• Thomas Marlowe

The Relationship Between COVID-19 and Short Term Memory Loss: A NON-Scientific Study

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

By Thomas Marlowe, American Reveille Blogger

First, Anthony Fauci placates the masses in a 60 Minutes interview with the ridiculousness of wearing masks. Then, he back-crawls on it, claiming a white lie was necessary because there just wasn't enough PPE available at the time to advocate for such a measure. This might even square with science and the more reasoned mind if a few months down the road from there, the masses weren't "mask-shaming" one another from behind cloth face coverings that amounted to the same as sneezing or coughing through one's own shirt collar. So no, it had nothing to do with PPE. It was the truth! It's just that Fauci later got the memo that "appearances" matter to the sheepish masses when messaging how dangerous it is to go to work, to go outside, to go to the store, to go see family during the holidays, and, yes, to go vote.

If the global studies that now show countries and regions with no mandates reaching herd immunity more quickly wasn't enough, the CDC study about pre and post mask mandates' effect on infection rates—showing no significant difference whatsoever—still didn't shake the masses awake some months after that. A modicum of short term memory fired reflection, reasoning, and, yes, just a dab of common sense should be all we would have needed at this point to call for an uprising.

Now fast forward to the email leaks concerning Fauci's hand in all this, beginning with his influence at the NIH, his funding of the Wuhan lab, and his obvious cover up about the gain of function type research. Americans, even the slower ones, should be livid. Where is the breakdown here? The weak link? Have we deteriorated mentally to the point that the majority of our country have no critical thinking ability whatsoever?

I won't even reference the Gates' foundation grant—funding the Geelong lab in Melbourne—and its role in all this. I don't have to mention the journalists who have warned against Gates and Big Pharma and their tactics of using the African and Indian peoples as guinea pigs to test experimental vaccines for decades. Australian news network Sky News has been crying "Hear Ye! Hear Ye!" from down under for at least the last 18 months. Even with YouTube's shadow banning techniques and censorship practices, the word has still traveled rapidly. It has rampantly saturated our information highway enough so that the evil minions who perpetrated this farce on the world population have had to work overtime to paint tin foil hats on us and scream "Conspiracy theorists!"

Yet, they are no doubt exuberant in learning how little it takes for the sheep to be led to the slaughter. Fauci touted the efficacy of the COVID vaccines—which would only be necessary for those high risk folks above 60, by the way—saying that they should be good for a year. Indeed, for the first time in human history we've discovered our antibodies, which have never behaved in such a way, have expiration dates. Then the age groups descend to 50, then 40, until we're now willy-nilly "approving" vaccines (an EAU or Emergency Authorized Use from the FDA is not really "approved" by the way) for children who are rarely even affected by this virus, if ever. More than that, there are government incentives...door prizes even...for those who get in the jab lines. You can't make this stuff up.

Where is the new breaking point of once proud, strong, and common sense Americans? Now Fauci—with the kind of gall that only bureaucrats in Washington can muster in the midst of being caught red handed—is ramping up the "scientific" rhetoric about mutations in India and the UK to prepare for more lockdowns, more control. No doubt the WHO and CDC are in on the conference calls with him (over Zoom of course to keep the melodrama complete for suspension of disbelief). I can hear it now: "What are the math models saying, after we look at the inferred data from the cohort studies, about the new Ro factor of this COVID mutation?"

"Well," says another glassy eyed academic from his little remote square on a screen, mounted somewhere in a taxpayer built conference room with Oak furnishings and posh leather chairs, "this strain may be worse than the last!" Of course, "may be" is the operative verb phrase here. It's the one that carries the most impact, not "math models" (which have never passed for real science), "cohort studies" (garnering data that can be skewed any way the researcher likes), or mutated strain (which usually means less dangerous with coronaviruses).

"May be" becomes the prelude to perpetuating news stories with all the networks. The "story" is simple and as follows: not only are we NOT out of the red zone as we thought we would be but instead have been thrown right back into the apocalyptic inferno with an even more dire prognosis for the future. Oh, sure, the Washington minions will talk about "American resilience" and "faith" and "hope in science," but the words will be even more empty, and the population even more gullible because they are clouded and controlled by fear.

I have news for all of those still wearing masks, lining up for booster vaccines coming in the fall (and they're coming), and watching mainstream media and listening to the WHO and CDC for word on how we may be allowed to conduct our lives. We, and we alone, are choosing now the life we lead, not COVID. However, because we are making the chains, the government and its bureaucrats will have the power to bind us. Soon, our freedoms of yesterday will be gone. What good is a life bound in our own chains made from an alloy of fear and submission to oligarchs and power hungry globalists? Perhaps they are counting on us not remembering when we were free. We seem to be forgetting everything else in this COVID pandemic. Is this now one of the symptoms? No taste, no smell, a myriad of mysteriously coincidental cold and flu-like symptoms, and now, short term memory loss?

Watch and remember...

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