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Undercover Agent at J6 Protest Makes us Question the Narrative Even More! [Clip]

By James Lane, host, American Reveille Podcast

The Left claims that Trump supporters are violent terrorists yet the only ones conducting acts of terror are in groups like BLM and ANTIFA. The Mainstream Media claimed that the J6 protest was going to be a violent mess, instead, the only person with a weapon turned out to be AN UNDERCOVER AGENT! This makes us ask, who is really controlling the narrative?

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Generated Transcript:

Something funny going on. Is this engineer to something happening behind the scenes, our intelligence agencies controlling these situations and who's controlling these intelligence agencies? Is it the elites, the Davos, elites the great reset people? The New World Order people? The joe biden's? The mitch McConnell's the Clintons? Who is it? Who is it? And who's controlling them? Who benefits? Who benefits from COVID? Communist China? Is it possible? Is this the lineage? Is this What's happening? Remember I said, we have to look for glitches in the matrix. So when the left wing narrative comes up, and they say that a crazy amount of hundreds and 1000s of psychotic far right, neo nazis, and I'm going to tell you right now, these are the actual neo nazis out there, and I'm Jewish, I've had to deal with them. They're pieces of crap. The neo nazis out there, they have more in common with the far left and they have to do with anything on the right. I'm going to tell you that that's the truth. This woke world we're living in this racist woke nonsense, trust me. it aligns perfectly with neo nazis. They're just as racist as the far left. But I'm going to tell you, when I say glitches in the matrix, we have to ask ourselves if there's a beneficiary, if they had agents like in the matrix agents out there infiltrating pretending to be things, they're not watching watchers in the system, right? watching our every move, engineering, which way things may or may not go, controlling the narrative. Remember, all these people, they're going to come to DC January 6, protest this whole horrible thing. There's going to be mayhem anarchie, all the riot police came out none of the things they ever pull out for an Tifa or BLM. When they kill people, rape people murder people burn down entire cities. That's okay. It's in the name of fighting racism, coincidentally, with racism, even though they're not actually fighting racism, they're just racists at anyway. We have to remember the Democrat Party is the party of racists. They always were they were in the Civil War. And they are now but how come the only armed person at the January six protests, the protests that's against the holding of these dozens and dozens and dozens and dozens of January 6, you want to call them protesters rioters whatever you want to call them. They deserve due process like everybody look, murderers get due process in this country. So all the people that did the silly stuff on January 6, they deserve due process as well. But the left they've sold it as this giant terrorist event. they've sold everybody on the right everybody that supports Trump as just as bad as the Taliban. They've normalized the Taliban and said Trump supporters are terrorists. It's become a psychotic nightmare. So please tell me right? when when when we have a glitch in the matrix, the black cat walks by Wow, the black cat walks by the black cat walks by when we have deja vu when we have a glitch in the matrix. And a black cat walks by and they find an armed person the thing they were warning everybody about at the January 6 protest the protest protesting what happened to the people on January 6. All right, the J six protest from Saturday. They say hey, why do you have a gun?

Me flashes a badge breaking armed person detained at j six rally. His undercover agent pulls out badge says Christina Laila gateway pungent there was a heavy police presence at the US Capitol on Saturday in anticipation of a rally in support of the January 6 political prisoners. Demonstrators will show support for the January 6 political prisoners on Saturday. Hundreds of non violent Trump supporters are currently in jail awaiting trial for walking through the Capitol on January 6, but it was all a setup. There were more police reporters and undercover intelligence agents than protesters in Washington DC. The only armed person arrested on Saturday. They were an undercover agent themselves. Reporter Ford Fisher caught the whole thing on video. Police surrounded a masked man who was armed with a firearm. The masked man told officers where his gun was and pulled out a badge quote without disarming or handcuffing him. Police extract him from the event. They aren't even working with the cops. They're planted. This is a plant. This is somebody that was in there watching waiting for a queue. Is this some sort of Manchurian Candidate? I mean, literally, we're living in a world where we thought we would never see any of this craziness where celebrities are literally giving orders to the general public about what they should believe and the general public is listening they're following them. They're following them the Taliban's on freakin floating a river rafts with bazookas. They look like swans. They're on a lake in Afghanistan having a great old time terrorist, Disneyland. All right, we've got literal gay, fourth grade pedophile porn being handed out to high school students and parents are mad. What do you know, I'm a parent, I'm mad too. We've got vaccine mandates and companies bending the knee and people getting hurt, and their families losing money and food being ripped from the tables of their children. And in the midst of all this craziness, while we're looking for a sign while we're screaming to the heavens, and we're wondering what the hell happened to our beautiful United States of America, a glitch in the matrix, another undercover agent at these events, working for an agency run by elites who have infiltrated the government in the world, the Davos crowd, the Chinese bought and paid for crowd. And speaking of the Chinese, they seem to be the only people benefiting from COVID-19, which leads me to believe that China is dishing out the big bucks. They're helping the elites and the elites are putting us in chains. And the power grab and shift is being engineered. That's what it seems to be. These are only my opinions, folks. I'm not saying that this is actually what's happening. I'm not some secret agent. This is what it seems to be. Look, I'm rolling the bones, right? You shake the bones up, you throw them out on the table, and you go, huh, these two bones look like world war three. And this bone looks like Kamala Harris. And this bone looks like is that is that Scooby Doo? ripping off joe biden's mask. And what's underneath it is Kamala Harris. And she goes, and I would have gotten away with it too. If

it wasn't for you dumb kids and that stupid dog. And then what do you think's gonna happen, then what happens? None of that's going to actually happen, folks. But unfortunately, we live in a dark, dirty world, where money, greed, death and destruction make the world go round. And all these people promising to fix it. The socialists, these Marxists, these far left psychopaths who come out there, they call themselves progressive, and they promised you the world, they promised you everything. And they said, Please follow us. And we'll fix it all. They are just as dirty, dark, corrupt, and greedy as any other person. It's human nature. And we're defined by how we fight against evil within each and every one of us and how we use our capabilities for good in this world to better our communities better our neighborhoods, better our society, not because we're forced to under threat of persecution, under threat of imprisonment under threat of violence, but because we want to, because we're good, righteous people who love our friends, families, and neighbors. And as long as the left keeps destroying this country, as long as the left keeps poisoning this country, that dream is dying. Folks, listen to me close. When I see at every single event, every single thing that happens, where the right is blamed where something horrible happens. And the right is to blame the right or the bad guys, the right. Everything associated with the right is the devil. Why do I see an undercover agent or 10? Why does it come out later? Why does it get revealed that someone working for a federal agent and the government had something to do and oopsy Daisy? How come everybody seems to forget all of the evil that's being perpetrated by the elites. How come everybody seems to forget? Right? Oh, all the people died in Afghanistan. Oh, all the soldiers. Oh, they had to get sent back by Biden because Biden screwed up. I have some people died. 10 1112 they died. Right. But no, the news isn't going to play that anymore. Nobody cares, right? Nobody cares. I care. Veterans I know care. A lot of people care conservatives care. Maybe not the left Did rhinos they don't give a shit? Oh, I slipped. There's my first curse word of the episode. Good thing with the episodes wrapping up. Listen guys. All right. They sent a drone out, shot a missile and blew up a guy and said it was a terrorist. Hey, yeah, we got a little when we got some justice for the 11 1213 servicemembers. You know, we want you to forget that we left 1000s of Americans behind in Afghanistan by distracting you because we killed this bad guy who was right really not a bad guy actually was the an engineer or scientist or something, a bunch of kids died. There's a good guy, an aid worker helped the United States, we killed our friend. And then the media passed it off as a win. And then you see nothing about Afghanistan on TV anymore. Let me tell you the truth. People are still suffering crying and dying over there and they will be for a long time. So we get lied to we get deceived. The elites laugh at us. They literally go on vacation, they play golf, they ride bicycles. They laugh in our face. The inflation rises, we lose our homes, we lose our families. The divorce rates skyrocket, the suicide rates skyrocket, people lose hope. While people like hunter Biden, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi laugh all the way to the bank, which happens to be owned by China. So folks, you have to do yourself the favor of asking a question. Who benefits? Is this all by design? Is this all a coincidence? Why does it feel like we're living in the matrix? Why does it feel like we're living in an alternate reality? Once you figure out the answer to that question, then you'll know the truth.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

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