• James Lane

TSA Failure in Cincinnati; Flight Diverted After Passenger Found with Possible Weapon

By James Lane Reichenbach, Ph.D., MBA, Founder and CEO, American Reveille LLC

A Frontier Airlines flight inbound to Tampa from Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport was diverted to Atlanta on Friday, 11/11/22. A passenger was found to have a box cutter, reminiscent of the weapons used during that fateful day on 9/11/01 many years ago. The passenger didn’t put up a fight, and the plane landed safely, where he was removed by Atlanta police.

But what if he wasn’t cooperative?

We must ask ourselves in 2022 if TSA is worth the tax burden. It’s a known fact that the TSA misses the point. They are an illusion that makes people feel secure and in fear simultaneously. They fail 99% of the time in simulated training, and, as confirmed by the diverted flight to Atlanta I told you about above, they miss stuff all the time! So, with that being said, why should we pay for them?

This could have been a terrible incident; if it was, the TSA would be at fault.

Miami Man Fed Up, Steals Boat, Ditches the US for Cuba, Brought Back to Florida, Arrested

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