• Thomas Marlowe

These Orwellian Times

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

By Thomas Marlowe, Contributor

"There are two ways to be fooled: one is to believe what isn't true, the other is to refuse to believe what is true."~Sren Kierkegaard

CBS News just reported a few moments ago, at the time of this writing, that DNI John Ratcliffe has affirmed China, Russia, and Iran, all nefarious nation-states, definitely meddled in our "irregular" election. Ratcliff should reportedly be going public sometime in January with his findings. Jim Hoft's Gateway Pundit and other sources have reported on the SEC filings of a Chinese investment firm paying 400 million dollars to Dominion (Voting Systems, which are used here in the US in 28 states, and perhaps more, as rumors about Smartmatic systems providing the DNA source code in other states' systems continue to prove true). Just a couple of months before the November elections, the transfer of funds came from a Swiss bank account tied to a Chinese firm attached to the CCP. As these alarming revelations unfold, the Biden family scandal and their ties with the CCP have become points of fact.

Yet, today on the turncoat Fox network morning broadcast—perhaps in one of their segmented efforts to redeem themselves—an anchor pointed out that Hunter Biden and associates', across five major, mainstream media networks received a total of around two-and-a-half minutes worth of airtime in the last seven days. There were always the sycophants, but now corporate media employed journalists are outright minions of the left's globalist agenda. And their silence has become censorship and obedience.

This has been going on for a long time. Even Politico, as far left as it leans, highlighted Obama's ability to mesmerize reporters with his insidious magic. Jack Shafer wrote about it in 2016, the year Obama's plans for his shadow government with Hillary went south: "What distinguishes the Obama administration's propaganda machine," he writes, "…is its cold, casual style." Matt Taibbi, a Rolling Stone thirty-year veteran journalist and no fan of Trump, wrote an excellent book about why the media are primarily to blame for the populist presidential win of that same year (Hate, Inc.). He admits that even he was alarmed at how cozy the journalists were getting with Obama as his popularity grew on the campaign trail back in 2008. His colleagues in the industry were too busy snapping selfies with Obama to ask real and poignant policy questions, and later too enamored with his charisma and suave to call him out on the many well-managed scandals of his eight-year presidency—and, make no mistake, there were many. TO SAY THE LEAST, John Q. Public has become distrustful of what he hears from talking heads on the big screens in their sitting rooms. It's getting to the point that every talking head makes John want to slam his beer and smash his can on the coffee table.

Neither is it a great secret that Communist Chinese money helps fund these media outlets. Hollywood and the NBA kowtow to the CCP, who commit human atrocities on the regular. They obviously concern themselves only with acquiring a larger audience to entertain. However, with all the doubt that has been rightfully cast over the veracity of cable news, there are still those who are influenced or even convinced by their talking points or remain in ignorance of newsworthy developments as a result of selective reporting—shadow-banning certain news stories. Why? With so many independent news sources and accomplished investigative reporters like Taibbi, Tim Pool, Josh Meyer, John Solomon, Jim and Joe Hoft, and, of course, yours truly, we have plenty of sources and commentary to turn to for alternative perspectives that should help offset the imbalance. But then, perhaps it becomes difficult to know whom to believe these days.

Perhaps there is that need in each one of us that wants to believe what is familiar and what is in front of us already, the trusted sources we grew up with. Even the social media academic fact-checkers (one of which at least, Lead Stories, is also funded by a Chinese company) make some people feel a sense of security, knowing that anyone who disagrees with a post can suffer the wrath of a dozen fact check article links—Orwell's modern-day version of the thought police. We consume news that's easy, convenient, and that aligns already with our sense of reality, our ideologies, and our beliefs about what is true. Now, more than ever, the questions we must ask ourselves are epistemological in nature. Why and how do we know what we think we know? What validates our knowledge and beliefs? So much is going on right now, and so little is coming to the surface in our mainstream sources.

May we all search out the light of truth to avoid the oblivion of ignorance.

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