, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg, whose involvement was outlined in a previous article.

The following is a video presentation featured in an article from this journal published back in August of 2021. It was originally made in the spring of 2020 and presented a very early common-sense recognition that the idea of a “pandemic” was a phantom threat being used as an excuse to unleash tyranny upon the people.

Keep in mind that this was recorded prior to any “vaccine” emerging as the supposed solution to the supposed pandemic. The information that has surfaced since the release of the “vaccine” only enhances his argument that we are essentially being lied to by our governmental authorities, the Leftmedia, and the Leftist social media concerning anything about COVID-19.

Since the time this video was recorded, slowly but surely, more and more people are realizing the peril we face. Perhaps the fact that the last time a time limit for this health emergency was mentioned was the now-infamous mantra, “15 days to flatten the curve,” which turned out to be a false promise.

Perhaps it was the fact that the goal morphed from the possible, i.e. ‘flattening the curve’ and ‘slowing the spread’ of COVID to the impossible, i.e., beating the virus and getting to the point of “zero COVID,” that led more and more people to conclude that just maybe this was all a ruse and that those with their newly found authority were enjoying their power and had no intention of giving it back to the people.

Practicing our God-given liberty is the way out of the tyranny

Thanks be to the LORD that as deliberate and evil those who have orchestrated the pandemic panic have been, there remain a large number of people who have awakened to resist the tyranny. They have realized something that is summed up by a phrase popping up all over various alternative media, both social and otherwise; “This stops when we say no!”

There have been a growing number of protests against government tyranny in various nations on the continent of Europe in recent weeks. This includes the nation of Austria, which has seen tens of thousands of people demonstrating against vax mandates, vax “passports,” and forced lockdowns.

Austrian citizens have seen some of the most totalitarian measures in the world, with the government announcing mandatory vaccinations. Citizens have until February to voluntarily get the injections. If they fail to comply, they will be fined around $700 USD every three months. Austria has also been in another 20-day unvaccinated lockdown which concludes after December 13th. At the same time, the government announced vaccination certificate validity will be reduced from 12 to just nine months.
One week after declaring lockdowns for the unvaccinated, the government announced a 20-day general lockdown. The measure was rationalized due to the shortages of the hospital beds. For three weekends, about 40,000 weekly protestors have participated in the anti-mandate protests in the city of Vienna. Furthermore, 30,000 protested in Graz, the second largest city in the country. Other demonstrations have taken place in Linz, Salzburg, and St.Pölten.

There is even a stirring of protests in America, particularly framed against vax mandates, in places such as New York City, where outgoing mayor Bill DeBlasio, aka Warren Wilhelm, put in place some of the strictest COVID policies in the nation.

Anti-vaccine mandate protesters gathered in Times Square to protest New York’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate – and one woman likened the rule to the murderous persecution suffered by Jews in Nazi Germany. Hundreds of people lined the city streets holding American flags and signs that read: ‘No to the vaccine, I feel discrimination against, harassed, singled out and rejected for defending my rights.’ One anti-vaxxer held two signs that said: ‘How did the Nazi’s (sic) do it? They said the Jews were diseased.’ On the other poster there was a picture of a swastika under text asking, ‘What happened to “Never again?!”‘

These examples, along with many others (too numerous to mention), are all hopeful signs that the people are starting to realize how serious the COVID tyranny is and how much it is being used to turn citizens into servile minions of the state. In my opinion, these protestors are actually not protesting against mandates as much as they are protesting for the practice of our God-given liberty.

You see, a stand against tyranny is also a stand for freedoms that all “have been endowed (with) by their Creator,” as the Declaration of Independence declares. Moreover, such a stand is bolstered when individuals make the decision to practice the inherent liberty we possess as human beings created in the image of God.

We who make such stands and decisions also must understand that our freedom isn’t secured without a cost. Those who are willing to pay the cost may suffer loss at first, but in the end, they will realize how precious real freedom truly is and that fighting for it is more than worth the cost.

Here is also where those who would ‘go along to get along’ end up with fewer and fewer free choices in every area of their lives. Though they do not understand it, they will pay a greater cost in the end because though they may survive, they will be slaves.

The choices either for or against human liberty are forced upon all of us now. If you choose to sit back and not stand for your liberty, that is, in effect, a choice for tyranny and will only breed further tyranny.

However, though there may be a cost, even a large personal cost, involved in practicing our God-given liberty, we can be assured that such practice is what the LORD desires from us, both in our freedom from human tyranny and the freedom from sin and its penalty granted through Christ’s sacrifice and obtained by faith in Him.

For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery. Galatians 5:1 [ESV]

D.T. Osborn

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