• Thomas Marlowe

Tracing the Real Pandemic

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

By Thomas Marlowe, Contributor

2 Timothy 3: 1, 2, and 7: "In the last days...[m]en shall be...ever learning, but never able to come to the knowledge of the truth."

At the close of 2019, the WHO, the CDC, and Dr. Anthony Fauci officially informed the mainstream media that a potential pandemic had been discovered that reportedly came from the wet markets of Wuhan, China. The WHO, of course, dodged and ducked the reality with a bit of paltering, but no one seems to care about that now. More recent reports have confirmed it was likely a laboratory engineered virus.

Most of the mainstream media pundits criticized President Trump for downplaying the potential devastation that this virus might have on the United States population, as though running and screaming in a febrile panic out of a press conference would have helped the nation cope any better with all the MSM dystopian gloom and doom already ramping up the toilet paper sales. Bob Woodward, journalist turned never-Trumper biographer stoked the fire of Trump's perceived lackadaisical attitude toward the virus by his unauthorized biography in the months preceding the 2020 election. Woodward published a couple of books about the Trump presidency, Rage and Fear, obviously trying to avoid, as the titles indicate, any sort of bias or prejudice regarding his personal stance on the four years of pro-middle-and-working-class American policies. One can't help but wonder whether Woodward expected Trump's operation "warp speed" would succeed in getting a vaccine to market by 2021. I could venture a guess.

Perhaps because so little was known about the novel virus, a real prognosis and plan of action for the US was difficult for Trump to negotiate early on. However, we do know that thousands of doctors across the country were attempting to placate a fearful population with what is known about all coronaviruses. They explained that this strain, while potentially deadly for some with co-morbidities, should not be looked at as a death sentence. They explained in very basic terms that this coronavirus, for most people, was a mild flu virus. And for the young, this virus quite often comes and goes without any symptoms at all.

In fact, Dr. Anthony Fauci himself co-authored an article in the New England Journal of Medicine where he predicted that COVID-19 was likely no more deadly than a serious flu virus during a bad flu season. Fauci and his co-authors were clear about their expectations with COVID-19 and how it should pale in comparison to other deadly strains: "If one assumes that the number of asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic cases is several times as high as the number of reported cases, the case fatality rate may be considerably less than 1%. This suggests that the overall clinical consequences of COVID-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%) or a pandemic influenza (similar to those in 1957 and 1968) rather than a disease similar to SARS or MERS, which have had case fatality rates of 9% to 10% and 36%, respectively." Indeed, we know now Fauci was wrong about his prediction. According to most sources, the actual mortality rate is around .03%--far less than he predicted in his article. Nevertheless, the red ticker tapes and floating boxes flashed on every MSM station 24/7, accumulating deaths like dollars onto the national debt. After all, it makes for much more thrilling news to discuss the end of life as we know it on planet earth, rather than report on a novel virus that we should approach with precaution and protective measures for our susceptible, but not with undue panic and national emergency mandates.

Aside from the strange disconnect between how most coronaviruses behave and what the MSM numbers were telling us, there was also the problem of counting deaths as COVID-related without laboratory confirmation. In other words, according to the CDC's own website at the time, an undisclosed percentage of the total deaths reflected in the data were "presumed" COVID related, based on symptoms reported upon admission to the hospital. Oddly, many of the symptoms of COVID mimic those of a common cold (another coronavirus) or even allergies. Sometimes there are no symptoms, which opens the door for a COVID frenzy and opportunities for hospitals to receive federal funding by the stroke of a pen on a death certificate. The CDC's footnote explains that deaths coded "U07.1" reflect deaths that "can include cases with or without laboratory confirmation." All deaths recorded in the CDC tables, oddly enough, fall under this coding, which means we don't know how many actual "confirmed cases" are of death by COVID. Meanwhile, Newsweek and other sources reported doctors sounding the alarm about COVID and the "misleading" death tallies.

Much later, we find out that better than 94% percent of all individuals tallied as COVID deaths had "2.6" co-morbidities. This means that, except for 6% of the time, COVID itself merely complicated an either potentially deadly, or an already terminal, underlying condition. While the losses were no less mourned, they were cast in a new light that begged the question of whether, in fact, it was even COVID or some related coronavirus, like the flu, that caused at least a large percentage of these deaths that were still accumulating as they marched across the crawlers of MSM. Are we starting to see a "narrative" form here? Board-certified physicians like Annie Bukacek and others across the country were compelled to come out about how data was and is being manipulated to align with a particular agenda perpetuated by both the bureaucracies of health agencies and the MSM.

Now, the WHO and the CDC both have suggested that a "reassessment" of the death numbers might be warranted since they are likely inflated by lack of testing or inaccurate test results. What about reassessing the numbers based on the fact that COVID was likely not the root cause of death, but only a complication of, or even coincidence with, a pre-existing condition? Given all this new information, we no longer have to scratch our heads when hearing about a doctor in Colorado who was outraged to find that COVID was listed on the death certificates of at least 2 individuals who died of gunshot wounds.

For a time, a group of doctors calling themselves "the front line doctors" became infamous for their "crazy antics "regarding Hydroxychloroquine, a drug that had shown positive results in hundreds of patients. But because President Trump touted Hydroxychloroquine during a press interview (a derivative of Quinine which has been used for centuries to combat colds and fever—in essence, it's tree bark) at the White House, the mainstream media suddenly regarded Hydroxychloroquine as the new snake oil pushed by a cabal of quack doctors. However, the doctors refuted the accusations with pesky facts, like the drug has been FDA approved and declared safe for consumption for millions of patients across the world for the last 60 years.

In bureaucratic fashion, the FDA followed suit by sponsoring a study where researchers administered deadly amounts of the drug to COVID patients. This trial predictably caused many complications, especially among heart patients, since HCQ (like many other drugs, such as Z-PAC, for example) can cause a "Q-T prolongation," potentiality exacerbating arrhythmia in some patients.

Once these expected results were beginning to taint the data, the FDA red-flagged the study and halted it in its tracks, declaring that HCQ was far too dangerous a drug to attempt treating patients with COVID since the risk-benefit ratio did not warrant further investigation. Never mind the doses in the FDA-sponsored study were dangerous and unreasonable, almost purposefully rigged, to show adverse side effects. After all, the normal dose offered for COVID patients was around 200 mg two to three times per week. In comparison, the study's researchers administered doses of up to 800 mg per day.

Now, after Trump has left office and the sickness of Trump Derangement Syndrome (undoubtedly an illness related to the pandemic) has cooled, at least a little, among the haters, pharmacology boards across the country have rescinded their moratoriums on doctors who were not then allowed to prescribe the drug for Covid under the penalty of losing their license to practice medicine.

That's right, in an unprecedented move by governors and pharmacology boards, at the direction of none other than the FDA, doctors risked losing their license due to state boards' decisions that Hydroxychloroquine was a dangerous drug (based on the FDA cited study alone, ignoring countless practicing physicians and Randomized Clinical Trials across the globe that showed positive results in helping thousands of patients recover, and recover much faster than anticipated). Thus, the relationship between a doctor and his or her patient was no longer sacred, no longer private, and a bureaucracy presumptuously determined that Doctors no longer knew what was best for their patients. Politicians and bureaucrats had formed their own death squad. Today, 51 global studies show indisputably that Hydroxychloroquine is effective in saving lives when administered early.

The COVID pandemic has been so embroiled in controversy over the last 8 to 10 months—from laboratories fudging numbers and positive test results to hospitals that have been closed for a year receiving tens of thousands of federal dollars for COVID relief—that it is difficult to even arrive at how many people have genuinely died from COVID, and how many fraudulent certificates list COVID as a cause of death.

In essence, the mainstream media and those in high levels of government and federal health agencies are likely responsible for perhaps tens of thousands of deaths, just as some have claimed in lawsuits filed that Cuomo is responsible for those deaths by COVID for sending infected patients to nursing homes populated by the most vulnerable patients.

Sadly, the truth is no longer that shocking: our ruling class has blood on its hands. It has failed us yet again. Still, as the truth continues to trickle out, we are hearing ridiculous suggestions like double and triple masking in order to stave off the spread of a virus that, according to current scientific evidence, is no more contagious without symptoms than is the common cold. A recent study out of the University of Florida has confirmed that asymptomatic spread of COVID-19 is less likely than symptomatic spread. The key here is to use the power of reason to interpret these studies that are skewed by social media "fact-checkers" as "mostly false." Specifically, The University of Florida study found that asymptomatic spread is unlikely, but not impossible. Yet, how can we get the real data on how many asymptomatic carriers actually spread COVID? The truth is, we can't.

A family member, a co-worker, etc., who has no symptoms, would have to develop symptoms and get tested to know if they had COVID. The only reason an asymptomatic individual would get tested would be for precautionary measures (someone close to them contracted COVID and was showing symptoms, or their workplace required it). Otherwise, there is no way of definitively cataloging this particular statistic because asymptomatic people don't typically get tested. And those who contract COVID can't prove in a legal sense from whom or from where they contracted it anyway. It's a virus...It's small and undetectable without an electron microscope. Where one might contract among a healthy gathering is anyone's guess, but it's likely not from anyone who is asymptomatic and apparently healthy.

Therefore, how can we determine whether an asymptomatic carrier ever infected anyone? Since someone can pick up a COVID virus in many ways, the answer is still that we can't. We can, however, determine that those cities and states with the strictest lockdown measures in place have suffered the worst from COVID infections. Reason, therefore, should tell us something about the spread of the virus among populations that are forced to "mask up" and to stay locked in their houses, apartments, and other domiciles for extended periods of time.

One can only hope that 50 years from now we will be living in a country that reflects upon this year as a horrible example of censorship, information manipulation, and a pandemic that almost wiped out an entire culture—all seemingly to bring down a president and a thriving economy driven by 75-80 million business owners, factory workers, oil industry workers, and conservatives in general. They promised to come after us, and they did. Indeed, all of the changes in elections protocols--it is becoming more and more obvious--were not only unconstitutional in their respective states but unnecessary. This only further confirms the notion that the 2020 election was not only a result of mishandling but also malfeasance. So the pandemic was not COVID-19. It was a pandemic far more insidious, far more frightening, far more infectious.

This sickness crept up behind us over decades from foreign countries who wanted nothing more than to see the United States fall from within. As Stalin and Khrushchev hoped and dreamt, this sickness allowed Marxist ideology to consume our way of life without one enemy shot fired.

It was released not into the air or into the water supply, or even via the food that we consume. It was fed to an impressionable youth by way of a disgruntled and frustrated generation of anti-war and anti-American visionaries who could not hack the real world of competition and innovation compelled by a capitalist economy.

Many from the "peace and love" generation, who indeed had some legitimate criticisms of the government, ultimately became so consumed with their hatred for authority and establishment that they retreated from society and picked up Karl Marx's treatises and adopted the world vision of oppressor versus oppressed, deciding that such a world view made perfect sense in light of their own failures and shortcomings.

Today, Black Lives Matter, an organization started originally by Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi (self-proclaimed "trained Marxists" and ideological students of Eric Mann, an avowed communist revolutionary and domestic terrorist), is under consideration for the Nobel Peace Prize. That's right, Trump brings peace to the Middle East with the Abraham Accords, and BLM, allegedly responsible for the "mostly peaceful protests" that occurred this past summer in burning cities where businesses were looted and bystanders were murdered along with police officers, is officially nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. Trump has been officially nominated as well, so it will be interesting to see who receives it for 2020.

You see, while many individuals from the 60s generation entered into the teaching field and into the professoriate of academe out of love for the profession, too many reentered graduate studies with vengeance in their hearts and a growing sickness of the mind. This sickness disguises bigotry and racial discrimination with veils of progressive ideologies and buzzwords like "microaggression" supposedly aimed at achieving "social equity" and egalitarianism. This sickness uses transference and ad hominem attack as its primary weapon for discourse and debate to bring young minds over to believing that the evil that men do is justified by the "greater good" of society.

What was once called communism became socialism once the jig was up. An evolving nomenclature is important to an evil system. The very proletariat that leaders claim they want to save becomes enslaved to a tyrannical oligarchy. So once those names became unpopular—killing more than 100 million people throughout its evil and ugly history—the new generation of academics had to devise a textual approach to inculcating Marxist philosophy.

"Postmodernism," in the halls of academia, is the belief that all texts are inherently biased and, therefore, skewed to the advantage of those in power (i.e., to the advantage of "oppressor"). Individual interpretation and reader inference takes precedence even over the author's original intent so that every interpretation is of equal value and no interpretation is better, or more valid, than another. It is the ultimate "egalitarian" approach to text.

In order to resist the dominion of the oppressor in our "education" system, the socialist ideology of textual analysis has claimed dominion over all texts by declaring them "invalid" and products of the oppressive capitalists of the bourgeoisie. It is no wonder censorship runs rampant in our new "woke" culture of big tech and social media. Any voice that reflects a conservative ideology grounded in our freedom to pursue materialistic wealth of any kind in the form of private property ownership is quashed or rendered "invalid." This ideology is now being spread among the colleges and universities under new names: critical race theory, Derrida's La différance, textual "re-ambiguation," semiotics, deconstructionism, etc.

First, they distorted and ultimately destroyed the canonical books, then they went after social structures, like religion and politics, sewing dissonance and discord in the impressionable minds of new generations of millennials, "X" ers and "Y" ers. The sickness has spread worse than any pandemic in American history. It is now part of a sick and twisted philosophy of existence that resists realities altogether.

Some refer to this sickness as progressivism, liberalism, woke-ness, globalism, and social justice (the latter which finds its etymological nomenclature in the Catholic faith), but the truth is, at its core, no matter what you call it, it is still a sickness.

Individuals who would sacrifice people's lives for a political agenda against a president who advocates for a drug that his own doctor had prescribed...are sick individuals. People who admit at first that a mask has no practical effect on the spread of a disease, knowing full well there are no definitive studies which show that masks have any more effect than social distancing, who then suddenly advocate for two and three masks...are sick people.

Any leader who decides it is appropriate to outlaw certain kinds of speech by executive order (like Chinavirus or Wuhan Virus) is not only a tyrant, he is also sick. Bureaucracies--like the FDA and CDC charged with protecting citizens by conducting, coordinating, and approving studies on drugs for efficacy--that purposefully endanger the lives of patients by overdosing them are bureaucracies lined with sick and malicious individuals. Any state agency responsible for coming between a doctor and his or her patient in deciding what is best for that patient's health is one run by officials who are, by any reasonable standard, undeniably sick.

Yes, we are in the middle of a pandemic all right, a pandemic that is risking the very foundation of our existence, and killing hundreds of thousands, while destroying the livelihoods of millions. Biden and the rest of the woke cabal call "climate change" an "existential threat," while flying around in private jets and floating their yachts. Simultaneously, they are nixing underground pipelines that would eradicate the necessity of railroads that mar the surface of the landscape and emit carbon from their massive engines. But, hey, at least Warren Buffett and Barrack Obama will still be on good terms since Warren happens to own that particular rail-line that would be put out of business by the KeyStone pipeline, a much more environmentally friendly alternative. He has given many generous donations to the democratic party.

Our country was built on the idea that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are individual, unalienable rights that we all as human beings share. Thus, this sickness is worse than the black plague because it is leveling a country whose people believe they are "progressing" toward a more utopian state of cultural and social enlightenment and well-being.

When most other pandemics strike a nation or the globe, we see the dire results and take measures to eradicate them. With this sickness, we are not only failing to recognize and eradicate it, almost half the country is feeding its voracious appetite with "fact-checkers" and twisted rationale while it rots us from the inside.

The virus attacks healthy cells with sound ideas about the freedom to live, work and speak our minds and turns those healthy cells into angry, entitled, and disgruntled Marxists who see the world from a twisted and victimized perspective. It is cancer. It is malignant.

We must cure this sickness. We must remove it altogether from our education systems, counter the infected lessons with the alternative truth of real freedom, and offer answers to our social and cultural problems that are not seditious, subversive, and do not bring out the darkest desires of the human heart. I hope we do not have a repeat of the killing fields of Vietnam, the gulags of Russia, or the Dachaus of Germany. But it is already spiraling out of control. We have become a febrile nation in the throes of a cultural sickness that is bringing on an immune response that could lead to another civil war of sorts.

It has already infected millions, and it seems to be gaining momentum among the most unsuspecting population of Americans. And what's worse, the academics who brought it into our country will be the first who are eradicated by the new, more perfect, society.

God save us all!


[Note: Our bloggers are independent writers with their own constitutionally granted opinions, viewpoints, interpretations, and feelings. Their views do not always represent that of American Reveille LLC. Regardless, we support their right to free speech and a medium to express it! Got a problem with that? Go somewhere else!]


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