• James Lane

The Ugly Truth About the Ukraine-Russia War That Nobody Wants To Say Out Loud

By James Lane, Founder, American Reveille LLC

Day after day and week after week, I have to listen to keyboard Generals tell me who the good guys and bad guys are in an extremely complicated situation completely across the globe. Day after day and week after week, the story changes and evolves as it seeps through the cracks and crevices of everyone I know. It doesn't matter the political affiliation, the American public is confused and distracted with the many different angles and assumptions pertaining to the conflict in Europe. Exactly where countries like China, Iran, and North Korea want us to be.

What if I told you the answer was infinitely simple yet infinitely complicated?

I have the answer by the way. I know who is who. I study these sorts of things. The answer itself is, as mentioned above, infinitely simple yet infinitely complicated—first, the simple part.

Every day, I discuss and debate with people who is good or bad, right or wrong, righteous or damned, and I hear many theories. I have heard that there are Biolabs in Ukraine and that Zelensky gave a speech at Davos supporting a one-world government. I have heard that Putin is only invading Ukraine because of a broken promise by NATO and the United States. I have even heard that Putin may be intentionally or unintentionally fighting Biden and the deep state by invading Ukraine.

Others tell me that America has no room to talk because of all the women and children we have killed over the years. They tell me that Biden's America and NATO are trying to form a one-world government and take over the world. They tell me Putin is fighting this. Then I'm told that Putin is killing thousands of civilians and making up stories about Nazis to justify the recreation of a new Russian empire. They tell me that Putin is a madman, murdering thousands of his own people, and risking his own assassination to expand his power.

Wow! That's a lot of confusing information! Everything seems diametrically opposed and complicated. My friends, it's so complicated that it's actually quite simple:

After all the debating and endless research, I have finally come to a simple conclusion. Everything I mentioned above and more, all of it, it's all true.

How the Hell is that simple you ask? Easy, if it's all true, then that means there are no good guys in this fight. Is that lightbulb coming on yet? Here, let me show you some proof. There are 26 Biolabs in Ukraine, and they receive funds from the United States. I even wrote an article about them which you can read by clicking here. In a new development, the New York Post just confirmed that Hunter Biden had a role in funding those Biolabs. This is no joke. Here's the source. At the same time, does this mean that Putin is fighting corruption and the "New World Order?" Not at all because it turns out that NATO and the United States really did break their promise to Russia! This article explains everything. Oh yeah, Zelensky did go to Davos…with President Trump, it's all right here. Russia is definitely killing women and children and piling up the civilian body count, and yes, the United States is guilty of a similar disregard for human life. Just take a look at the Civilian Casualty Files. This raises some real hard moral questions and requires deep reflection to really process the simple answer.

The simple answer is that there is no good guy. Great, it's settled. Now we don't have to argue and debate who the good guys and bad guys are anymore. Now for the more complicated part. Now that we know there's no good guy, what the heck do we do about it?! Now that we know that we are sometimes just as bad as the "other" bad guys in this world, what do we do about it? Do we burn the whole system down? Do we make martyrs of our wives, husbands, and children for the sake of morality? And if so, then what? The other side isn't righteous or moral either! Any conspiracy could be right at this point. Biden could be trying to establish the "New World Order," and Putin could be trying to fight it. None of that matters in regard to morality because both sides kill civilians and break the rules of war on a consistent basis. The United States, Russia, and every single other country in the world piss on us little people and tell us it's raining. It's called global political chess and, if you haven't noticed yet, we're the pawns.

So, how do we pick a side? I spent weeks dissecting this question, knowing everything I know from above and more. I finally came to a conclusion and I truly believe that it's the ugly truth about the Ukraine-Russia war most people are thinking but not saying out loud:

I live in the United States. My wife, children, and I call this land home. My beautiful daughters live here and watching them grow is a great joy. I have worked so hard my entire life for this little piece of happiness I have on Earth. If the United States is hurt, my family, my children, my peace and serenity is hurt! As much as I want to be moral and put others before me, I, like 99.9 percent of other Americans that aren't insane, choose the safety and well-being of my family over self-sacrifice just because some American believe Russia has justification. It doesn't matter to me whether they are justified or not, I choose my family and my children. Therefore, I choose the United States.

Make no mistake, this doesn't mean I want war. This means I want energy independence and whatever the heck else turns out to be best for my family and not what is best for Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, the EU, NATO, or anyone else…regardless of how that happens during these unstable times. I personally don't think we should be screwing around when for all we know, China made a backdoor deal with Russia and is bating us into a trap, but that's neither here nor there. In the meantime, if you've got to pick between two bad guys, you may as well pick the team of bad guys you're already on...


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