• James Lane

Ukraine and Russia at WAR: How Biden Benefits While the Rest of Us Suffer

By James Lane, Founder, American Reveille LLC

As you already know by now, Putin has marched troops into Ukraine under the guise of peacekeepers. As he did to Crimea in 2014, the grandiose Russian president now plans to invade the whole of Ukraine under false historical and legal precedence. So why should we care? Why should we care when Biden doesn't care enough to secure our own southern border? The issue isn't as simple as you'd like to think.

Yes, we need to take care of our own country and our own people, but we also need to be capable of extending our power and influence overseas to maintain stability. I know what you're thinking: we aren't the world police! I get it, and I agree! What I advocate is common sense decision-making early in the game, you know, a few steps ahead of all the people and places that hate America. Here's an example: Biden gets in office and [dramatic drum roll] doesn't change Trump era energy policy and allows America to remain energy independent. That way, when Putin invaded, the price of oil wouldn't have spiked to almost 100 bucks a barrel! Do you know what Russia sells? THEY SELL FRIGGIN OIL!!!! Biden's policies literally pay Putin for invading Ukraine, and it only gets more lucrative from here.

Now I don't want to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but these now proven facts must be discussed. We know Joe Bidens son Hunter sat on the board of the corrupt Ukrainian company Burisma, and we know he was paid a cluck ton of money to littery warm a chair with his putrid warm hungover beer and crack farts. We know he and Joe and the whole lot of them are compromised and have compromised this country time and time again.

Don't believe me? Here's the U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs report. Still need more? Remember that time old mushy mouth Joe bragged about how he blackmailed Ukraine over his son Hunter? Here's a reminder:

Here is why I believe Biden benefits while the rest of us suffer. First of all, Joey and his family are rich beyond our wildest imagination, so high gas prices don't affect them. Hell, I don't even think Joe can see to drive through those thick cataracts of his. Though he can't seem to see what's directly in front of him, he knows what's coming this November if he doesn't act. In regard to politics, November is an eternity away, and what a fantastic distraction/scapegoat for the many failures of Joe Biden and the Democrat party. Joe knows he can't save the House and Senate, so he's doing what he can to preserve as many blue seats as possible.

Remember? Never let a good crisis go to waste? That phrase should be haunting us in our sleep by now. November will come, and the Right will immediately investigate the Biden Crime family. It's going to be really hard to get evidence and testimony against Joe and Hunter if Ukrainian President Zeklensky is dead.

The common people have been waking up, standing up, and fighting back now for the last few years. The elites of the world continue to punish us as a conflict between Ukraine and Russia coupled with the many terrible energy policies of the collective west drive millions more into poverty. The more the price of oil rises, especially coupled with record inflation, the higher the price of gas, food, goods, and services. This won't affect Joe, Hunter, or Nancy, and it won't affect Donald, Tucker, or Ron, but it does affect you and me. It affects us right now.

…and many of us are about to lose everything.

I have said this for the past two years: Joe has demonstrated symptoms and episodes of progressing mental deterioration. That's no joke, and if you aren't mentally deteriorating yourself, then you see it to—what a fantastic defense against treason, progressive Alzheimer's disease. I wonder if it's on purpose?

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