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The Top Five Anti-Woke Rappers You've Never Heard About Until Right Now!

By James Lane, Founder, American Reveille LLC

And no, I'm not talking about Mr. balls of steel himself, Alex Stein #99, hilariously rapping about Ukraine to the Plano TX city council the other week.

No, the people I'm talking about are serious as a heart attack, and if one snuck up on you in a dark alley, you might have a heart attack. These aren't your average Conservatives. No, these are tough, rough, and ready men. Some may say the new-age salt of the Earth. These are folks with Neck tattoos and bad attitudes. People who may or may not have done hard prison time. These are the type of people I grew up around. Most are hard-working, dependable, reliable men and women, just looking to make a living and be left the Hell alone, just like any other cultural niche in the United States of America.

You see, people forget that "the Right" is a spectrum. We have Libertarians, Conservatives, Republicans, and undecideds. All of these groups are made up of groups themselves. There are people who believe in God, are anti-abortion, and believe in the legalization of Marijuana. There are folks who want to see everyone just do as they please and leave each other alone. Hell, there's even people who are fiscally Conservative and socially Libertarian. We are a large group of people with similar core values from many different backgrounds, cultures, and tax brackets. Let's respect each other and work together on the Right to make this country great again!

These young men are doing just that, patriotically standing up for the core values we all share and believe in. Through the medium of modern music, these people spit in the face of tyranny and tell the censors to go F$#&! themselves. We should all be celebrating anyone with the balls to stand up to wokeism and cancel culture!

5. Forgiato Blow

This guy has reached over 115,000 subscribers on YouTube and has a slew of videos with almost one million views. I hadn't heard of him until the other day when someone brought him up to me. He deserves the proper exposure.

4. J360

This guy has a song with about 30,000 views where he teams up with the guy above (Forgiato Blow) and trashes LeBron, Biden, and more!

3. Burden

One of the most popular people I discovered is a guy named Burden. This guy has over 356,000 subscribers on YouTube and his rap videos are being watched by millions of people. Talk about some influence in the right direction! People like this are much more relatable to millions of Americans than the suits and ties being shoved down our throats.

2. Mesus

With 176,000 subscribers, Mesus is definitely not the top anti-woke rapper by the numbers, but with millions of views per video and some super vulgar yet extremely catchy lyrics, Mesus secures the number two spot on this list.

1. Tom MacDonald

Easily securing the number one spot on the list is Tom MacDonald. Seemingly appearing out of nowhere the other year, this face tattooed and talented patriot calls out the establishment with songs like "Fake Woke," watched over 26 million times!

As the Right begins to build up a renewed media presence in the face of tremendous censorship and tyranny, I can guarantee we will hear more and more from these fantastic entertainers, their message, and others like them. Remember, we all share "the Right" together and have a shared responsibility to our core values and our country.

If there are more young musicians that you feel should be added to this list, please email me directly by clicking here. If enough people respond, I will write a second article.

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[Note: Our bloggers are independent writers with their own constitutionally granted opinions, viewpoints, interpretations, and feelings. Their views do not always represent that of American Reveille LLC. Regardless, we support their right to free speech and a medium to express it! Got a problem with that? Go somewhere else!]


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