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This Day in History: Roe v. Wade is Overturned!

By Madison Blake, American Reveille Writer/Blogger

With over 60 million unborn lives taken since Roe Vs. Wade was implemented nearly fifty years ago, today marks a celebratory day in history with the United States Supreme Court’s decision to overturn it. In a 5-4 decision by mostly conservative Supreme Court justices, laws regarding abortion will now be up to each individual state. Because this is a concept that seems to elude the pro-infanticide liberal left, the riots are sure to ensue. Justice Samul Alito, as reported in Politico (2021), drafted the intent to overturn both Roe V Wade and Planned Parenthood V Casey, stating that the two cases are not only unconstitutional but have “enflamed debate and deepened division.” The fact is science has come a long way since 1973. In reading Justice Alito’s draft, he argues the case that we now know a baby has a heartbeat at eight weeks gestation and that by just twelve weeks, the baby has taken on all the human form. Taking it a bit further, Justice Alito states that abortion after fifteen weeks “crushes and tears” the baby from the womb, calling elective abortion “barbaric,” “dangerous,” and “demeaning to medical professionals.” In fact, it could and SHOULD be considered cruel and unusual punishment to the unborn baby and to the mother due to the mental anguish it takes to have an abortion.

What happens now that Roe and Casey are overturned?

Prior to Roe V Wade, laws regarding abortion were left to each individual state. Overturning Roe and Casey would quite simply put the power of deciding abortion laws back in the hands of the states. Some conservative-leaning states like Texas, Oklahoma, and Mississippi have already begun to make their stance known. Texas passed the “Texas Heartbeat Act,” which bans elective abortion after the heart begins to beat, which we now know is at eight weeks. Oklahoma passed one of the most restrictive laws thus far, banning elective abortions in almost all cases except when the life of the mother is in danger, i.e., ectopic pregnancies and septic miscarriages. One of the most insightful aspects of the Oklahoma bill is that a woman must report rape/incest to obtain an abortion. Alternatively, liberal leaning states like California, New York, and Oregon have vowed to become sanctuary cities for women seeking to escape the consequences of unprotected sex and continue to allow abortion. To simplify for the pro-choice reader, if you live in one of these abortion-sanctuary states, you will still have access to one and if you live in a conservative state, you have the Constitutional right to move or travel to obtain one.

Why the Pro-Choice Movement is So Angry

When the draft was egregiously leaked in early May, the chaos and rage from modern-day feminists and blue-haired liberal arts students began. They attacked Catholic Churches dressed as Handmaids, held posters with phrases like “my body, my choice” screaming outside of the US Supreme Court, and had the illegal and immoral audacity to invade the homes of the republican justices. Ironically, they used Mother’s Day as a day to “protest” and vowed not to have sex if Roe V Wade is overturned. Recent reports have indicated that even the White House is bracing for violence when the Court votes, anticipating more of the so-called tolerant left’s “peaceful protests.” The extent of brainwashing that these women have undergone into being so convinced that abortion is “women’s reproductive healthcare” that they would murder their own unborn child is terrifying. After all, if a woman can take the life of their own child out of convenience, then she is truly capable of anything disgraceful.

Even before the Supreme Court Decision was officially declared, groups like “Jane’s Revenge” and “Ruth sent us” have begun to carry out mass violence. The Supreme Court is already bursting with pro-choice protesters and according to Fox News, pro-choice groups like Jane’s revenge have already made egregious attacks on pro-life pregnancy care centers. From graffiti to Molotov cocktails, the violent left has caused thousands of dollars in damage before Roe V Wade was officially overturned. Now, according to Jane’s Revenge’s own blog site, the domestic terrorist group has vowed a “night of rage” because of the Supreme Court’s decision. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh thankfully survived an assassination attempt in his own home by a pro-choice terrorist, the so-called “activists” have made threats on Justice Amy Coney-Barrett and her seven children. Far left terrorists have doxed conservative justices’ personal information including addresses of their homes and schools their children attend. For the right, this is a small but significant win in the fight to end the murder of the unborn and save millions of lives. But for the left, this seems to be the trigger of a new type of civil war as their extremist views have no limit and zero regard to human life, and yet, the Department of Justice, the FBI, and the local police have yet to recognize these violent groups as a threat.

What Are the Facts?

Less than 1% of abortions performed are a result of rape or incest. In a study by Guttmacher Institute, 74% and 73% of women reported either not wanting a baby or not being able to afford a baby, with the most common sub-reason being that they were not married. While pro-choice advocates argue that those are valid reasons, citing talking points like lack of affordable child-care, inadequate maternity leave, and simply “my body, my choice,” it is important to remember that an unwanted pregnancy can be avoided. Between pills, patches, implants, condoms, IUDs, gels, sponges, rings, emergency contraceptives and more, typically at free or low cost, it is easier than ever to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

No, the bills proposed by states like Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Texas’ “Heartbeat Act” will not make ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage a crime. As previously proven in my last article, if a person were to read these bills, they clearly state “except in the event of a medical emergency.” Both an ectopic pregnancy and a miscarriage that does not resolve naturally are medical emergencies, and both require a similar procedure as an abortion to save the mother’s life. That said, generally, ectopic pregnancies and miscarriages are not the mother’s choice, and that baby was wanted and grieved.

As a woman, a Christian, and a mother, the overturning of Roe V Wade to the states is a small but significant win. As previously stated, conservative states are likely to ban or seriously restrict abortions, making abortion only legal when lifesaving or in the event of rape or incest. Mandating that the rape and/or incest must be reported encourages victims to report those crimes which also, ideally, would lead to more convictions and put the perpetrator behind bars preventing consecutive offenses. However, to be successful, subsequent improvements to law enforcement are crucial. This is where re-funding the police comes in. A smart state leader would redistribute funding from abortion into law enforcement and pregnancy prevention.

Perhaps the most heinous considerations on abortion are the negative stigma about single mothers and the manipulation by the left that abortion is women’s reproductive health. Today’s modern feminists have delayed marriage and having children in pursuit of financial independence, but women are suffering depression, hopelessness, isolation, and infertility at historically high rates. The left’s destruction of the nuclear family has falsely led women into believing that climbing the corporate ladder will lead them to happiness when women have actually lost their biological purpose. This may seem “draconian” to the brainwashed modern feminist, but perhaps sky-high mental illness rates in women are related to the lack of hormones produced during motherhood and purpose found in the nuclear family. Yes, affordable child-care, maternity leave for the working mother, and society, in general, has many flaws that make it difficult to be a single mother in America. Overturning Roe V Wade is just the beginning of making being a mother in America more desirable and improving the lives of mothers and their children. If you ask me, bringing back the nuclear family and stay-at-home mothers would fix the disastrous mental health crisis in mothers and children alike, decrease crime and homelessness, and fix the hole that women have in America.

Roe v. Wade: Debunking Myths and Misconceptions Regarding Abortion

[Note: Our bloggers are independent writers with their own Constitutionally granted opinions, viewpoints, interpretations, and feelings. Their views do not always represent American Reveille LLC but have no doubt, we support their GOD-given right to free speech and a medium to express it! Got a problem with that? This is America, go somewhere else!]


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