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Truth Matters: Joy Reid Hates White People and Thinks You Should Too!

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

By Kinsley Kurtz, Writer/Blogger

At first glance, Joy Reid seems to have achieved “the American dream.” Having climbed the ladder of success the traditional way, she has some notable achievements under her belt. Coming from humble roots, she left a career as a business consultant and started her unique path to journalism royalty, eventually replacing a spot held by Chris Matthews and The Hardball Report with her own show entitled, The ReidOut, airing on MSNBC and all of its affiliates weekly.

Who is this lady, and why should we care?

Joy Reid is stirring up some trouble, and it’s kind of in her character to do so. She has taken a firm stance on both gender issues and racial issues since she began her career in journalism; one only has to look at her published work entitled Fractured: Barack Obama, The Clintons, And The Racial Divide to see that she has strong opinions about who she is and where her place lies in society.

With a platform on national television and in print, it makes sense that she would form the foundation of her career on highly opinionated and controversial banter regarding racial tensions in this country right now, but should any “well-respected” public figure use their influence to INCREASE those tensions and widen the gap between Americans? It is this author’s opinion that we’ve done a pretty good job of that ourselves these days; we don’t need additional stirring of the pot from those who are supposed to be “objectively” reporting the news. Ha…….news……..we haven’t had any real reports of truth in a long, long time.

Let’s weigh in on recent events, shall we?

Ms. Reid has strong opinions, and she is ready and willing to share them with all who will hear. When the Chauvin trial resulted in a guilty verdict, she sang the praises of the prosecution, calling the verdict “an exceptionally rare event.” In the same breath, she lambasted the defense that had worked equally as hard and hoped for their version of justice, calling them “deplorable and despicable.”

When Daunte Wright was pulled over the night of April 11, 2021, and fatally shot by veteran police officer Kim Potter, Ms. Reid again took her platform--and her fifteen minutes of Hollywood notoriety--as she appeared to speak on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show.

Now we just had 16-year-old girl Ma’Khia Bryant, who--interestingly enough--was shot and killed by (you guessed it) a white police officer, an ex-military marksman, to be exact, a mere thirty minutes before the Chauvin verdict was read. All you conspiracy theorists out there must see the signs; George Floyd racial tensions weren’t enough, Daunte Wright’s death was unfortunate but highly localized in a suburb of Minneapolis, but those situations weren’t emotional enough to stir up the kind of NATIONAL civil unrest that the Left is going for. Hmmm….what could be broadcast next that would spark new levels of national outrage?


If not then keep reading. You’re about to hear what we’re being fed by our trusted news sources.

Have you fallen off the wagon, Ms. Reid?

Joy Reid is adamantly speaking out in defense of Ma’Khia Bryant since that fateful day when several neighborhood security cameras caught the madness for all to see. In one neighbor’s security footage, it is startlingly clear that Bryant was agitated to the point of loss of rationality, and as she lunges for another black female who appeared to be passive and unarmed, the cop had no choice but to save one life instead of watching two young women die.

Reid states “for the record” that Bryant was a “loving girl” and that she was non-confrontational by nature. She also theorizes that Bryant “must have been scared, and feared for her life” in order to have taken drastic measures like that.

She claims that Bryant has been discriminated against and “adultified” (is that even a word?) due to her size and that she should have received more consideration as cops rolled up on the scene. With all due respect, Ms. Reid, our officers are trained to assess danger and protect the public in mere seconds; sometimes, this is all the time they have to assess a situation before acting to the best of their ability.

Perhaps Reid’s most stunning justification for Bryant’s aggressive and violent behavior was that “she was just having a bad day.”

Security cameras seldom lie

Camera angles from several neighboring homes caught both audio and video of the very unfortunate event. It becomes clear upon review that Bryant was not to be reasoned with. She came out of the home armed and on the defensive and whatever domestic dispute was continuing outside had the potential to subside as cops rolled up. Ma’Khia was facing the police and saw them approach and had the opportunity to drop her weapon. The unfortunate fact of the matter is, she did not. This author believes that her need for justice and vindication superseded rational thought, and it ended her young life in tragedy.

And how is Ms. Reid using this platform now?

As you can imagine, Joy Reid is using recent racial tensions---including the Ma’Khia Bryant tragedy--as a springboard for her own personal bias against what she calls “white supremacy and archaic domination” in this country. Like other prominent Black members of our society, she calls for intervention and justice, but without any parameters. Inciting mobs of uneducated people to anger is no way to bring unity and peace to our land once more. We can cry “foul” and demand that changes take place, but they must be done proactively and peacefully, not through using their influence to stir up anger and violence from bands of uninformed people who don’t have the whole story.

Racism works both ways, people

Shortly after the George Floyd tragedy in Minneapolis, a movement began in Minneapolis that both scared and angered not only the police but also the White community. I was having a conversation with my hairdresser just yesterday--a lovely Black lady--who told me in no uncertain terms that “people who had any sense” were leaving the city for good. She cited that near the Floyd Memorial, there were signs set up telling Whites that “they weren’t welcome” and “they would be dealt with” if they came through the neighborhood.

Are we back in the sixties again? Will there soon be community stores, drinking fountains, and bus rides that erupt in civil violence because of the influence like Joy Reid and other prominent black members are asserting over the American public? Perhaps they should stick to their intended job duties, which are sticking to objectively and truthfully reporting the news with the intent to inform and educate.

Shedding some light on the undercurrent of racial tensions and hatred in this country will not only help to dissipate some of the misinformation around recent events, but it will bring back humanity to our desperate condition. Will you continue to be spoon-fed information from a liberal media network that’s hell bent on stirring up trouble? Or will you keep doing some digging of your own, uncovering new information and finding more truthful sources of information that shed light on the real source of racial division and civil unrest? You can be part of the problem or part of the solution.

Which one will you choose?

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