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The World Economic Forum Owns President Joe Biden

By James Lane, host, American Reveille

Biden's Build Back Better plan doesn't come from anyone in his administration, instead, it comes from a global organization deadset on the subjugation of the entire human race... The proofs in the pudding, cupcake, pay attention!



American Reveille LLC Transparency Report - Nov. 2021

American Reveille | 179 | Build Back Better: The Elite's Blueprint for World Domination


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Generated Transcript:

Joe Biden's puppet masters. You heard me right. So who could Joe Biden's puppet masters be? I mean, Joe Biden. He's not smart enough to be making the decisions he's making on his own. Is he? I don't think he is. Is he smart enough to fake dementia, so he doesn't go to prison when this is over? Maybe if he survives his term, he is old and frail. But this whole thing about Joe Biden just being some dumb, unwitting person, I don't think that's very true. I think Joe Biden's a player in the game. I just don't think he's at the top of the card. I think he's a mid card fighter. Maybe. I think maybe he's taken the cuts making the pay. He's a con man. Just like Hunter. Like father like son. They are sheisty car salesmen. They're con men. They're snake oil salesmen come one. Come on Hunter and Joe's Biden extraordinare. By your votes here, your global reset their New World Order for sale, ladies and gentlemen, beautiful apartments right on the beautiful coasts of Iraq. Ladies and gentlemen, my friend. If you are listening to me, then you obviously are seeking the truth. And the truth is that if you follow me, this rabbit hole goes much deeper than you think. Alright, this all leads to the great reset. And if you've never heard of the great reset, the great reset in a nutshell, sounds pretty crazy. A couple years ago, you would have looked at me and you would have said James lane. You're a conspiracy theorist James lane, you're out of your mind James lane, you need to go to the loony bin. But no, you're gonna listen to this. And you're gonna go Oh, yeah, that sounds like it could be true, because it is. There's too much evidence. All right, the great reset, is this thing they say it just happened. But it's years old in the making a bunch of companies, a bunch of businesses, a bunch of different corporations, countries, world leaders, everything all around the world, the global elite themselves, the Davos crowd, the George Soros is all of these folks. Right? They come together, and they say, Hey, man, this world is screwed up. And we got to fix it. Well, that's what they tell you that they're saying what they're actually saying is, we're in danger of getting discovered. That's right, folks, you only will hear it here on American Reveley. Nobody else is going to say what I'm about to tell you. We are in danger of being discovered. We're super rich elites, and we like to do bad things with kids. That is what's happening. Biden doesn't just sniff people because he's bored. Biden sniffs people because he likes to sniff people, ladies and gentlemen. So do so do tons and tons of wealthy elites. Now not all wealthy people are elites. There are plenty of elite, wealthy folks out there on their mega yachts. There are plenty of Microsoft CEOs, there are plenty of Google CEOs there plenty of international Sultan's, and Shah's, and all kinds of folks with their hands in this all right, the main thing that's really happening, right, is they're saying that they need to redistribute the wealth, right? The planet. There's, there's climate change. Oh, no. And if we don't do something, everything's gonna 2030 the whole world's going to explode. Oh, woe is me. Oh, everything's falling apart. People are starving, super tornadoes. COVID-19, all of these things are happening. And they've exposed this terrible thing. And what is this terrible thing? Oh, the world isn't in equal place. The bad things happen around the world. Oh, my gosh. You mean reality? Yeah, that thing called Reality. They don't like that. You see, reality is not predictable, and rich, evil people that like to do bad things with kids and don't want you to know about it and want to close the curtain that Trump pulled wide open. They don't want you to see what's happening. They want to shut it down. All right, they want to put baby in a corner. They want to close Pandora's box. All right. And the only way they're going to do that is through basically a global takeover. I know it sounds out there. But if you're watching I'm sure you've heard this before. You've heard about the n. W. o The New World Order. We used to call it back in the day you remember the 90s the 80s, early 2000 The New World Order, they're going to create a one world government. They're gonna take over everything and the lizard people are gonna come and they're gonna kill us. That is what people used to say. And we used to look at them Like, Oh, that person needs to take some medication. But with everything that's happened, and everything out in the open, and the changing of words critical race theory, woek ideologies, the changing of definitions, this Bolshevik in this socialist like takeover of all of our institutions, things just start looking a little more realistic. Okay, they look a little more realistic, it doesn't seem like a hoax, it doesn't seem like a conspiracy. Especially when you can put the money together, when you can put one in two together, they want to change everything. They want to inject social policy into everything. They want to create a socialist world without calling it socialism, a change and upgrade a new form of capitalism very much looking like Communist China. And we see how that is going. economically. Now, they're socialists over there, so they can push some buttons and make things look good for a little while, but it's all falling apart just as it is here. Alright. The World Economic Forum. They push this whole thing, they push the great reset, the articles come out there. They tell us what they're going to do. They work with a group called the O E. C. D, the Office of Economic Cooperation and Development. Ooh, that sounds extra scary. All they are, are Trojan horses for a worldwide socialist takeover. Plain and simple. And it's not really socialism. They use socialism as a tool. Alright. But really, it's just the global elites that are really quote, like creepy people that want to do whatever the hell they want and don't want to be held accountable. They weren't held accountable for generations, the door was ripped wide open, and things are coming down the pipeline, the pressure is on. And they don't like the heat. So they want you to get out of their yard. And if they have to enslave the world to do so. Well, why not? Biden's build back better plan. It's not his. It's not his. You see, the person with the money always plans, the scheduled events, the person funding, everything makes the decisions. Listen, let me ask you a question. If you and your buddies were going out somewhere, and you were paying for everything, if you were taking your friends to dinner, don't you get to pick the restaurant? Do you? Do you take out 50 6070 bucks and go to Chili's with five people? That's probably in today's inflation. That's probably enough for two people. If you go to a Chili's, right? Do you just do you just look at them? Do you just bring them there? And do you feed them? All? Right. And then do you just did you just go to some restaurant that wasn't? That wasn't on the menu. Did you not have any say? Like, it's just confusing to me. It's just confusing to me. I'm so glad I recovered that brain fart I almost had there. It's so confusing to me. That you can literally sit there Joe Biden can and he can say this is my plan the build back better plan. This is my thing right here. It's not socialism. It's not the great reset. It's none of these things. This is my build back better. I created it. I'm Joe Biden. I am a hypochondriac. No hypochondriac. It's not the word. What's the word I'm looking for? Hypocrite. That's the word I'm looking for. He's a hypocrite. And a liar. Probably a hypochondriac, too. But then again, you see him break his mask policy so much. I don't believe he's a hypochondriac at all. So the person with the money always plans the events. So there's the World Economic Forum, right. We talked about this. There's the O E. CD just mentioned as well. These are companies we'll talk about in a second, I'll show you a couple things about them. But people fund them as well. Then those are the people that actually rule the world. Again, build back better. It's a socialist Trojan horse, it's a takeover. And it's not just happening here. It's happening in countries across the world. Plain and simple. The other day I I was laying down doing some research looking at some stuff resting my back and Biden came on the television. I usually have Hulu on like 24/7 Because I have the news on so I can be up to date so I can make sure I don't sound completely like an idiot while I'm doing these episodes. And I I came across Joe Biden giving his build back better infrastructure speech. Oh, pat myself on the back. We passed this crappy legislation I noticed something very odd. I had to write it down about nine minutes in Biden cites pretty much why he's doing certain things he is going off certain data. And the data that he cites when he says that America's number 13th in the world and infrastructure, so we had to do something about it. He got that information from where, from the World Economic Forum, he goes, according to the World Economic Forum. Alright. Nine minutes and 20 seconds. And Biden cites the O E. C. D, he says we're 35th in education. Can you imagine what type of education the OECD wants to teach your kids? Can you imagine? I can imagine, I can tell you, they want you to have nothing and be happy they want to train your kids to be Marxists. I'll probably say it again in this podcast. But did you know that 33% of all young people under 30 Not just want Marxism, but believe in it in their being? They believe Marxism is good. They've been taught that 33% of people under 30, what's another generation? Will we be at 50%? Will we be running a socialist candidate against somebody? Will it be a socialist candidate against I don't know a libertarian? I mean, how crazy could this get? It could get a lot crazier than it is right now. I'll tell you that. But I heard those. I heard him say nine minutes, and about nine minutes and 20 seconds. And I said That's odd. I listened to his whole 30 minute spiel, it was more like 15 minutes and then 15 minutes of him having silly questions where he looked like he was going to fall over. But really, I listened to the whole thing. I found what he cited. And I started to do a little bit of digging. Alright, I really started to do a little bit of digging. And I found all right, I found that the W E. F, the OECD, and a company named sompo Holdings, a company getting money, lots of money, billions of dollars from wealthy investors, rich people and their dealings all around the world. They work hand in hand with the World Economic Forum, they work hand in hand with the Office of Economic Cooperation and Development. They work hand in hand with all the socialist bad guys, you could imagine. I've got some stuff right here on it. This is actually from Times magazine. It says the great reset COVID 19 pandemic has provided a unique opportunity to think about the kind of future we want. Time Magazine partnered with the World Economic Forum, to ask leading thinkers to share ideas for how to transform the way we live. And the way that we work. Very, very interesting stuff. It's scary stuff. It proves that these people are in cahoots, they say it right. It's not shocking when you call them out and you say, Hey, you guys are doing some great reset stuff. They go yeah, what are you gonna do about it? That's literally where we are at. And you can see on their website, you can go to the World Economic Forum's website, they're partnered with hundreds of businesses, companies, world leaders, investors. And it makes me wonder, is it too late? Are we too late to the party? Are we just seeing it now as the shackles are closing around our wrists and ankles? This is some scary stuff. Very scary stuff. I mean, I'm looking at this paper right now. I did my research, printed out some articles, lots of notes on here. And I found some interesting stuff. This sample holdings, like I said, they have ties to the WPF in the OECD, Time Magazine, more Microsoft, all these different companies. This is literally coming from sample holdings. Alright. These are the people funding sending money, operations, different things, right? Different projects, planning different ways to get in the minds of your child. Remember education, right? Remember, infrastructure infrastructure is no longer just buildings, it's human infrastructure. Remember to them. It's about your happiness, happiness, that thing that people strive for. But happiness does not always bring you purpose happiness can drive you insane. This articles called redesign capitalism to incorporate social value, re design, capitalism, that thing that's based upon our on our needs, on trade on human instinct, and incorporate social value You the world was facing a daunting challenges before the COVID 19 crisis, climate change, environmental destruction, worsening inequality and widening disparities are problems that some among us choose to downplay or dismiss. You see that attack right there at the end, some among us choose to downplay or dismiss. Those are the Trump supporters. That's them talking about you and I, you see, they've been setting this up for years. They've got an entire network. When you go to the website, it shows that this company this OECD is 60 years old. It's 60 years old COVID-19, they said is a reckoning. It's a reckoning. All right, they see it as an opportunity, a reckoning it was their own wake up call their own Reveley, if you make and they never wanted to let that crisis go to waste, they saw COVID-19 They might have even released COVID-19 alongside China, and they said now is the time to seize power. Now is the time to take control through fear through power, we will rule you forever and then we can go back to you know, doing bad things with children and hopefully you won't know about it anymore. They want control so that they can have their god like freedom back. But they have another thing coming. They have another thing coming. This is scary. All right. Here look, they try to mask this horrible statement. They they use this affirmative statement to make you become open. It's like hypnotism, hypnotism, right, they use an affirmative statement to let to get your guard down right to warm you up to let you go. They agree with you. You go oh, this person's not so bad. They agree with my points. They say capitalism has lifted countless people out of poverty. However, that's a key word. When you see the word However, my friend. However, with the great expansions of digitalization and globalization, you mean that thing that you guys want to globalization, capitalism has produced greater inequalities, and divisions. And that is a bold lie. As statistics have shown that capitalism has raised far more people out of poverty than ever has put in there are plenty of statistics that you can find on that. They said that, with the expansions of digitalization and globalization, capitalism has produced these greater inequalities and divisions and capitalism itself, in its present form, is not truly contributing to the well being of humanity. And we need to reimagine capitalism, to incorporate social sustainability. Oh, that key word right there. sustainability. Sustainability is a key word for racism, socialism, taking people's money, that they've worked hard for their whole life, stealing it from them, giving it to other people who illegally come into the country. That's sustainability to these people. All right, we have to save the planet, even though we have no idea what is happening, because nothing is happening the way we think it's happening, the Earth's going through certain cycles. And though, you know, we might be responsible for doing better to be better shepherds of this planet, right? We're not responsible for making ourselves into cave people again, alright, destroying our convenience, destroying our lives, destroying our energy dependence, destroying our wealth, destroying everything, just so we can be the benevolent creatures that you've always strive to be Oh, looking down at my notes, looking down at the peasants floating above the bay, listen, we're not gonna play this game. We're not, it's not going to happen. You're not going to do it to us, you're not going to make us feel better by saying, Yeah, we agree capitalism has done great things. But listen, I'm a business major, I know what that is. I know how to use Transformative Leadership to convince employees to do things, right. And these folks are using certain tactics and techniques to put words together to get you to let your guard down to soften to their ideas. They want to reimagine capitalism. They don't want to destroy it. They want to reimagine it that's different. That's still capitalism, right? To the unintelligent, the uninformed, the dumb and dull. That's still capitalism. But you and I, we know the difference. We know the difference says capitalism is a socio economic system designed to meet the demands of people and to redesign the system they need to create a new capitalism. And these are some of the points that should be considered and you need to listen to this. This is some crazy stuff. It says create a system that can generate good to demand to meet the various objectives of the Sustainable Development Goals. Businesses should pursue the happiness of the whole society, in line with environmental social and corporate governance. Why is it Nikes job to worry about my happiness? Why is it the hardware stores job to worry about my mental health? These people are sick, they're out of their mind. Capitalism is not about your feelings and worrying about your feelings worrying about saving the planet and worrying about saving society as a company is only going to lead and as you can see, if you look out your window it already is to the downfall of this very country, which is exactly what they want. The Global Elite want the downfall of all Western countries. They want us to rise up again as socialist heck, scapes socialist pits tar pits where we can sink into in their form their version of free modern convenience, where we can be complacent, we can be lazy, we can own nothing we can be happy we can literally become the movie Idiocracy. Absolutely ridiculous stuff. It's absolutely ridiculous stuff.

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