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The Russian Roll Takes Its Toll: The Aftershocks Of A Cold-blooded Invasion

By Kinsley Kurtz, Writer/Blogger

With less than two weeks of occupation at the hands of the unforgiving Russian military, the landscape and morale of the Ukrainian people are changing by the hour. Over one million people have been displaced, thousands of civilians hurt or killed, and countless other stories of trauma and devastation are causing other worldwide powers to take a stand against Vladimir Putin.

Western fears turn into reality

Ukrainian allies watched in horrific expectation as Putin began to deploy nearly 200,000 troops around the country's borders, issuing tyrannical demands to the United States and NATO that couldn't possibly be fulfilled. With air raid sirens wailing across several prominent cities in Ukraine, battles soon raged across the country.

The buildup and the resulting crisis

As Russian presence around the borders of Ukraine amped up at the end of 2021, military experts had a watchful eye on Putin, wondering what good could come of hostile action. With his demands to halt NATO's expansion to the east, giving free rein to influence former Communist countries and Soviet republics once more, it became clear that diplomatic middle ground could not be reached. Putin made it very clear that he viewed the West as an impediment to expanding Russia's influence, and he began launching military drills in partnership with close ally Belarus, a foreshadowing of things to come.

Power Hungry, And At What Cost?

Citing a need to "de-Nazify" areas of Ukraine that had previously been held by separatist groups, Putin sent in Russian troops under the guise of a peacekeeping effort. This incredibly ironic attempt to keep the peace has resulted in attacks of several Ukrainian cities, terrorizing civilian populations and wreaking havoc on military and economic resources.

Countless numbers of Ukrainian people took to the sewers and underground transportation tunnels under cities in an attempt to escape some of the worst destruction. Frantic messages to friends and family members were sent via text and social media as a means of trying to stay connected amidst the deafening explosions. With thousands sheltering in place, refusing to leave their families that are still stuck in ransacked cities, Ukrainian men and women are taking up arms themselves to protect the land that they are fiercely loyal to. A new "normal" is being experienced in these underground shelters, with babies being born into a war-torn nation, and children receiving cancer treatments at the hands of brave doctors and nurses who are working to keep their patients comfortable despite the chaos causing cities to crumble around them.

Stories of resilience

Iryna Skrypnykova is an IT tech living and working in the city of Kharkiv, Ukraine, or at least she was living a normal life before the Russian takeover began. Now she shelters in place, taking care of elderly family members in a shell-shocked structure without running water or electricity. Even with the recent negotiations taking place that allow humanitarian aid and safe havens for millions of displaced Ukrainian residents, she digs in her heels, staunchly defending her position to stay.

"Missile attacks are constant, they last for several days, just shooting and shooting. We are down to two candles, but I can't get myself to leave the city. My husband and parents do not have the clearance to leave the city, so I wouldn't leave them. It's my destiny. I need to help them. This is how you behave in these situations, you cannot let them endure this alone."

Despite the fact that Skrypnykova is facing some of the darkest days of her life, she remains optimistic and confident in her country and her people.

"We are resilient, we are strong," she says. "I'm pretty sure it will stop because all of our Ukrainian guys, they're true heroes."

Darker days ahead?

While I applaud Skrypnykova for remaining so optimistic and confident in the future of her country, it seems that darker days may be on the horizon for Ukrainian people. With Putin taking a diabolical stance on nuclear weapons placement and readiness, it seems that he is hell-bent on destroying the country he is trying so valiantly "to protect." If he is "pro-Ukraine," like he so vehemently states, why would he unleash nuclear fury on a neighboring land, knowing that the implications of such an act could potentially harm his own people?

Why Ukraine?

Ukraine and Russia have been inextricably linked through a common history since the ninth century when Kyiv became the capital of an ancient state known as Rus. The people of these two countries share traditions, sister languages, and many of the people share strong family ties that cross borders. As Kyiv sought deeper integration with European countries in the 2000s, their relationship began to sour. Putin has been stating for years that Russians and Ukrainians have been historically and culturally aligned, almost as if they are "one people." With his dangerously tyrannical views that lament the breakup of the former Soviet Union, one has to wonder if he has delusions of grandeur, wishing to conquer neighboring countries and uniting what he believes was one of the most powerful empires this world has ever seen.

Damage Has Been Done; How Can Ukraine Forgive?

With cities such as Kherson and Kyiv falling victim to Russian military control, it seems that the very action Putin is taking to unify the two countries will do the exact opposite. How can millions of displaced nationals, thousands of deceased civilians--including women and children---and the continuous threat of nuclear retaliation, what incentive do Ukrainians have to play nice going forward? Even as countries across the globe send military forces, humanitarian aid, and other forms of support to the war-ransacked residents, it's anyone's guess what the head of Russian roulette will do next.

Your role?

I've given you a small slice of what we "think" is happening over in Ukraine. The bottom line, our left-wing media is not providing amazing coverage of recent events, or insight into the true nature of the conflict. Do your due diligence, listen to that intuitive voice that screams with sound reason, and refuse to clear off supermarket shelves in anticipation of World War 3. Remain calm, pray for your leaders, truth, and your nation, and that revelation will prevail.

I hope to share better news with you in the days and weeks to come. Until then, practice gratitude for the few freedoms we have left and hug your family members a little tighter.

Until next time, friends,


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