• Dessica Leigh

Traitors, Turncoats, and Treason: Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

By Dessica Leigh, Contributor

In this installment of Traitors, Turncoats, and Treason...

We're going to be returning to Georgia. If you recall, our first installment looked at the questionable and traitorous dealings of (alleged) Republican Governor Brian Kemp. Today we're going to be looking at the Governor's "partner in crime," Georgia's Secretary of State.

Interestingly enough, in the state of Georgia, the position of Secretary of State is an elected one. Republican Raffensperger won the popular vote over his Democrat opponent in the November 2018 election by less than one percent. This incredibly tight margin of victory immediately triggered a runoff, which took place on Dec. 4, 2018. He took the victory in the runoff, which positioned him as overseer of elections and chairman of the state election board. This position has invited great scrutiny over the past several weeks.

Why the scrutiny?

Mainly because it appears that Raffensperger is not living up to his oath of office toward the people of Georgia and, by extension, the nation. While the Secretary of State is an elected and, clearly partisan, position, it is also vital to election integrity. Having the power over how votes are gathered, tabulated, and recorded, not to mention being the person who puts the stamp of approval on election certification, has proven to be exceedingly important this cycle. In the first installment, we learned that Governor Kemp had ties to Dominion Voting Systems via a former staffer (from his own days as Secretary of State), turned lobbyist. You'll recall that Dominion is the embattled company that provided the state of Georgia with voting machines for all 159 counties for a cool $107 million. In an earlier piece, we looked into Dominion, examining how its questionable integrity fits into the current election debacle. In researching this piece, I discovered that "in late September Dominion's radical Leftist Eric Coomer made a critical software change to G.A.'s Dominion voting machines 'without adequate testing or certification from the U.S. Election Assistance Commission.'" This was reported in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, far from a bastion of right-wing conspiracy (or even support). They are also a known member of the "Mockingbird Media."


The reason for the "critical change" was a "glitch" in the system, which caused the names of 21 candidates (both Democrats and Republicans) to not show up on the ballot. This was discovered when the state began testing the machines before the beginning of in-person voting, which commenced on Oct. 12. State regulations require recertification after *any* changes to voting machine software, but Raffensperger used Coomer, (former?) V.P. of U.S. Engineering (strategy and security) for U.S. Dominion Voting Company, as an expert witness to testify that it was unnecessary. Also noted in the Atlanta Journal Constitution story is a quote from Coomer stating that the change was "minor and does not require recertification." Coomer (who has ties to Antifa and is seen on two separate 2017 videos showing, not only that it is possible to, but also *how* to alter votes using Dominion software in demonstrations in Chicago) has deleted his social media and any link to Dominion including his employee bio. The ties to Antifa are disturbing and include a Facebook post (pre-deletion) of an open letter from the organization to President Trump, as well as a phone conference in which he allegedly stated, "Don't worry about the election. Trump's not gonna [sic] win. I made f***ing sure of that."

These revelations are sinister and raise more questions than they answer. Secretary Raffensperger has ignored and waved off all claims of election irregularities and fraud. He stonewalled the calls for recounts, and once recounts were mandated, refused to audit signatures. Today (Dec. 7), he has brazenly stated that he will be recertifying the election results in favor of former VP Joe Biden. According to an MSN report, Raffensperger stated at a news conference at the Georgia Capitol," It's been 34 days since the election on Nov. 3. We have now counted legally cast ballots three times, and the results remain unchanged." I wonder how he can be so certain that those ballots recounted were "legally cast" without a signature audit. Sunday, Dec. 6, he stated to George Stephanopoulos on ABC News' "This Week" that, "We've never found systemic fraud -- not enough to overturn the election. We have over 250 cases right now ... but right now, we don't see anything that would overturn, you know, the will of the people here in Georgia." I find both of his statements laughable and quite tone-deaf, considering the video out of Atlanta's State Farm Arena presented before the Georgia State Legislature on Thursday, Dec. 3.

The footage, which appears to show election workers telling poll watchers and press to leave before pulling cases of ballots out from under a covered table and *illegally* counting them without poll watchers present, was provided due to a subpoena from attorney Lin Wood. On top of this damning video, there are also the allegations from Rep. Jody Hice that one Dominion machine forensically tested in Ware County flipped 37 votes to Joe Biden. "The 37 swapped votes of the 74 total impacted represents .26% of the 14,192 county votes cast, exactly the same as Biden's total statewide margin of .26%," VoterGA reported. In this citizen journalist's opinion, these two instances alone should halt certification. Why is Secretary Raffensperger so intent on certifying results on such a hotly contested election? Why is he ignoring video evidence, statistical evidence, forensic evidence, and affidavits from eyewitnesses? What could he have to gain…or rather, what might he have to lose?


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